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「News」Untold Story of Super VOOC

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  • On February 29, 2016, at the World Mobile Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, OPPO first demonstrated the technology prototype of Super VOOC (Super Flash): 5V16A, 80W power, 2500mAh battery in 15 minutes. Full;

  • June 29, 2018, after 29 months, the Super VOOC charging technology with the OPPO experienced more than four years to launch the flagship model Find X mass production, but the parameters have become 10V5A, power 50W, 35 minutes to charge the battery fully of 3400mAh capacity.

At the beginning of the Super VOOC release, we have to say that from the paper parameters, it is quite gorgeous, but to move it from the laboratory to the consumer's mobile phone, this is huge for engineers. Challenge: (Design products are divided into three levels: First, it is not difficult to develop a product. Second, designing a reliable and easy to use product is a bit difficult. Third, the most difficult thing is to design a reliable one at a reasonable cost. And easy to use products.)

Engineering Challenges faced:-

1. Even if the Engineers could not get to the 16A  power Super VOOC Prototype, a 50W charging capacity could be Mass Produced with parameters of 5V10A, a current of 10A is transmitted through the wire, the interface, fuselage & Battery Core. It is extremely difficult for components to achieve such endurance.
this raises issues like the PD Line needs to be thick & hard which in turn has its effects on the Cost and User experience.


2. Various Fast Charging technologies have their own drawbacks the most concerning ones are the Efficiency and Heat Dissipation.
Low-Voltage Charging Technologies have a plus on the High-Voltage Technologies due to the above concerns. Solution:-The statement of high-voltage low-voltage charging cannot be simply looked at as the output of the charging head, but depends on the voltage multiplier of the adapter and the battery. The Super VOOC charging uses the battery in series Structure, so the voltage of the cell part is doubled, the voltage of the charging head is raised from 5V of the original VOOC to 10V of Super VOOC, and the voltage of the charging head is also doubled. The two are still 1:1 voltage magnification, still It is a low-pressure VOOC charge, still a VOOC gene, or a category of low-voltage charging.

But what's more interesting is that the Super VOOC charging technology solution has unexpected gains. because this technology is not only very efficient but also allows the battery to work in a very "comfortable" state, which is conducive to the largest battery capacity. Therefore, the Find X Super VOOC version of the nominal 3400 mAh battery capacity and the Lamborghini version have a battery life of approximately 3600 mAh in actual use, that is, the effect and the initial release, the ordinary VOOC version had the 3700 mAh single cell battery capacity.

At this point, the core technical difficulties of Super VOOC are completely overcome by OPPO engineers, and the solution used by Find X is only one of the technical solutions, as well as the technical solutions with better performance and more performance. The technology "shelf" inside OPPO will be introduced to the market in succession. The final result of solving this series of technical difficulties is the Super VOOC and VOOCcharging two generations of technologies. A total of more than 700 related patents.

At the same time, it is precise because of the high investment in custom chips, special wire interfaces, etc., the cost of Super VOOCcharging is almost doubled compared to VOOC charging.

Let's take a Look at the Fruitfull results of this advanced Engineering Marvel:
1. Super VOOC uses double-cell series direct charge structure, like the first generation VOOC, it is still 1:1 voltage multiplier, safe and efficient. The Super VOOC charging head does not use charge pump technology but uses a custom AC/DC smart chip to achieve 6~10V DC voltage output. So, don't think of a charge pump because you see this parameter of 10V.

2. Super VOOC charging data line, in fact, the maximum current carrying capacity can be set to 9A, and the actual commercial redundancy for dealing with 5A is quite large. This is also the most basic principle that the OPPO charging technology team adheres throughout the development process. Including VOOC, it is safety, and the redundancy is large enough to represent safety.

3. Super VOOC charging is the first use of USB Type-C interface on OPPO products. In order to ensure stability and security, OPPO engineers have also strengthened this interface. This is an interface that allows the entire mobile phone. The cost has increased by 20~30 yuan.


4. In the laboratory, Super VOOC can actually charge the 3400mAh battery within 30 minutes, just for the promotion of insurance, add 5 minutes to the value, that is 35 minute.

5. Let's Look at the Possible Outcomes of the Super VOOC Charging,
·       Super VOOC Adapter + VOOC Machine Charging 5V4A - SuperVOOC Charge is backward compatible

    with VOOC charge, so it can reach 20W charging;

·       Super VOOC Adapter + Super VOOC machine charging 10V5A - native match, no problem;
·       VOOC adapter + Super VOOC machine charging 5V2A - VOOC can only output 5V voltage, the machine

    with Super VOOC charging will only be recognized as ordinary USB charging, the internal chip will do  

    the boost processing;  

·       VOOC adapter + VOOC machine charging 5V4A - native match, no problem.

6. There are many people who think that Super VOOC Phone + Super VOOC Charger + Super VOOC Charger + Super VOOC Charger, this should be a complete chain, and VOOC charge is only launched at the beginning. After the corresponding charging treasure, the internal adjustment of the accessory product line has been completed internally, and there will be a special team responsible for the finalization and mass production of the entire accessory product of the Super VOOC charging. I am really looking forward to it - well, come to a home version of the Super VOOC charger double-head charger, one side is a mobile phone, the other is a charging treasure, perfect.

Well, you might have one question.
What does this mean to ME, as a Consumer?
Super VOOC Brings these 4 Ultra Features along with it:-
·       Ultrafast Charging Speeds, 0 - 100% in just 35 Minutes. (that's ridiculous! I know)
·       Speed Always comes with a threat that is safety, Don't worry the Super VOOC Technology has passed the

    German TUV Certification & China TEL Laboratory 5 Star Certification for Saftey and is extensively tested

    before  Mass Production

·      There is no sign of rising temperatures and excessive heat dissipation while charging
·      You could play games, talk to your loved ones or use your phone while charging no matter it continues to

   change rapidly.

Super VOOC supported Accessories: -A specialized Car Adapter has been designed by OPPO to give the same Enhanced VOOC Charging experience on the Go:-

A Super VOOC Charge enabled power bank (1000mah) has been just released to enhance your Power back up solutions:


Well, you all know that a brand new device is hitting INDIA with the Super VOOC Charging Technology:
Can you guess the Device? let me know in the Comment sections:-


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Nice information


Pritz7778: Thanks! I hope you could see such content more often.  Posted at 27-11-2018 08:55


Posted at 23-11-2018 20:14:02 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
but f7 not fast charge


kushwah: nice information  Posted at 23-11-2018 21:24

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Posted at 23-11-2018 20:21:48 FromCPH1727Mobile phone | Display all floors
Oppo r17 pro


yashadhiya11: i am very much excited to see the device with wonderfull specs also greatfull to have you all as our ColorOS engineers @Pritz7778  Posted at 30-11-2018 10:19
Pritz7778: Oh! that's smart, Are you excited for the Device and know its specifications in action?  Posted at 27-11-2018 08:54

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Posted at 23-11-2018 20:24:28 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
when f7 get this update


Pritz7778: Thank you for your enthusiasm, I would like to inform you that this is a Hardware Binding Functionality. I hope your query is answered.  Posted at 27-11-2018 08:50


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realme c1 5V/1A


Posted at 23-11-2018 23:13:00 FromCPH1723Mobile phone | Display all floors
nice information



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Posted at 24-11-2018 07:40:54 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
Nice information



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Posted at 24-11-2018 07:41:44 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
Oppo f7 any upgradation like color os or android version???


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OPPO00318261196: ดีมาก  Posted at 13-12-2018 09:17
Pritz7778: Rightly guessed! stay tuned for more Info on the Latest device that is going to be launched very soon.  Posted at 27-11-2018 08:53

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