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「ColorOS News」R15 Pro ColorOS 6 + Android 9 Trial Version Notice

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R15 850x300.jpg

Dear ColorOS Superfans,
The long-awaited R15 Pro ColorOS 6 + Android 9 Trial Version Program kicks off. If you want to experience the trial version, please submit your application.
A quota of 1,000 users is set for the first batch application. So hurry up & don't miss it.

Application Method:

For Official Version Users :

1. Please make sure that you are updated to the latest official version of R15 Pro.

2. How do I apply for trial use as a user of the previous official version?

Go to "Settings - Software Updates", tap the settings icon in the upper right corner, tap "Trial Version", fill in the information, select the must-know checkbox, and tap "Apply Now"
R17 Pro 千人步骤图 1.png
R17 Pro 千人步骤图 2.png

If the application quota is full, please wait for the next round.

Upgrade Must-Knows:

1.   This trial version aims at functional testing and may be unstable, but user requirements can be basically met. You may encounter some bugs and are expected to report these bugs to us to help us solve these problems.

2.   If you are a tech enthusiast and would like to experience new features, apply for the trial. If you expect stable and smooth experience, wait until the official version comes out.

3.   If you encounter any problems when using the trial version, report them in the ColorOS Community App. Open the app, tap the edit icon at the bottom of the Home Screen, and Tap Feedback. Alternatively, contact the customer service center directly.

Recommended Updates:

Upgrade to ColorOS 6 and Android 9 and experience fresh visuals and bezel-less beauty.

·Redesigned the UI to suit the bezel-less screen. Blank spaces and colour gradients are carefully harnessed to interpret aesthetics, grace, and youth.

「Hyper Boost」
·Added Game Boost 2.0 (which integrates Frame Boost and Touch Boost), reducing game lags.
·Added System Boost: Optimized the whole system through improved compatibility between bottom-layer hardware platforms.
·Added App Boost: optimised platform-level heavy-weight apps.

·Added a button to hide unimportant notifications with just a tap.
·Added swipe gestures on both sides to go back, allowing easier navigation.
·Added custom "Do Not Disturb" scenarios. Different time ranges can be set dependent on the scenario.

「Game Space」
·Game Space: new visuals, avatar game console, landscape, and portrait screen orientations.
·My Games Moments: screenshots and screen recordings of games can be collected here and be viewed independently.
·You can reduce image quality to save power in Low Power Mode.

「Home Screen」
·Added default wallpapers with aesthetics and modern feel.
·Added drawer mode on Home screen.
·Added live wallpapers to satisfy different users.
·Added batch icon management on Home Screen.

·Calculator: result of each step is immediately displayed.

·Optimised Portrait mode.
·Optimised UI.

·Optimised UI.
·Added Favourites function: Photos and albums can be added to Favourites.

·Added block rule: block calls and messages from numbers that start with certain prefixes.
·Added Flash on Call: the flash blinks if there is an incoming call when the screen is locked or off.
·You can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, allowing quick switching between them.

·Added Screen Colour Mode: screen display effects can be changed.
·Added Riding Mode (applies to partial regions).

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Beta 5.0For MasterFor the master

Posted at 7-8-2019 02:27:02 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
Thanks for the attention and customer satisfaction actually a very nice trial system and great solution to many problems
  Like notifications
Programs that were not 100% working
In the new version has been resolved and I hope from the developer continue to be a wonderful system and useful for customers and I hope to add in the trial version dark mode to be useful to all customers does not complete the wonderful system

Trial Volunteer

Posted at 7-8-2019 08:05:35 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors



Beta 5.0For MasterFor the master

Posted at 11-8-2019 18:08:01 FromMobile phone | Display all floors

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