「ColorOS Update」#Beta# Android Q Beta Preview for OPPO Reno

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The preview version of OPPO Reno (standard edition) Android Q Beta is available. Developers are welcome to download this version and adapt their apps to it. Normal users are advised not to download it because known issues exist.

Adaptation Risk Description

1. Make sure that your phone is the OPPO Reno standard edition (modelCPH1917EX). Only this edition is supported currently.
2. The adaptation will clear your phone data. Make sure that you have backed up important data before the adaption.
3. This Android Q Beta version is provided for developers to experience new features in advance. Normal users are advised not to use it because know issues exist.

Android Q Beta New Features

1. Security and Privacy

(1) Application Permission Notifications
The permissions management is improved:
Location permissions can now be set to "Allow only when in use" to reduce the risk of geographical location leakage while saving power.
At the same time, in Settings or notification drawer, you can easily see which apps are using permissions that may involve privacy. The permissions management UI has been redesigned. Buttons are enlarged and are laid out vertically to reduce mistouch.

(2) Random MAC Address
You can choose to connect to Wi-Fi with a random MAC address. In this way, your private information like your mobile number and consumption records cannot be obtained by advertisers according to your MAC address.

(3) Storage Permission Management
Android Q provides an "isolated storage sandbox" for each app. Other apps cannot directly access the files in the sandbox, effectively preventing private files from leakage. However, some shared files such as photos, videos, music, and downloads can be accessed with requested permissions.

(4) Clipboard Permissions
Clipboard permissions are also strictly controlled. Third-party apps cannot read your copied content if not permitted.

2. ANGLE Renderer

The ANGLE renderer accelerates the migration of the software ecosystem to Vulkan by translating the WebGL and OpenGL ES code from an app into a Vulkan API supported by the local hardware. This improves the fluency of 2D and 3D rendering, making animation more smooth and fluent.

3. Bubble
Bubble is a new feature in Android Q. With bubbles, you can easily process multiple tasks from anywhere on your device. Bubbles are built into the notification system. They float on the top of the content of other apps, and can be collapsed when not in use. You can tap a bubble to view app features and information, or dismiss it by moving it or dragging it down.

For more features, click the Google official website, tap here.

Adaptation Procedure

(1) Backup. Make sure that your phone model is OPPO Reno (modelCPH1917EX) and back up your phone data. Path: Settings - Other Settings - Back Up & Restore - New Backup

(2) Copy. After the backup is complete, the file is located in the -backup folder under the root directory. You need to copy the file to a computer or other storage device to save it.

(3) Download. Download the Android Q Beta upgrade firmware package and copy it to the phone storage directory.

(4) Installation. Power off the phone, and press and hold the power button and the volume down button to enter the Recovery mode. Select the upgrade file, find the corresponding upgrade firmware package, and tap Install.

Note: Do not perform any operations on the phone during the upgrade. When the upgrade is complete, a dialog box indicating successful installation will pop up. Tap Restart. The phone will be successfully upgraded to the Android Q Beta version after the restart.

If you cannot pass the Wi-Fi verification after flashing Android Q Beta on your Reno phone, roll back your phone to ColorOS.
Using the following method:

1. Download the ADB flash tool:flash ..zip(1.23 MB) package.
2. Unzip the flash.zip package and open the folder. Copy the downloaded rollback package (tap here to download it) to the flash folder.
3 Power off your phone, and press and hold the power button and the volume down button to enter the Recovery mode. Select "Apply update from ADB" and press the power button to confirm the rollback.
4. Connect your phone to the computer. If the computer prompts you to install the driver, wait for the computer to automatically install the driver.
5. Double-click flash.bat in the flash folder and press Enter to start flashing.
6. Do not disconnect your phone from the computer during the flashing.

Rollback to ColorOS 6

We will provide firmware before June—Reno (model:CPH1917EX)
Flashing Method:

1.Download. Download the UpdateBack2ColorOS.zip package for rollback to ColorOS 6 and copy the package to the phone storage directory.

2.Installation. Power off the device, and press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time to enter the Recovery mode. Open the Apply update from Phone Storage package folder, find the corresponding rollback package, and press the power button to confirm the rollback.

Note: Do not perform any operations on the phone during the rollback. When the rollback is complete, a dialog box indicating "install from phone complete" will pop up. Tap Reboot system now and press the power button. The phone will be successfully rolled back to ColorOS 6 after the restart.

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NickName3777143: Hi baby  Posted at 13-7-2019 23:53
mhkeser: hi  Posted at 27-6-2019 00:18
Pijon: Hello  Posted at 15-6-2019 05:39
Pijon: hi  Posted at 15-6-2019 05:39


Posted at 13-6-2019 17:22:35 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
Apakah hanya oppo reno yg dapat update Android Q..??
Apa Oppo f11pro akan dapat juga update Android Q.?



Valentines DayHalloween

Posted at 13-6-2019 19:30:09 FromCPH1729Mobile phone | Display all floors
I want oppo a83 new upgrade and update


mmm: He saying no update latest color os upgrade  Posted at 20-6-2019 17:43
mmm: he said no any color os update  Posted at 18-6-2019 16:59
mmm: he said not any update color os  Posted at 17-6-2019 14:34
mmm: but service centre not responding my question  Posted at 14-6-2019 19:22
Nibinns1997: Hello, please visit nearest service center for updating your device to latest ColorOS and Android version. Thanks  Posted at 14-6-2019 13:06


Posted at 13-6-2019 21:32:18 FromCPH1803Mobile phone | Display all floors


Posted at 13-6-2019 22:48:53 FromCPH1919Mobile phone | Display all floors
how Q beta  update  in oppo cph1919ex model


khangrah: never use beta you'll regret afterward  Posted at 15-6-2019 18:26


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Hi to everyone.

I'd like to try the beta, but first of all I have a question. I have downloaded UpdateBack2ColorOS.zip to revert to colorOS if it's necessary, but every time I try to open the zip file, it seems to be damaged.

Is this correct? Or is this package file really corrupted? This is the correct revert file? Or the correct is the file linked in roll back section point 2 (PCAM00_11_A.100_OTA_0100_all_201905071005_modify.ozip)

I would not like to stay in the beta with many bugs, and not be able to return to colorOS

Greetings from Spain.

Primary Alpha Member


Alpha 5.0

Posted at 14-6-2019 01:30:59 FromCPH1969Mobile phone | Display all floors
oppo f11 pro q beta update


Nibinns1997: There isn't any official news regarding the ColorOS and Android upgrade for OPPO F11 Pro at present. We'll share once it is set to be released. Stay tuned!  Posted at 14-6-2019 13:07



Beta 5.0

Posted at 14-6-2019 06:50:00 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
I want oppo new upgrade and update


NickName3730988: อับเกรดเรเวล  Posted at 30-6-2019 04:40
Nibinns1997: Hello, Thanks for showing interest in the ColorOS. Can you tell us that in which device you want to get the update?   Posted at 14-6-2019 13:07


Posted at 14-6-2019 09:24:40 FromCPH1909Mobile phone | Display all floors
Wooow Oppo Terbaik  level by level upgrade


NickName3576950: اريد تحديث الاندرويد  Posted at 25-7-2019 12:52
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