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[Influencer Camp] Phone Interface Experience - ( UI Experience of ColorOS 6)

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Hello ColorOS Fans,

The birth of Android has changed the way we operate an mobile device. Gone are the days of coventional keyboard, small screens and the boring UI Experience. Now we're in the era of large curved displays, slim bezzels, borderless screens with no-notches. Every manufacturer wants to give the end user with a UI such a way that they tend to attract more audience. One such OS which is heavily popular is the ColorOS.

Over the years ColorOS was gone under transformation in order to give the best User Interface possible for its users. With the latest version of ColorOS 6, it took a leap above other competitors. Let's see what are these UI feautures and my experiences by using it as my daily driver.


ColorOS 6 comes with Android 9 PIE with AI integrated.


The first thing that greets you when you look at your device is the Lockscreen. You see a beautiful screen filled with an amazing image( thanks to the Lockscreen Magazine ) with bolder and large Digital Clock. We can see the status bar with all the essential icons like network, wifi, ring mode, orientation, battery etc. Notifications are well displayed, although it needed improvements at quick reply.



Thanks to the integrated AI, we can easily unlock the device using our face, it uses the front camera and detects the face to unlock. And the amzing part being it takes not more than a few milli seconds( 0.2 seconds if i'm right ) to detect and verify and unlock, most of the time we didn't even notice the lockscreen. So fast and so precise. It also has a option to not unlock when the user closes their eyes, so that no one can unlock while he/she is sleeping or using thier photograph.


And if you still think that it's not secure enough, you have the other option like Fingerprint, PIN, Password.


Notifications in ColorOS is very handy. We can have the bundled notifications(which bundles all notifications from a single app into one ) and can unfold them to view . It reduces clutter and better view of notifictions from important apps.

Some times we dont want to block all the notifications of an app, but wanted to mute or check them all once we got time. ColorOS did a clever approach here to bringup an feature called Unimportant Notifications. Once we marked an app as unimportant in its individual notification manager, then all the notifications from that app were held in an container and they doesn't come in your way. Later we can click on the stack/ Container icon on the notification shade we can view them. So every time an useless notification comesup we will not be notified and it decrease the phone usage time.


AI recognises the text in messages, gives option to quick copy of the OTP's without even opening the message. That way we can process the transaction fast and easily.

Quick Tiles:

One new improvement in ColorOS 6 is the Quick Tiles. Everyone knows how a quick tiles work, and ColorOS is no exception to this. The only improvement i saw here is the design and Colour. It looks a more of an i OS style but with native android navigation.

                   Screenshot_2019-08-31-00-06-47-69.png                               Screenshot_2019-08-31-00-06-52-98.png


Coming to the Navigation, ColorOS used the best way possible to utilise the large borderless display and included several ways to navigate our device. We have the google pixel pill kind of button navigation, conventional navigation buttons and gestures. I personally liked gestures at the begining, but now i had moved to the pill navigation. Oh boy! this navigation option is a breeze. Kudos to the team for introducing this function in ColorOS.



Most awaited feature, sidebar. Even though it looks fine i feel some apps are not supported, it literally saves time . We no need to go through all of our apps for some basic functions. We can add our favourite app and boom! . These include screenshot, screen recording, calculator, compass and everything you pretty much use fequently. It can even be accessed by swiping from the side when we are playing games or movies.


Multi task:

With the Split Screen option we can watch our favourite youtube video, while texting our boss. ColorOS took it one step ahead with the swipe up with three fingers to easily enter split screen option.


Clone Apps:

One thing stock android misses is the Clone Apps, with the dual apps in ColorOS we can have the ability to access multiple FB or Whatsapp accounts in a single device. Really comes in handy for users who wants to seperate their personal life from work.


Screen Off Gestures:

With the screen off gestures, we can access certain function like camera, torch, music controls without turning on the screen. I find it very useful when i'm at cinemas to quickly check the seat number :-) lol not a best example.


Game Space:

I love to play heavy games on my device without some customer care calls at a peak stage of the game. So the game space uses "HYPERBOOST" technology makes use of the hardware and software using the AI and gives the total resouces allocated to the game itself. Hence no need to worry about frame drops or hanging or network issues. With the dual channel network implementation the ping time or server response time gets reduced.

                        Screenshot_2019-08-31-00-09-43-31.png                            Screenshot_2019-08-31-00-09-32-30.png

Game space also blocks the notifications, calls, locks the screen brightness etc. which made gaming easy and un interupted.

Smart Assistant:

ColorOS should really take care of Assistant Feature in the upcoming updates. Its not bad but but i think it might need some improvements. Provides basic functions, but need it to be capable of doing some tasks like an assistant( ex. voice commands etc).


UI and Animations:

The UI on ColorOS 6 doesn't change much from the previous version except for the minor changes in the icons , rounded corners, and some app backgrounds. But everything is clutter free and ease to eyes, it does followed a theme throughout the UI. Animations are not improved or added.



We have a lot of security features embedded inside the OS. I feel secured to download any app from OPPO Store, using the Secure Keyboard for passwords, App Lock , Phone Manager, Virus Scan, which gives us a peace of mind. Really good thing to see in these days of cyber attacks. Although i think it needs an option to save passwords while in secure keyboard, so i no need to remember or re-enter the same password again and again.

                   Screenshot_2019-08-31-00-10-47-72.png                          Screenshot_2019-08-31-00-10-53-17.png

There are so many other amazing features like Emojis, Stickers, Portraits, Ultra Night Shots, Music Party, Quick Boost, Wake the phone on Riseup, Direct Face Unlock, Themes, OPPO Cloud, Night Sheild, Smart Scan, Docs Scan, Photo Translate which are convinient that i haven't discussed here.

So the final verdict is, ColorOS 6 is straight forward, modern, secure and pretty fast . Its a pleasant UI that every ColorOS user expects. I love to use it as my daily driver and be amazed by its beauty every time i use it !!

Thank You!!

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very nice feature


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What is the advantage of this when 70% of Oppo phones are still running on version 5.2 and below
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