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「Influencer Camp」 Night Photography: Few Tips & Tricks

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Hi ColorOS Fans,

I hate taking photos at night due to common problems like poor focus, noise, red eye etc. Shooting in low light is always challenging no matter how much smartphone camera improves. But with a few simple tricks, we can dramatically improve our night photography.

1. Keep Phone Steady:
Low light photos often are blurry, why? the camera uses a slower shutter speed, because the longer the shutter is open, the more light gets captured in the photo. Any movement during the long exposure time will appear as motion blur. Use tripod mount if possible. Otherwise rest your phone on a wall, a rock, or any solid surface. And if that's not possible, lean against something solid, like a wall, a lamppost, or a tree, to keep your body steady. You should also keep your elbows held against your body to steady your arms.

2. Use Manual Controls, Reduce Exposure In The Camera App:
Phone camera usually increases exposure to capture more light. Result is shadows->grainy grey and bright areas->very bright with no details. Set the exposure so that the dark areas, such as the sky and shadows, to appear black or very dark. And the bright areas to have visible color and detail.

3. Take Photo In Well-lit Areas:
Look out for any source of light like street light, billboards, candles etc. to fill the area with light. For night portrait photography, position your subject so that the light illuminates their face.
photo(3).jpg photo(12).jpg TUFS3421.JPG

4. How To Control Noise To Avoid Grainy Photo:
A) Reduce exposure as much as possible as mentioned above.
B) Reduce ISO. ISO controls how sensitive the camera's sensor is to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive it is to light.You might think this is perfect for shooting at night. But there's a downside to using a high ISO. High ISO settings introduce grain into your pictures.
C) If possible Shoot in RAW.
photo(8).JPG photo(9).JPG photo(10).JPG

5. Shoot At Sunrise/sunset:
Rather than always shooting when it's completely dark, try taking photos when there's a little bit of light in the sky. While the sun is above the horizon, you'll get the magical warm, orange glow of golden hour. And when the sun is below the horizon, the light will be a cooler blue. This kind of light can add an eerie atmosphere to your photos.
photo(2).jpg photo(1).jpg

6. Use Light To Draw Viewer's Attention.
photo(7).JPG photo(11).jpg photo(13).JPG photo(14).JPG

7. Long Exposure Photography:
A long exposure photo captures any movement in the scene as a blur. Best example is light trails of moving vehicles on the road. There are special apps for such photography technique. It's recommended that you use an iPhone tripod when shooting long exposures. That way, the stationary objects will appear sharp, while only the moving subjects will be blurred. One such app is ProShot (https://play.google.com/store/ap ... oshot2&hl=en_IN)
photo(5).JPG photo(6).JPG

8. Convert Your Night Photos To Black & White:
Night photos are particularly well suited to black and white.

9. Use Grain To Your Advantage:
Grain (also called “digital noise) usually reduces image quality. But sometimes grainy photo produces classic flim like perfect photo. And any attempt to remove grain produces plastic like fake photo.

10. Post Process Your Photo:
You can adjust levels, brightness, grain, color to make bad photo turn into something usable photo. Use Lightroom/ Photoshop mobile or Windows application.

New development in camera photography is use of AI for e.g. in Google Camera app- Night Sight which brings out all the best details and colors that get lost in the dark with use of an AI. But the results are still inconsistent. Above simple tips will make your night shots good to look at and better than others.

Hope, my small article helped you! Thanks for reading!!!




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