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[ColorOS Photo Club] The Incredible 19 of 2k19 Captured with OPPO!

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Hello Folks
How are you all?

Happy New Year to all ColorOS fans.
It's been a while I haven't posted anything. So, finally I have came up with an amazing thread with 19 incredible shots Captured by me in 2019 with my OPPO F5 Youth. This is too difficult to choose only 19 photos from my whole gallery of 2k19 which consists at least 2-3k photos and among them nearly 700-1000 pics are really satisfying. So you can understand how difficult it is to select just 19 photos from 1000 pics. However I choosed them in a random basis which looked super amazing and Creative too. There are some photos which you may have already seen in my previous articles and also there some pics which I didn't post yet! You will definitely  identify them in my future Photography threads. Obviously with them you would able to see more such amazing photos related to them.

Note: The Photos are Captured with my Oppo f5 youth device. In some cases I have to crop the image to get a more pleasing look. In my future threads I may upload the uncropped image. Then you can see the watermark there.

So without any further delay let's steer down to the spell bounding world of Photography....

Capture 1: Macro Silhouette

This is a special addition to my Macro Photography which is the Macro Silhouettes. I learned this thing at the end of 2019 and applied in many places. And I got some fantastic results from them. Will show them in my future articles.

Capture 2: Macro Dew Drop

This is a very memorable Capture for me. This photo recently has been fratured in ColorOS official Instagram account. You can check it there. Every shots are not pre- planned. Specially this shot! I was absolutely didn't prepared for this shot. I was going to the railway station to catch my train in an early morning. Suddenly I observed some dew drops on the leaves and the Sun in the perfect position. So I took my f5 Youth and started shooting. I have clicked many pics. One of the best from there is in front of you.

Capture 3: Macro Life

Lighting is the most important thing in Macro Photography and
In this particular pic I played with the lights and the Shadows. The half part of my subject is litted with the Scattering sunlight and the remaining part is under the shadows which adds a dramatic and unique look to my image. Isn't it?

Capture 4: Sunrise with People's Life


Capture 5: Dramatic Sunrise

The above two images are my previous images. So I am not going to explain the Story one more time.

Capture 6: Daily Life of People

This is a part of my life also. I was one among them who is also waiting for the Local Train. The time was a very early morning. The Sun has just risen.  It's not a single shot rather a sequence. That's why I made a college to understand the sequence better.

Capture 7: The Joy of Festival

This is the Diwali, the festival of lights. This is my second most favorite capture of Diwali. We have enjoyed a lot in Diwali. This is a glimpse of that. In this frame they are my brothers. They are enjoying the lanterns while I am enjoying my Photography.

Capture 8: Supporting The Alone

This is my best pic from the Diwali series. I have own the Diwali Photography Contest with this pic and also it could make it's place in the #ColorOSBestPic 2019 recap video . Thanks to @ColorOS for Choosing my photo.

Capture 9: Camouflage

This is a brand new capture. It's not done with edit!. It's a real time capture. No, it's not that easy how it's look like. The Color of the lights was constantly changing so it was very much difficult to match the Colors accurate. And yes! Its a special type of Photography and it's called "Camouflage"

Capture 10: Creative


Capture 11: Strength of Unity

We have read in Childhood that "Where there is Unity, there is Victory". Through this picture I wanted to signify the Nationalism and the strength of the Unity!

Capture 12: Upside Down Perspective


Capture 13: The Happy Family


Capture 14: Hidden Textures on The Hoverfly

This is a Hoverfly. This is not actually the capture what you are seeing now. It's Cropped extremely to show you the extreme amount of details in the fly's head area. Could you spot the details?

Capture 15: The Story Inside The Water Drops

There is lot of hidden Story inside a water drop if you think it aesthetically. There are lot of things in this image. Lot of Refractions, reflections resulted this amazing looking image.

Capture 16: The Unconditional Love

The love between a father and his daughter can't be measured with worth, it's unconditional! Though he is not her father but it signifies the unconditional Love.

Capture 17: Framing The Joy


Capture 18: The Free Mind

This shot was taken when we were enjoying in the Sea under the Infinite sky. My brother was very excited. He was very delighted with the jumping shots. Also he was enjoying my photography. He set his mind into the free sky.

Capture 19: ColorOS 7 with Long Exposure

This is the '7' badge we got in ColorOS 7 launch event. Took this daytime long exposure shot while traveling in the train. Isn't is looking super cool?

What I have Learnt in 2019:  Well, 2019 was a great! Year for me. It made me witnessed many failures, difficulties as well as some beautiful moments. It's the life. If we want to keep going we should avoid the bad things and accept the good things and keep improving us by the things we learnt from our failures. I also have learnt many things about the life and learned a lot in Photography also.
One more thing what I realised that we don't need expensive Camera gears or any high end flagship phones to click pleasing photos. You can do magic with what you have now. All you need is an eye of visualization and nice Photography skills.

I tried my best to choose only those particular images which have a Story behind it. Hope you liked the images. Comment below your thoughts  and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything are mostly welcomed. Also let me know your favourite shot in the Comment Section among these pics or any other picture you like the most from my threads.
Must see my previous Photography threads , if you liked my best of 2k19 photos.
That's all for now. I will be right back with more such unique Photography threads in the new year 2020. Would try to do something new in my Photography and share the tricks and Tutorials with all of you . It's pleasure to see that anybody is inspired by me and started their Photography....so Share your best one or two shots of 2019 in the Comment Section. If you have lot of great! Photographs then post a thread and tag me @pralayjana  I will check out them and also follow me @pralayjana to see much more captivating images captured with Oppo phones.
Your Support towards ColorOS is always great!
Keep this love and support guys.
Soon coming with one more awesome article. Stay tuned for that. Till then see you, have a good day, bubbyee.




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Really awesome images❤️
Keep going!



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Nice clicks

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My favorite is Capture 15: The Story Inside The Water Drops.
I can't figure out how many of these photos were taken. Waiting for the tutorials!


pralayjana: Thank you. the BTS video of this shot is already available in my Instagram account @the_flattering_focus. You can cheque it out there   Posted at 8-1-2020 02:13

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pralayjana: thanks   Posted at 9-1-2020 18:00

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SAIPAVAN published at 7-1-2020 17:20
Really awesome images❤️
Keep going!

Thank you very much bro!


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nice click bro 😍


pralayjana: Thanks mate   Posted at 25-1-2020 20:27
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