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Hello Lovable ColorOS Friends,
How is the Love??

It's the Valentine Season, and it's the time for sharing Candies, Flowers, Gifts  between your Loved one's. I wish everyone in this valentine season to get engaged to somone with the great LOVE.

In this season I see everyone is talking about how they LOVE ColorOS. But I will say proudly that How ColorOS is Loving US.  Yes, ColorOS is Loving us more than we doing the same to it. If you still surprised I would like to you read my Journey to ColorOS.

Let me start my journey with a small story, this may relevent to the majority of the people around the world and they can relate it to them easily. I was in the state that greter number of people here were pursuing. Yes, you guessed it correct.
Difficulties of being Single:
There are so many things to describe that each and every single will suffer, those sufferings can't be expressed by words. Anyhow I'll share some of those. Fighting with lonliness, wanting companionship, not out-bursting their feelings. Being single is hard. Yes, very hard.  When the heart ruled by darkness, there is only ray of hope. I suffered singleness for years, and after that here comes the magic.Yes that thing is happened to me as well. Singlism was my Identity before it came to me.

It came to me, it loves me, it changed me, it made me engaged.
I will overjoyed to say how i fell to ColorOS and how it loves me.

How you Came to me?

That was a boring evening, I was fed up with my old phone. There was lots of lagginess, slowness in process, hanging and danglings frequently. I was searching in online purchasing platforms for the good mobile without all those hanging and lagging with comes under the budget range. Also I looked for reviews forum about the purchase of new phone. I didn't satisfied with any of the released phones.
Then I got a call from my beloved cousin, he was prasing about a upcoming release of OPPO.

I was so curious about that. He suggested me to look in to the new upcoming release of OPPO. After seeing all of Fascinating Features, I was so interested to buy it. Later I made a pre booking in same purchasing platform. Yes, I would proudly to introduce my Beloved Phone it is OPPO F11 PRO.
These are the words from ColorOS when it came First to me.

"" I'll be always with you "".
"" I'll never Cheat you "" .
"" I'll give you relief when you are Frustruated "".
"" When you are Moody, I'll give you the happiness "".

After the Love with ColorOS, I will always tell to anyone that ,
"If you want to acheive anything, Just Love it, in the way you Love your Mobile".
ColorOS has given so many beautiful mometns happend in my life. Let me eloborate how ColorOS has attracted me with its wonderful and unique features and made me to change my status to "In a Relationship"


Fascinating Features of ColorOS

After seeing the peculiarity from ColorOS, I realized that I have fell in Love with ColorOS. It always giving important to me , it is prioritizing me as First and it is another level. It has become my favorite possession. Let me share some of its fascinating features that attracted me to fell for it.

Night Shield

ColorOS has more concern on me, so it wants my eye not to get damaged due to seeing it for a large number of time. As we know eye is the most important organ of our body, so it has given me with the feature called Eyecare. For ColorOS 6.0 it will be named as Night Shield. This application will reduce the screen brightness to low. It will reduce blue light which is very bright from the screen. It helps to prevent the Eye Strain.
ColorOS always tells me that "Turn on display in color to protect your eye while retaining the color of the content, creating a more authentic reading experience."


There is an option called Enable Now, you can enable this whenever you need. It has a Slider for the Screen Color Temperature that you can adjust, it has bars like Cooler, Default, Warmer. By Sliding it you can set your desierd color for the screen.

There are Three options availabe in Display Effect. You can choose the option whenever you need of it.

                                                                               --> Display in Color
                                                                               --> Display in Black and White
                                                                               --> Comfortable Nighttime Reading

This is very important and everyone should follow, because EYE is precious organ which we got we should save it.
It will bring down the Blue color light from the screen which can put a stop to your shear and tension of your Eye, also when you set on the Display in  color to prevent your retina while keep a hold of the colors of the matters in your screen. It will generate the legitimate persual involvement in Studying.

Smart Assistant in ColorOS

It always thinking of helping me with any of its features, it won't allow me to suffer. It will tells me the updates of happenings around me. Another Important feature of ColorOS is Smart Assistant. As the name itself says what it does. Yes it will do very useful and time saving activities to us. Some of the highlighted points are below.


It has In-build Step Tracker Application, where each of your Steps are calculated when you walk with your phone, it will have a Tracker record from Day 1, you can see the stat of yours. The one of the Very Best Thing that ColorOS having, because everyone is so tierd of downloading and opening an Health Application which is kinda headache, where Steps Tracker solves it.

You can set the Goal like if you reach 5000 Steps today, you should cross the record by next day. It will give enthusiasm to you. Eveyday I am doing the same to beat my own record.  My recent highest Record is 23000 Steps for a Day, it will give you more energy when you crack your own record.


If I planned to go out, it will decide that whether can I go out or not. Yes it will tell you the weather report. It has In-build Weather Report where it will showcase the exact report and also it will predit it for upcoming days. Weather Report gives you the exact climate happening in your city. It will also predicts the cloud which is going to Rain or going to Warm in your current city. It will make your plan for the day.


If any of my closed one's birthday or any auspicous day to be remembered, it will always tell me. Yes it has Calender App. Calender gives you the day to day happenings of your work, it can give the reminder of Birthdays and Todo list and so far.  

It has Quick Functions Tab, where you can set most used Applications. It has weather telecast and Calender and other important Tools to use. It has PermanetServices like Contacts, where you can set the very important and freqeuntly used Contacts to be saved. By just a single tap, call will go. Simple and Easyfeature isn't it. It has Match Updater, you can getthe match information that you follow.


Whenever I feel bored or loneliness, it will suggest me to show the best photos of me and recent happenings that shot in my mobile, collages my beautiful photos and makes some wonderful videos, main thing is it will also helps me to edit the photos by my preference.
It has Photos reviewer, where it will automatically generate the Wonderful Momentsof You, Weekly, Monthly Review of You, Excellent Moments of the repeated facesof you and your Friends in your Photos Application. It will automaticallyselects the photos from your Gallery, where you can open the specific video andedit the pictures. Don't miss the Unforgottable moments of you. In Smart Assistant, we can add lot of features like Mine, Recommended, Travel, Life, Convenience and Entertainment.

Convenience Aid in ColorOS

ColorOS also helps you to set up particular gestures when phone is locked to enable certain applications. You can select gestures you would like to turn on with designated gesture symbols. It has some of the features like Navigation Keys, Assistive Ball, Smart Slide Bar.

Assistive Ball

This is the Ball which will be floating on your Home screen which contain Home Button Lock Screen, Back Button, Screenshot and Multitasking Screen Icon. It will be useful for the users who desires to use it. I personally recommend eveyone to use this, because I love to use this feature. Also this has two options like Gesture Operations and Tap Menu. You can select what you need and like, and you can choose the Gesture operations like Tap, Double Tap, Touch Hold and you can select what it should do when you click that button.

Settings-> Convenience Aid-> Assistive Ball.

Also you can adjust the Transperency of the Assistive ball which is shown in the above screenshot for your reference. It has another feature called hide the ball when it is in full screen mode. It helps you to hide the Assistive ball icon when the Full screen mode is on playing any videos or Games etc. It can be acheived back by pulling down from the top edge of the screen to get it back to its function.

Settings -> Convenience Aid -> Gesture & Motion menu -> Screen-Off Gestures.
V to Flashlight, O to Camera, double tap to turn the screen on, etc.,

SmartSlide Bar

This is the important feature for Hard core Mobile user that ColorOS has built. Yes, itis also like quick navigation bar, where you can set important application likeScreenshot, Screen Recorder, Camera, File Manager or any games etc., It can be accessed if you rotate your screen also. This is used to call your desingatedapps which is floating on your windows, this is to watch your videos and replyto any messages on the same screen
Settings-> Convenience Aid-> Smart SlideBar.

This Smart Slide bar is also can be used for access when the display is in both Horizontal or Vertical direction. All the Quick Apps and Tools functionalities may be used to get the peculiar apps in the floated windows. This Smart Slide bar allows you to watch the phots and any videos and you can respond and answer on the identical screen.

Navigation Keys

Navigation Keys has feature like Virtual Keys and Swipe-up Gestures. Where Virtual Keys where old type of keys where it will availabe on non notch display phones, whereas Swipeup gestures is the one developed for Full notch display screens.

Settings-> Convenience Aid-> Navigation Keys.
It won't shows their visibility and you can swipe up for the action which you tends to save for your desired option.

Gaming with ColorOS

ColorOS have a App, which helps itself to not to over heat whenever I play games. It is Gamespace, this app wont let to heat the phone and release the memory whenever required. Gaming is an activity that engages one to Fun and Amused. It is an Entertainment Factor for one to relax from his/her daily Stress. Ofcourse it is a Stress Buster. It should challenge everyone to win the Game. It will increase the Will Power.  Earlier, playing video games in PC and PS gives you real,authentic,indigenous original look. But after the Boom of Mobile industry, allthe astonishing features are even available in Mobile. Mobile Gaming is nowvery popular. It has no age bar. From Younger Generation to Old Generation isplaying Mobile Video Games, which burst their stress.


Installing and PlayingGames in your mobile is not harder but examining that your Mobile is which iscapable handling the Game Application is veryimportant. ColorOS gives us a glorious Solution for this. Let'shave a deep Look. Game App's are available from 1 MB to > 5 GB. Beforeinstalling on App we have to see whether the App is capable to our Mobile ornot. When we install large App it will consume and demolish your Phone RAM very fast. It may reduce yourperformance of your Mobile. ColorOS has comeup with Guide and Key for this. By Implementing OPPO Game Space.


ColorOS has comeup with greater idea for rectifying those RAM flawness byimplementing an APP called Game Space, which is one of the most usefulapplication created by ColorOS developers.It has most important features are Release Memory, Network Protection, NoDisturbance Mode.

Scheduled Reboot

ColorOS is doing itself a great job that is called rebooting itself. This option lets Switch off the phone for some time and restart. As Humans we are giving rest to our own Brain, Heart and other parts of our Human Body everyday. BTW, our Mobile Phone needs Rest Everyday. Yes you read it Right. We need to give Rest to our Mobile Phone Everyday at regular interval. Let us see how we can acheive. The one of the feature provided by ColorOS is Automatic Reboot.,

Nowadays, Performance of the mobile phone is the major glitch to every mobile phone users. Whether it is Brand New or Old, Performance Matters. Here I am going to tell you some few tips on How to increase usageof Phone RAM?

Settings-> Additional Settings-> Automatic On/ Off-> Set your desired time.
Note : There should be minimum of 11 Mins gap between ON and OFF.


How many of you know, Restarting your Mobile Phone Daily makes your Mobile work even faster than before.  Yes, Amazing isn't it. Everyday Restarting your phone manually is very tedious and kinda headache to you when you are doing something with your phone at peak hours.  So ColorOS having an option that we can Schedule an Automatic ON and OFF. Recommended time is Night hours, that is which is the time when you are not using your mobile , you can plan for it.

ColorOS Community

ColorOS has it very own community, to discuss and engross with other community member.
ColorOS Community is the Forum created by OPPO Electronics for its prioritized users. It is one of the best and quick turn around Community I have ever seen. You will the updates and happenings of your ColorOS and OPPO Devices.

Influencers, Creators, Volunteers, Senior and Junior Alpha members and other team members will give you the updates and news of the current market things in a detailed manner. You can also ask doubts asa post, they will reply back as comment. And important thing to mention here is, all the reply you are getting in a very fast manner, which is very quick turn around. Best community ever


Daily Check-in will give you candy. Candy is the virtual point holder where it is considered as privilege for users. If you post any thread , you will be getting response fromthe respected team at very earliest. This forum is not only meant for Technical purpose also they never missed the opportunity to give the credit for its valualble users. In Medals , you canapply for the badge. Community will evaluate and gives you the Medal. Where Personal Profile has your personal details. Where you can see your Candy details, Personal messages among the community members. You can add modify yourname and photo as your own.

HeyTap Internet Services

ColorOS also shares Love to me by sharing real time vouchers to me. Exited to know about this?
Yes, it is True. If you check-in continously it will gives you reward points and you can redeem it accordingly.

Oppo has introduced HeyTap Internet Servies, where it is the Hub for following Applications in OPPO Store. It has to ensure and make certain tohave a greater and superior experience OPPO's Internet services and OPPOaccounts are currently being renamed as HeyTap Internetservices and HeyTap account.

--> App Market
--> Game Center
--> Theme Store
--> Browser

App Market is the specialized applicaiton which is built for all Applications installed by default  It Suggest you the best app that fit for you and peak app that available in market. It has an option called CHECK-IN.You need to visit this app everyday anddo check in and for every check-in points will be provided from min 20points  to max points for every checkin. By using the check in pointsone can play the lucky draw and buy coupons.


Game Center is like APP Market where you can CHECK-IN and to get thedaily rewards, it will added to your APP Market reward points. ColorOS has Default Apps like Game Center, Game Space, which is specially customized for us. It has a option called KoKocoins that is virtual currency that used in GAME CENTER. It can be used forgame topup's, which is purchasing any game properties and etc., It is aspecialized App for Game Application only.

Theme Store is the defalut ColorOS App for Themes, Wallpaper, fonts which is specially customized for us. It has a option called KoKocoins that is virtual currency that used in Theme Store. It can be used fordpwnloading walpapers, screensavers, fonts which is purchasing any themeproperties and etc., It is a specialized App for Themes only.


Oppo Browser is the default browser for specialized browsing unit for the Oppo ColorOS users, which is very fast and attractive and more precisely it will help you to earn, through the HeyTap Points you canredeem any of the available vouchers. It will show the Best Picsof the Week news, it has Top Sites like FB, Google, YouTube, Twitter andShopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc., you can customize it as your wish. t has a option called winpoints that is virtual currency that used in Browsers. you can get the Pointsfor doing regular Tasks as routine as Reading Articles. It can give you 20 Points for reading 5 articles a day. It has limited tasks also like Turning on system notification you can get 20 Points, and turning on Browser notification you can get 20 points.


There are still lots of point to tell you about how ColorOS attracted me. But due to heaviness of thread and slackness of readers, i will bring a end to this letter.

If ColorOS is showing this much of interest and Love on me means, what should I do to it on a reverse.?
I am in breathless pursuit, hustling to keep it updated, wooing her with expensive Protective Cases.
My ColorOS is always acknowledges me occasional notifications, blinking on the screen, reminders to update, so many needs. That makes me want it even more.

I don't know how thrilled I am to be giving up my secrets towards ColorOS, but it's absurd to think I have any control on it. It will always helps me whenever i fails, it will always lifts me wherever I fells down, it will always suggests me on any of my new doings. It knows so much about me, it knows where I am, how many steps i took to reach there, also it knows what I am addicted for. Which is why it doesnt ever really have to worry about whether I'm creeped out by the digital eyes I can feel looking over my shoulder.

It will also tells me that how much time I spent on Social media and other gaming activity. This helps to reduce the time on idle activity and helps me to concentrate on my regular activity.
I can't imagine the Life without ColorOS. It's my First Valentine and always my Best Valentine.

ColorOS has fullfilled my fantasies, it never hurts back me whenever i do the same to it. It also gave me the promotion in life from
being Single to engaged. I would proudly say that I'm engaged to ColorOS.

Thanks to ColorOS for being an important thing in my Life and also being my First and Best Valentine.

Happy Valentine Day to you ColorOS

Your Valentine
Gowtham M

Gowtham M





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Fannnnnnntastic,an article which describes the ColorOS





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Fannnnnnntastic,an article which describes the ColorOS

Thank you so much bro ❤️
Gowtham M
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