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「ColorOS Discussion」Where is my phone's update??

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Dear ColorOS Users,
After the update plan is released, users are worried regarding the update for their devices. Many users are not aware of the update process. So, we have come up with a discussion related to updates in your devices. We request you to read the thread thoroughly to get a rough overview of the update process. Without wasting anymore time, let's start our discussion...


We all know that ColorOS 7 with android 10 is the major update for which many users are waiting. And to make a strong community, our ColorOS Team is providing the Trial plans for almost every capable devices. This list is already released and updated recently. In general, we have two programs for our users. The Stable version and the Trial version. What are these? Why can't we provide stable version instead of trial version? All these details, we will discuss in below column.


As we start talking about updates, Stable update will be loved by everyone. It basically has no bugs and system runs very smoothly. For devices which haven't received the ColorOS 7, they will constantly recieve ColorOS 6 stablized updates with an updated security patch. It tries to enhance the systems performance and will ensure the long-term usage for that particular model. Also, ColorOS has announced that, they will provide the monthly security patch updates for users experience.


Then arises a new question. New security patch update is released, but why my device can't detect it? For this, basically every update for anything will be released in batches. These batches include a huge number of devices to recieve the updates. Based on the users location, the update hits that particular device randomly as the update will arrive Over The Air(OTA). Hence, the update may delay even after release.  


Why Trial Version? In general, it is very easy to rectify bugs in a software if such big team of ColorOS works. It is possible if their are less devices to be tested. But, we can see that almost 20-25 devices of OPPO are getting an upgrade to ColorOS 7 and Android 10. Now, A small mistake can make a big change. To ensure the durability of those many devices in different series(A,K,F,Reno,Find), it requires some time. A lot of work will be done before releasing a small update. So, for this ensurance of users happiness while using ColorOS, the Trial versons are introduced.


Why Limited Quota? Users are annoyed by seeing these limited quota while releasing a batch of trial versions. But, there's a reason behind it. As we mentioned that the upgrade will be for 20-25 devices within a span of 2 quadrants, For every batch of release, the update will become more stable. If a trial version is send to all devices, some users may have best experience and some may have worst experience. In that worst case, it would be very difficult in making the software stable. So, only limited members get the trial version so that bugs can be rectified faster.


What we need to do for faster stable version update? The answer is very simple. In our advanced technology world, every testing will work on the basis of feedbacks. For every solution, their must be a problem that is to be given feedbacks by the testers. Hence, we just need feedbacks from you. The more is the feedbacks count, the more faster our team can solve the bugs. And in the same speed, you will receive the updates too...

How to post those feedbacks?


For that we have come up with simple method to understand how to post feedback.
Whenever you find a bug:
Open OPPOLogKit(*#800#) >> select OppoLogKit>> select the module as per bug>> Click on start logging>> Go to the place where you caught bug>> Screenshot it>> Come back to Logkit>> Click on Stop>> Save the file by filling details
Open Filemanager>> Go to all files>> open oppo_log folder>> Select you file>> upload it to drive>> Turn the link sharing ON
Open ColorOS Community>> Click on pen icon>> click on feedback>> select the module>> fill the details>> paste the link of log file which you uploaded to drive>>click on  post...
These are very simple to understand. Still you are facing any difficulties go through this-


We have updated to trial version and posted feedbacks. Now, What's Next? The only thing you need is to have patience. Once the feedbacks are posted, they will be evaluated by various ColorOS Management Team and will be sent to the OS engineers if they are valied. Once a feedback reaches the developers team, they will find a solution for it. But, even then, the updates will be released on the priority basis. The more critical issue will be solved first than a random small bug. So, I suggest you to have a little patience for a while....

Final Q2 Plan For ColorOS 7 Trial Version


This is the final plan till Quadrant 2 of this year. After it gets completed, we may expect few more devices in the list of trial plan in Q3 and Q4. But for now, this is the plan for devices that will get ColorOS 7. So, guys be patience and get your updates as per the mentioned plan.

You can comment all your quieries under this thread so that we will forward them to the relevant team and find a solution. Or you can join our official Telegramgroup for more details.
That's all to be discussed in this thread. Hope the information will help you.
Thanks for sharing your valuable time with ColorOS.
Follow @SAIPAVAN for more ColorOS stuff.
Your Love and Support is always great towards ColorOS...!
Always Be Self-Motivated✌

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Nice article with great explanation.....well covered all process.....nice ...





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Posted at 14-3-2020 09:02:52 FromCPH1881Mobile phone | Display all floors
Nice article..!
Great Explanation.👍


vherdy: Thank's for information...  Posted at 19-5-2020 03:26



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Coolway to Anwer for all


PNummay: ต้องการCoolway สู่ Anwer สำหรับทุกคน  Posted at 20-5-2020 12:10
Never stop learning


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Thank you for the explanation and information.


NickName0143853: Sanjeev  Posted at 13-4-2020 15:48
NickName0146851: تحديث التلفون a83الصوت  Posted at 10-4-2020 05:42


Posted at 24-3-2020 10:09:01 FromCPH1809Mobile phone | Display all floors
Will there be any sw/cos update for oppo A5


Harshit2004: Hello, as per the latest released schedule there isn't any news regarding update for your device.Kindly Stay tuned for further updates.  Posted at 29-3-2020 09:24


Posted at 24-3-2020 12:15:00 FromCPH1937Mobile phone | Display all floors
Oppo A9 2020 new colorOS 7 update


amitxkumar: Why there is No Major new update for A5s we are waiting from too long??  Posted at 20-5-2020 16:29
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tuilove5: 0842643168  Posted at 28-4-2020 18:14
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Rahulbhoi014176: Oppo A5 updated kab tak  Posted at 20-4-2020 12:10
OPPO00310107111: My oppo F9 colour os7 update  Posted at 10-4-2020 13:48
Harshit2004: Thanks for showing love ♥️ Towards ColorOS 7.Update has been scheduled in May 2020.Stay Tuned.  Posted at 29-3-2020 09:24
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