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Hello ColorOS Fans,

      My name is Krisala and I'm from Philippines. As I'm new here and joined the community by seeing the contest of Color of Cities. I was not much aware of anything but it was quite interesting to see all the members interacting. Some of the members were using foreign language but still it was not that much hard to understand the topic they were talking on.
    Later on @Amit_T announced that if someone is interested in writing the blog can join. I was always interested to write and explain my photography so I joined him and he guided me so well that I could write this and could explain it in my words.
So Without anymore delays let's start with my first article.

download (16).jpg

      We tend to always say that nature is everywhere. But, have you taken the time to look for it? This quarantine is actually a great time to find "Nature" and it might be so easy to say but it is also not so hard to do.

      I also believe that nature can also be found everywhere. From your room, the top deck of your house and even in the nighttime - it truly does exist everywhere. As a lover of nature, I'll be sharing to you some of my nature shots that I totally love and try to give a small detail of what it means to me. I hope you all enjoy it.

Here comes the first photo

~ It was captured with Oppo A33w way back in 2018. I know that this can be found almost anywhere but I still didn't hesitate to take this one. Plainly taken with my Oppo A33w. However the editing was done via Snapseed.

I've made up a story about this and I think that this little white flower is all alone in a very dark place, standing still with the courage. But that's what nature is all about. Even in the darkest place, nature still exists.

download (9).jpg

~This second photo was taken on our top deck using my Oppo Reno2f. This is the view that I always see. Especially during the sunrise or sunset time.

A point that says, you can have a nice view of nature even you're in the highest part of a building. So this is what it delivers. Look at the beauty of this shot, doesn't it leave you speechless?

This was edited using VSCO and post edit using Lightroom.

download (18).jpg

It is this tiny little cactus. Also captured using my Oppo Reno2f, this was also captured in the top deck of my apartment.

A message that clearly says, even the smallest plant is a part of nature. I really admire this cactus because it can still stand the heat the sun gives to it, and is always there, showing its vibrant colors. This little life gives me so much of joy!

download (17).jpg

~The one was taken when we were on a team building last February, weeks before the pandemic happened.  A sea, a tree, and a sky is always a good combination of nature and it is always the easiest one to see. Also captured using my Oppo Reno2f, I've always loved to take photos of the sea whenever I have the time to do so. Its just a clear message that wherever you go, you can always find nature.

download (19).jpg

      I know that the photos I've shown doesn't compliment with each other, the reason for that is I want you take a look around your surroundings because you can always find nature in it. I'll share other shots below where I've found nature.

~The following photos were taken using my Oppo A5s and were edited via Snapseed and Lightroom.

download (15).jpg download (10).jpg

download (14).jpg download (11).jpg

download (12).jpg download (13).jpg

      These Pictures are so pleasing to the eyes, that it sets a very calming vibe inside us. One thing that I could really say is that finding nature is always easy. All you just need to do is to appreciate and believe that it will always be a part of us.

      I hope you liked my feelings brought down into some words, and also these beautiful pictures I've taken and shared with you all. If you liked my article, then please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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