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Hello ColorOS Fans,


          I hope you are all doing good despite this pandemic we are facing right now and are doing best things to saty safe. I am now here with you to share some stories of our beautiful city and provinces that I’ve been to before the pandemic started.
I know that it’s just not me who loves to take photos of the beautiful sceneries we see, from the eye-catching beautifully structured buildings to vast number of trees and to the colorful sky we see everyday. However, to get a best view of it actually depends on your location. Why? At the peak of a mountain, you’llbe able to clearly see the sky, the city lights below and the city itself. When you’re on the seashore, you’ll see the mountains, the clear waters and might even have a moment with the sunset/sunrise.
So, I am going to share with you a number of photos of the sceneries I’v been countered on our city as well as on the province. But a heada up, I actually don’t really have a photo of a building. Lol.
Without any further ado, let’s get started!


       This one was taken with my Oppo Reno2f in Night Mode. This is located in the city where I lived for 19 years now, General Santos City. It was a fun night when I took the chance to capture this photo because it was so silent, which I really love. It is actually located in the middle of our city and is part of our Oval Plaza where festivals usually take place. Its just that, I don’t have any photos of a festival night.


         This photo is also taken with my Oppo Reno2f, the same day the above photo was mentioned. This is on an another plaza – Plaza Heneral Santos where most students and workers alike stay for a chill, some for school purposes and dating, mostly for doing their exercises. It actually has a lot of lights like this that is turned on every night, that varies from colors as well.

      I would also want you to see how the heat really is in our city. So, here it is.


This actually close the place where I live by, and it may not be so evident in this photo, but it really is hot in here! I’m just lucky enough that my room has a window and at least fresh air comes in by that.


This photo is a the name of a well-known hotel in our city, as what we can see “Sydney Hotel”. This photo was taken days after the hotel was renovated and when their name has already lights on it. To mention, I really love it! And this was taken with my OPPO A5S


   Another photo taken with my Oppo A5S. This was taken at my school – Mindanao State University of General Santos City. This is where I studied for the past 4 years and this school has taught me so many lessons not only academically as well as lessons in life, and this is where I found my closest friends till now.


This photo was again taken with my Oppo A5S and was taken at the top of Leyson Park! It was tiring hike we’ve made just to see this city view in the night but was so fun! I was lucky enough to take this photo because it was real foggy when we reached the top.
Those are just some photos I was able to take before the pandemic happened and was very lucky to witness such things.
I am very happy as well that @Amit_T was there to be patient with me in meeting my deadlines due to nature of work that I currently have.

Hope you all stay safe! And enjoy quarantine life!


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