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Hello ColorOS fans!


      I am here with you with a new article that will somehow showcase my selfie photos. Anyway, I hope you are all doing great today and is still enjoying quarantine life.
        Selfie, as defined by wikipedia is self-portrait photograph which is taken using a digital camera or smartphone which is held by hand or that uses selfie sticks or even tripods. I have been a fan of selfies since then and it would actually feel like I’m a little vain everytime I try to take one or when I have taken a great selfie.
As defined, selfie is still a portrait photography meanwhile the real definition of a portrait photography is, it is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. And that is still what we do when taking selfies.
Both terms actually has the same meaning if you come to think of it, and it really fun as well to capture some portrait photos as well as a selfie! I believe that I am not the only one who does this and most people now loves selfie. I’ll be now showing you self-portrait photos I captured.



         Both were just some of the latest self-portrait photos I took. For me, both photos shows how a person wants to be free from a trap he is in, and is asking for help to break free. As what we can see, the hands is the only part that can get out of the curtain which means he has been trapped for so long. Captured with my Oppo Reno2f with the filter R4. Proper lighting should be used as well when taking such photos so that it would have a great impact to the result. Using my curtain and the screen on my window, I was able to capture this with a broad daylight.


     Still taken with my Oppo Reno2f and edited via Lightroom, this photo was captured with the use of fairy lights as well as I just put my phone on my table to do this. I made sure that my room was dark enough for me to do this, and I think I captured this in a dramatic way. Lol!


       This photo was taken using Oppo A5S and was using a tripod to take this one. Proper indoor lighting was used in order for me to capture this while we were at a milktea shop in SM City. Post edited via VSCO to make sure colors blend with each other.


      Taken with Oppo Reno2f and edited via VSCO, I took this photo of my younger sister while we were on the way to our church. We were lucky enough that there cars and motorcycles were not passing by this area when we did this!


       Another dramatic self-portrait by me! Taken with Oppo A5S and to tell you honestly I can’t really remember how I was able to capture this photo. All I know is that I was taking seflies then voila I got this shot! And curtains actually helps a lot on my self-portrait photos to be more dramatic.


      And lastly, still taken with my Oppo A5S, this photo was captured when we were on a swimming vacation around last year. And believe it or not, I took this photo using my other hand and with so much heat directed to me! I was just lucky I was still able to capture this in a good way even though it required a lot of effort from me.
       NAnyway, those are some of the photos I’ll be sharing with you guys today and I hope you were able to see some ideas on how to take your self-portrait photos. Just be creative and use anything in your surroundings to do so!
             I will now be ending this article. Thank you so much everyone especially to @@Amit_T who is always there to help us out in the articles that we make.

Have a great day! Stay safe everyone!

Sources: wikipedia


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Great one bro
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