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「ColorOS Skills」How To Capture Amazing Selfies

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To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

— Elliott Erwitt

Hello, ColorOS Superfans,

How are you doing folks ?

Whatsup guys I'm back with another cool article with the same energy and passion as previous article

I hope so you all are fine an doing great in your life.

Sorry guys i haven't posted any thread for couple of days,Sorry for keeping you guys waiting.

Today i am here with an amazing Photogrphy Skill which is on "How To Capture Amazing Selfies"

Everyone loves to click selfies in their own way why don't we click in proper way

By the way if you haven't seen my previous article then have alook Click Here

How To Capture Amazing Selfies

Today I'm going to share few tips on clicking selfie which can take your photo to whole new level.

1. Use Portrait Mode & Apply Filters


When using portrait mode you can achieve photograph like professional dslr with well blured background.You can easily blur background without need of any dslr camera.Mostly Every mobile of OPPO has Portrait Mode, if you have then use it and also remember to apply filter they can make your photograph really impressive.

2. Use Hdr Mode

zenfone4-hdr (1).jpg

If you have read my previous article then you might know how important HDR Mode is,HDR can turn to be great for Selfies outdoors.Using HDR you can get well exposed photograph not to dark and not too bright just perfect balance but still HDR isn't suitable for every photograph because of location & Lighting conditions especially for indoors.

3. Use Face Beautification Mode


Face Beautification is really helpful you know in this world everyone isn't same as other some may have rough face,acnes,wrinkles etc.Using Face Beautification you can get dark spots,acne & wrinkle free photograph.Your photograph willturn as that you never had skin problems before.

4. Angles


This is one of the important point for selfies.Things you should know about angles that don't bring mobile so close or so far result may not be so good like closeup shots will often result in fatface.Mostly its recommeded to hold the phone at a 45 degree angle and as far from you as the length of your arm allows or use a selfie stick.You know this angle allows you to look much more
younger and slim.You should know that when holding the phone almost above your head, your eyes will look wider unlike if you hold the camera lower than head. It also tends to accentuate the cheekbones making people look better.Don't be afraid to try out new angles.Different unique angles can make your photo more elegant than of others.

5. Selfie Poses


Selfie Pose are also of the most important thing to consider .You know they're alot of different photo poses since selfie was invented as a new form of photograph that is intended to reveal and imprint person’s emotions and positive features.Selfie Poses can take your photo to whole new level to viewer.Pose can make your photograph really energetic and filled with strong emotions.However some poses aren't suitable that can lead to injury and sometimes to death.

6. Perfect Selfie Lightings


Light is really important for any type of photograph.My Advice for perfect selfie light is using natural light, mostly in the morning or evening. Its advised to avoid hard illumination such as bright sunlight, indoor lighting or built-in flashes. The softer the light, the more flattering it is for your features.They're many accessories available for selfie light like ringlight and ringlight portable.

7. Smile


Most of us click photographs without smiling & some don't know even how to smile why ?.They aren't any charges for smiling simply smile and spread happiness to everyone.If you are smiling on the picture am sure you’ll get a perfect shot. A beautiful smile can help you get a lot of thumbs up from everyone.Capture every moment of your life.

8. Location


A good location makes everysingle photograph great wheather if its Portrait,Landscape or Selfie.Location is a key of success for every photograph.One of the most peaceful  backgrounds is nature. If you are wondering about taking a picture that would be flattering and impressive, pose yourself in front of some lively or magnificent nature landscape.Please don't risk your life for great selfies in dangerous places,thousands of die daily because of risking their life your selfie.

9. Use Wide Angle Lens Or Use Selfie Stick


Mostly we don't wide angle lens for front camera we can simply use External Wide Angle lens or if you want to use selfie stick you can do so.In my opinion use wide angle lens and selfie stick,viewers will go mad after seeing it.Using wide angle lens and selfie stick will give you Gopro feeling and atmosphere & also really good for group selfies.

Guys, lets keep this for today. I'm trying my best to provide useful and helpful articles.

Comment below your thoughts and do criticism, constructive or destructive everything but do Comment your reviews

Let me wrap my lap and come back super duper soon with a new article for you, Thank you.

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Once Again Thanks for your continuous love towards ColorOS

Awesome article is coming,Stay tuned for that till then see you, have a good day, bye
Signing off
~ Zaki Arif Ali
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Ooh i never thought about angle this angle point is most helpful for me, thanks for your article


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