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「ColorOS Photo Club」Golden Hour Photography

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Good Day ColorOS Fans!


     This week has been so tough for me, given with the current situation right now and the changes that happened on our workplace, everything is just so messy. But it should never stop us from having positive vibes all day long for us to be always on the go!
        Anyway, I am writing this to discuss one kind of photography that I have provided on my previous article, and I will be discussing about “Golden Hour Photography”.
First, let’s discuss again, WHAT IS GOLDEN HOUR PHOTOGRAPHY?


Golden hour photography usually happens when photographs are taken the first light after dawn and the last hour before sunset. This is usually when the sun starts to rise and the sun starts to set on the west part of globe. The sun usually creates or gives a warm color to our photographs and can even make it look magical at some point.
       Golden hour is one of the most magical part of the day, it offers you warm colors, not only that the sky is so good to watch too. Not only that, when the sun is low in the sky, it takes on a warmer, more orange color temperature – which is the golden part of the golden hour. But behind these reasons, golden hour photographs look more interesting because they show us something in a way, we don’t typically see it. There’s not a lot of people who go out in the crack of dawn or even stays out through the sunset.
Let me share with some photos I’ve had during the golden hour, but most of these are photos of the sky. I mostly love taking photos of sunsets and sunrise; however, those photos are images of the sky itself.


       I know and I understand this photo might not offer the “warm” colors I’ve mentioned, but one thing I loved about this is the reflection of the sky that was made possible because of the water below. But, if you’ll take a closer look and focus on the clouds, it shows a warmer color compared to any part of the day.


       It may not look like this photo was taken during the golden hour, but it is. Maybe the editing didn’t do the proper work (lol). Kidding aside, this was taken early in the morning by the beach (it’s evident isn’t it).


        This is also one effect that golden hour can provide on our images; warm colors truly exist especially during that time of the day. Golden hour can also be used as a background lighting anyway.


       The sun behind the city. This was taken around 5:30 AM, what the city view looks like early in the morning. This photo was not yet edited but still, we can see the warm color the sun offers early in the morning.
There are also a lot of techniques or tips that we can take in mind when doing golden hour photography, but I’ll have it further discussed in my next article. I hope this will do for now, but before I end this, let me share a few more photos.

IMG_20200717_212154_230.jpg    IMG_20200717_212151_127.jpg

What it looks like when the sun starts to set. This is by far almost the same view that I have every afternoon from my room. Warm colors, it is.


References: Photoblog

Digital trend

     Alright! Those are some of my clicks when it comes to golden hour, but I’ll do my best to share some more on my next article to make sure everything will be covered up.

Thanks to @Amit_T  for always making sure that we will be able to submit the articles needed as well as for the guidance he provides to us.
Bye for now ColorOS fans!

Have a great day to all of you!


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Yes, maximally utilize this golden hour.


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I love you


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