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「ColorOS Photo Club」Different Kinds of Photography - 2

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Good Day ColorOS Fans!


        I totally forgot how many weeks it has been since we have been all quarantined due to this pandemic we are facing right now. Nonetheless, please always make sure to stay safe and avoid crowded areas.
       I am here to continue my previous article about the “Different Kinds of Photography”, where I have shared 5 kinds of photography that we all do and is commonly used by photographers. Just a recap from the previous article, I’ve shared about:

IMG_20200713_231441_304.jpg     IMG_20200713_231438_006.jpg

    We all have learned the basic and technical definition of what that kind of photography are, and we will continue that with this article I am presenting to all of you. Let’s get started!

1.        Adventure Photography


From the word itself “adventure”, means travels like hiking, backpacking, biking or even trekking. This is the kind of photography which is very self-explanatory that aims to capture images of adventures that takes place on outdoor locations. However, this kind of photography is quite hard because photographers will have hindrances such as the weather condition and the location itself. But in overall, this features great landscape shots.

2.        Editorial Photography


This kind of photography is commonly used in magazines, newspapers and journals. Editorial photography incorporates aspects of fashion, sports, event photography which aims to create a story that is informative, news worthy and educational. This kind of photography is usually taken in candid.
Since, these photos will be used in either magazines or newspapers, it incorporates words to make sure the audience will get the true message of the photos, giving visual context to a story line or project.

3.        Event Photography


From the word itself, event photography captures images of guests, activities (birthdays, weddings, corporate parties, dances, award ceremonies, live concerts and other engagements or events) and the ambiance of the gathering. This is usually taken candidly and is usually for sentimental value or can even be used for promoting an event or organization.

4.        Landscape Photography

   IMG_20200713_231437_676.jpg    IMG_20200713_231437_471.jpg

Landscape photography is done outdoors, focusing mainly on trees, deserts, beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers or any form of the natural world. Landscape photography for me is broad in a sense that it won’t cover up just a certain land form, but ranges from land forms to water forms to architectures. This is also one of the most commonly used kind of photography and I believe all of us uses this for our Instagram feeds or Instagram stories.

5.        Pet Photography

IMG_20200713_231437_541.jpg     IMG_20200713_231437_823.jpg

Who among you have their own pets? Let it be a cat, dog, bird, fish, racoon or what, every pet that is photographed can fall into this kind of photography. This kind of photography mainly focuses on capturing our pets – let it be a mammal, amphibian or a reptile! We usually use this kind of photography to cherish the moments we are having with our pets or even for pet’s own Instagram account!

6.        Portrait Photography


Portrait Photography is the art of capturing the inherent character of your subject within a paragraph (Singh, G.). The aim of portrait photography is to capture a portrait of a person or group of people. For further discussion about this, you can check out my article titled “Tips for Portrait Photography” and “The Art of Portrait and Selfies”.

7.        Flower Photography

IMG_20200713_231437_655.jpg     IMG_20200713_231437_774.jpg

Flower photography usually happens in broad daylight where the color, shape and size of a flower can be seen with its every detail. You can also check my previous article about this, it is titled "Beauty in Bloom”.

I know that it’s a lot if both combined with my previous article, but you can choose as to what kind you would want to master. It may take a lot of time to master one, but trust the process and everything will fall into its right place.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, and I would like to thank @Amit_T  for giving us enough time to finish the articles and for the guidance.

References will be provided to give proper credits. Some photos were taken by yours truly (landscape, portrait, pet and flower photography).

Stock SY

Anyways, have a great day!

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