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How to Send High Quality Feedback by LOG Box?(For India)

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What is LOG box?
LOG box is a platform for ColorOS users to send feedback.
1.Bug feedback: When a problem occurred, you can capture the LOG by LOG box, so that our engineers will quickly locate, analyze and solve it.
2.Suggestion feedback: If you have any suggestion about new function or design defect, you can also send a suggestion feedback to us by LOG box.


How to enter LOG box?

Method 1:Find ‘LOG’ on home screen and click.
Method 2:Dial*#800# into the dial interface and there will be a popup which you need to press ‘OK’ or you cannot use LOG box.

How to send BUG feedback by LOG box?

1. Select the Bug type (e.g. Phone calls), and enter the capture logs page.
2. Turn on ‘Screen recording’ and click ‘Start’, then keep it running in the background. Reappear the issue you met before and take a screenshot to record the time.
3. Enter the LOG box and click ‘Finish’ and click ‘Next’ to enter the description page. Add the issue description with attachments like screenshot and screen recording, then submit.

1. Please select the bug type correctly and capture the LOG; if not sure, select ‘Other’.
2. If you are one of the Alpha testing team, we suggest you to select ‘other’ type and keep it running in the background all the time (no need to open screen recording), so that you can capture the LOG which appear by accident. It won’t result in phone laggy because it’s less than 2GB.
3. To send a high quality feedback, please describe the steps how to reproduce the issue, which includes【Issue title】【Issue description】【Reproduce steps】(need to edit by yourself)
【Issue title】:Please make a brief title for your issue so that the engineer could check quickly.
【Issue description】:Please describe the issue appearance process which includes issue situation, reappearance conditions and details.
【Reproduce steps】:Please describe how to reproduce the issue in brief.

【Issue Title】
The audio is unclear and cuts in and out when calling.
【Issue Description】
The signal has two bars while calling in my room, but the audio often cuts in and out and unclear. In the same situation, other phones work normally.
【Reappearance steps】
In the same place where the issue appeared while calling.

How to send request feedback by LOG box?

1. Click ‘Feedback’ to enter the request feedback page.
2. Describe your suggestion and request and leave your contact info. Please attach the screenshots or screen recordings if there is.
Request feedback tips:
1.Request feedback includes: ①new function suggestion②Design feedback suggestion like UI optimization or consistent issue③Function consistent or misnomer issue.
2. it's better to attach the screenshots or screen recording to your function request feedback. Please add 【Request title】【Request description】【Request scenario】()。
【Request title】:Please make a brief title for your issue so that the engineer could check quickly.
【Request description】:Describe the function and explain why you need the function and what problem will be solved by the function.
【Request scenario】:Describe the scenario where you want to use the function

【Request title】
The call record shows all the call recordings of the contact directly.
【Request description】
The call recordings are only can be seen in the Recorder or File Manager which is inconvenient to look for. So the suggestion is to show all the call recordings directly on the recent calls.
【Request scenario】
Be quick to find the call record of the contacts.

How to check the feedback records and progress?[/color]
1. Click the first icon on the top right on the home page to check all the feedback history.
2. You can check all the feedback history and progress (submitted, plese-add, added,replied).
3.Long press to delete the feedback records.(Only the local feedback records and LOG will be deleted, the records on the server will be saved)

Please-add status instruction

1. When you see the status of your feedback is ‘please-add’, that means our engineer ask you to add more information.
2. Enter the feedback details, you will see the reply from our engineer. Please add all the details and info together with description and also the screenshots or screen recording. Please notice your feedback status.

Q:Will the LOG uploading consume my mobile data a lot?
A:The switch of 'Allow upload LOG by cellular network' is off by default. If your mobile data is adequate, we suggest you to open the switch to upload the log in time.
Q:Is it necessary to always ON screen recording while performing the LOG?
A: Screen recording helps our engineer to check the issue quickly. So it’s’ better to open it. But if you keep the LOG on the background, you don’t have to open the screen recording all the time.

Q:Which 'mode' should we select?
A:It's set as 'user mode' by default, so you don’t need to select others.

Q: Is it necessary to always ON screen recording while performing the LOG? Will it consume my phone performance?
A: It won’t consume your phone performance a lot, so we suggest the PRE test users to keep the LOG background for a long time to capture the occasional bug. When the LOG storage over 2GB, it will notice that if you want to stop the capture。

We value your feedback and hope the Beta and Alpha test users to send feedback by LOG box to us. We'll follow the issue ASAP, thank you!


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Thanks for guide.
How can we track submitted logs ?? They are not visible here at community.


Vishal_Verma: After the log is submitted in the feedback seection, you will be able to track the status of the log.  Posted at 23-9-2020 22:43
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