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「ColorOS Lifestyle」My ColorOS Journey 2020- Best memories

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So, few days to go, before we move towards year 2021, however, if we look back in 2020, we can see alot of memories, accomplishments, moments, meetings, friends, family, festivals and soo many things. BUT

This year was different, different for the world and also different for OPPO, where Oppo attempted to innovate and even achieved immense success in some of the various devices launched in India, such as TWS, Smartwatch, etc.

Below is My Recap 2020 with ColorOS  which is my favourite memories of 2020:

Tweet and Joining community
July 23,2020
As usual, I regularly searched my twitter account and one day I randomly went through tweets in my account and saw this tweet—


This was the perfect situation. Oppo was a trusted brand and the community of ColorOS provides plenty of opportunities to share my talents and acquire tech knowledge. So, I joined the community the same day.

First Post
July 23,2020
First, I read guidelines from the community. When you join a group, that is the first thing everybody can do. I made my first post on the community on the subject after learning enough about the community - Oppo watch to be released in India. I have made 10+ posts so far. Not too many views on my first post, but it's good for motivation for the initial start.


First Comment
July 24,2020
I made my first comment - "Power of community" after reading. I have made 95+ comments by the time I am writing this post.


Welcome to Mid-year fan event contest
I was reading a lot of feedback and comparisons on community and photography tips for various Oppo phones at this time. Then I saw the community doing this activity. First of all, I wasn't sure whether or not I could participate because I had no Oppo Sartphone. Also, lack of experience, but I tried it. Thanks to @BhaveshP and @SAIPAVAN .

But I was shocked when I saw the result. I chose for the Motivation award and won Oppo O-fresh Earphones. Thanks to the team of administrators.


Unexpected message on Telegram
August 10,2020
The day I was waiting for had finally arrived — Team Member Recruitment. I got the PSP message 'Hey bro, Are you interested in joining the team of creators? '.  I applied for it and read the instructions for joining the team and the rules. I thought in the back of my mind that I might not be chosen because I did not have many posts, lack of experience, and no Oppo phone. But I was optimistic about the fact that I'm going to make more quality posts and be one of the best members of the team in the future.


Behind ColorOS #3 Contest
August 24, 2020
Another contest that I participated in was quite easy. On August 31, 2020, the results were announced. Luck truly favoured me. I received Rs. 1100/- Amazon gift card by the way.


Pre creators Team member Announced
September 9,2020
One more surprise. I was frankly not sure that I would be chosen, but yes, based on my article and on community involvement, I was chosen as a Pre-Creators team member. I've been prepared to prove that this chance and position is worth it. I would like to thank the admin team once again for showing faith in me and giving me this chance. Our community is doing well, and I'm proud to be part of that community.

IMG_20201221_115147.jpg IMG_20201221_115201_302.jpg

ColorOS 11 launch Pioneers recruitment
September 11,2020
Very simple activity, We need to fill up the form for the biggest event to be happen on September 14,2020 and responsibility to interact with live audience, solve their questions. Total 22 pioneers selected out of which i am one of them.

ColorOS launch event
September 14,2020
Finally the day, ColorOS family was waiting for had arrived i.e. 'Latest version of ColorOS'. Eveyone excited for the launch and waiting for 2.00 P.M. to watch launch event.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif

Behind ColorOS #4 Contest
September16, 2020
Another contest that I participated in was quite easy. The results were announced. Luck truly favoured me because this time my question selected in Top 4 questions. I received Rs. 1100/- Amazon gift card by the way.


Emerging Creator of September, 2020
October 9, 2020
Further Surprise which was never expected by me as everything going too fast. I got selected for 'Emerging creator of September' this give me huge boost for writing more article for the community. I wrote down 5 articles in September, 2020.


Received M31 Earphones
October 13, 2020
As a Pioneers honor, I got surprise from the ColorOS community 'Oppo M31 Earphones' . I really wanted wireless earphones because, for a long time, I had no wireless earphones. Last year, I lost of my previous ones. Ever since I saw them, I've been a big fan of earphones. It feels good to finally have them. They are incredible. Because of my exams, I have not done a post about them in the community. You can search on the Community Review published by other users.


Diwali Contest
November 11 - November 21, 2020
I didn't participate in this activity because I know it will be hard to manage to write article for contest with Exams. But I recommended many of my friends. Congratulations to those who grab this opportunity and won it.

This year's ColorOS Community has supported me a lot. In writing posts, I am still learning. One of my posts was featured on the homepage of Community.
I have been so blessed to witness the launch of the ColorOS Launch Event. Thanks to Community, I made so many good friends this year. I have discovered that making others happy is true happiness. I gave my friend my earphones (which were very special to me). And all started with a tweet.

If it's worth a like and continue supporting ColorOS, please do like this post. Just Believe and Dream it possible.


Thank You ColorOS community for giving me all these opportunity and looking forward for a better and bigger.

ColorOS 2021


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Great Journey



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