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[ColorOS Skills]Tips For Nature Photography

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is Sumedh Joshi. Today i am going to share with you some tips and tricks

on Nature Photography!

Hope you all like it.

So lets get started...

The most important part of Nature photography is to capture the candid moments in nature and also you should do it without distrbing nature and being a troublesome in the Nature .

  • Respect the Animals and the Environment

                         This is the most important point you should always rememr while doing nature/wildlife potography.
There is a phrase saying "Leave only FootPrints" means we should not disturb there privacy !

                         We the photographers should remember that we are here to click photos while clicking we should remember that we should not go near birds/animals them and disturb them by making noises and making them flew/run away!

                          Respect the environment you're shooting. You have to understand the importance of not disturbing natural environments.


                        You have to kee a safe distance from the subject you are willing to click !

  • Use different and Unique Perspective :-

                              To make your subject stand out you need to give it a spice by giving it a unique perpsective! Try a little harder make your efforts standout and make sure your photo will be different from others!

Try to do something different. Go against the grain! Use a different angle, shoot a close-up where others would shoot wide-angle.

Nature offers us unlimited beautiful setups. Go out there and take advantage of them! Using your own creativity is one of the best wildlife photography tips for beginners.

                            Make a little extra effort by trying out different angles get down and try lower angles to shoot your subject !
                           Look at this beautiful image i made an extra effort by going further and look for this beautiful perspective !
  • Create Different Frames :-

                           If you see a mountain and you just click the photo of a mountain it will look same regular mountain wich everyone clicks, but if you look for a frame and try to make it special from others it will look more beautiful for example you can keep your camera inside a leaves or tree branch and create a frame in which the tree leaves will cover the mountain from all other sides and make the mountain pop in the centre. This will make the subject stand out and also will look special from all other regular mountain photos.

                           Framing is most important while taking photo it will add extra element around your subject and it will make it look more dramatic!

                            Here is my example on this topic :-

                            IMG_20201223_155908.jpg       IMG_20201223_140720.jpg
                           Look at this example, this frame gave a dramatic effect to the subject and made it more beautiful!
                           Here is one more example where i have look for the frame and purposely clicked this shot :-


                      Did you loved the results of this tip ? This surely will make your photo standout.
  • Capture the Moment :-

                       While clicking shots of birds each and every moment matters also while clicking pictures of natural habitat.

                       For this you need patience , lot of patience to wait for the perfect shot and let them make the first move and then click your best and you will be surprised by the results!

                        Here is the example for which i have waited for more than 30 minutes to click this perfect shot !

                         After clicking lots of failed shot finally made it to this two perfect shots !
  • Capture the Wild : -

                      Wild shots will make the viewers go voo, not compulsory that you must visit jungle or any safaris to capture something wild. This can also be done in city , how ? by capturing wild birds which are different from all and will give you proper wild vibe!

                     You should always look out to get the perfect shot you should always be attentive if you want to get the best and special and different from others!

                     Look at this examples this are the regular birds which we see everyday but will give you a wild look!


                     I specially edited this photo to look wild and give it a proper Jungle feel!

  • Capture the Candid Moment :-

                       There's nothing wrong with taking a picture of the bird on a power line, or spider on the side of your house. It can make for some creative and interesting

                        If you're going to shoot nature photography, try to keep everything in the shot natural.

                        But if you're after powerful nature photos, then photograph animals and plants in their natural habitat. Let them do their natural work and capture them doing their work in candid moment!


                                This is one of my best shot ever i literally waited for more than a hour in hrad sunlight to get this perfect candid shot.  If you clicked some shots like every other photographer clicks it will not be special while clicking photos of natural habitat you need to capture it in natural way like while eating fruits or playing.

Guys, lets keep this for today.
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