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[ColorOS Know How] Capturing Star Trails Using Expert Mode

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Hello ColorOs Family,

My name is A.S Chohan. Today I am going to share a full tutorial about How to capture Star Trails using camera expert mode.

I hope will like it.

With the recent development in Smartphone camera technology, they are giving great completion to the professional DSLR's. Today smartphone cameras can record 4K or even 8K videos and also can capture highly detailed photos that were earlier possible with DSLR's. With respect to these developments, we can capture Astrophotography photos like MilkyWay shots, star trails, and many other types of shots with our smartphone camera.

So here are the steps you have to take to capture perfect Star Trails.

star trail (2).png

So let's get started.

What is Star Trails?

star trail (3).png

star trail (9).png

A star trail photograph is one of the unique kinds of Astrophotography that uses long exposure of the camera multiple times in order to capture the motion of the stars in the night sky because of the Earth's rotation which creates beautiful streaks of stars across the image.

This type of photograph is captured by placing a camera on a tripod or on any steady place, pointing the angle of the camera lens towards the night sky, and put the camera in the long exposure mode.

Application required to capture star trail photographs

star trail (6).png

  • ColorOs default camera app with expert mode enabled

  • Stellarium Mobile Sky Map: Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is the first app on the list which is a planetarium app that lets us explore what is above in the sky and also helps us to identify constellations, stars, comets, planets, satellites such as the ISS and other deep sky objects in the real-time in the sky above us.

  • Dark Sky App: Dark Sky App is the next app on the list which tells us about the light pollution in your area as light pollution is one of the reasons what we cannot see the Milky Way in the sky with naked eyes. With the help of this app, we can find areas near us that have less light pollution in order to view the Milky Way.

  • Star Trails: Star trail is formed when we click photos in the same position and with the earth rotation, the position of the stars changed. So in order to see the movement of the stars we have to click multiple photos which we need to be layered for this we have to use Photoshop which is a very hard task. So with the help of Star Trails, we can layer all the photos within our phone in just a few minutes in order to make a star trail photo.

  • Intervalometer: Big DSLRs have modes for continuous photo clicking, but this is not possible on our phones. For this, we need an app Intervalometer that can easily solve our problem. This app lets us automate camera shutter triggering and can also set the time between the shots and also the number of shots to be clicked. It is also a Paid app.

  • Adobe Lightroom: After getting the layered image from the star trail app has no many details and is also dull. So in order to enhance the overall image to make it outstanding, we need to use a photo editor app, ( In my case I use to have the Adobe Lightroom app ). This app lets us adjust noise reduction, exposure, enhance details, and many other things. This is the best app for photo enhancement.

In order to make it easy, all the app links are provided in the app names.

Now, Starts the tutorial Part.

  • The first step for capturing the star trails we have to find out the light pollution in your area using Dark Sky Map app. And we can find the Cluster of stars with the help of the Stellarium Mobile Sky Map app which lets us see what’s above in the sky using the gyroscope feature of the app.

star trail (7).png
star trail (8).png

  • After following the above step, we have to set the phone in the direction of stars. For this, we can use the tripod in order to get steady support. The most important is to set the ISO, White Balance according to the area conditions as ISO and white balance have to be set according to the light pollution of the area. Less light pollution higher the ISO. White Balance as you like. The shutter time has to set to maximum ( In my case the shutter time is 16s), and autofocus to manual focus infinity.

star trail (4).png

  • After done with all the camera settings, we have to set the Intervalometer. We have to keep in mind that we have to set the intervalometer interval time according to the shutter time of the phone camera and also set how many photos you want the camera to be clicked. After doing all the settings we have to click on the start button and the app will automatically click on the shutter button each time after the set interval.

star trail (11).png
star trail (5).png

  • After getting finished with clicking the long exposure photos ( in my case I clicked 54 photos ) we have to layer all the photos in order to create a star trail photo. For this Star Trails app comes in place. We just need to select all the photos in the app which we have clicked and the app will automatically layer all the photos in a few minutes and the final layered photo after the process gets completed will get automatically saved on the phone storage.

star trail (12).png
star trail (1).gif

  • The final photo which we get from the Star Trails app will be fine but due to high light pollution in the area, the photo will sometimes have noise and fewer details. So to enhance the photo Adobe Lightroom comes into place. Adobe lightroom lets you enhance the details of the photo to make it look amazing. You can edit your image according to your preference.

star trail (13).png
star trail (10).png

If you followed all the above steps completely and after some practice, you can become an expert in Astrophotography.

star trail (1).png

Image Credit: All the images shown here in this article are photos and screenshots taken on my device but all the rights are reserved for Google Play Store & their original creators.

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