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Call Recording unavailability FAQ nikka2 4 dayBefore 229 mkchd 4 hBefore
Oppo Reno battery issues after last ota update attach_img FAQ NickName0149193 5 dayBefore 591 NickName0149346 Yesterday 22:54
poor sound quality in bluetooth headset WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC NickName0149254 The day before yesterday 16:47 535 NickName0149254 Yesterday 21:23
Android 10 update for oppo f15 FAQ NickName0149262 3 dayBefore 355 Rehan06541762 Yesterday 21:06
Close button is not visible in notice but when tap it work in app market attach_img App Market Sharadpandey Yesterday 06:09 419 coolronak28 Yesterday 20:58
New features in Game Space Apk attach_img Reno 10x Freaknguy Yesterday 15:11 24 RajeevKumar Yesterday 15:35
Call Recording issue Reno 10x Shaurya16 3 dayBefore 863 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 10:31
colorOS7 android oppo reno 2 para España FAQ NickName0149083 Yesterday 01:54 116 acddron Yesterday 09:31
Battery draining issue F11 Series manikanta056718 The day before yesterday 16:50 320 manikanta056718 Yesterday 09:22
downgrade my coloros Software Updates nody293 The day before yesterday 07:51 216 nody293 Yesterday 07:56
Recent tasks manager Optimization doesnot hide quickly F11 Series _CRAZY_boy_ The day before yesterday 09:16 523 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 21:08
Camera mode Pro screen pixel error K Series Green_Castle 3 dayBefore 633 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 20:47
SOS information shortcut required on lockscreen. attach_img Other rJdon 3 dayBefore 320 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 17:11
Please provide Camera & Mic usage Indicators attach_img F11 Series Shreyansvj The day before yesterday 06:58 341 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 14:39
Oppo Reno2 Z unable to connect with Android Auto on car stereo head unit Reno2/2Z/2F portlester The day before yesterday 11:40 15 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 14:04
Live Caption to subtitle audio and videos in system attach_img Other rJdon The day before yesterday 09:27 311 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 11:49
Include Data transfer speed in Oppo Share attach_img Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 3 dayBefore 448 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 11:35
OPPO A52 NO JUNE SECURITY PATCH UPDATE attach_img FAQ ashi369 4 dayBefore 456 ashi369 The day before yesterday 09:45
Fingerprint sensor not working FAQ haydar8172 3 dayBefore 217 mr_dannii The day before yesterday 03:24
Wifi calling option is missing F9 Series Shaurya16 4 dayBefore 323 Shaurya16 3 dayBefore
Weird sound is coming during gaming through speaker Reno Shaurya16 3 dayBefore 939 Shaurya16 3 dayBefore
Optimized Charging feature Battery SirTAVARES 3 dayBefore 427 SirTAVARES 3 dayBefore
Android 7.0+ upgrade FAQ nurhaiul 3 dayBefore 332 NickName0149278 3 dayBefore
Oppo Share tile in control centre INACTIVE Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 4 dayBefore 445 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Touch feedback urgently needs a fix Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 6 dayBefore 884 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Chromecast Media Volume Control lacks a symbol Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 4 dayBefore 438 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Beautify video calls attach_img FAQ NickName0149235 4 dayBefore 221 NickName0149235 3 dayBefore
No settingto turn on smart assistant found on Oppo A92 Smart Assistant NickName0149259 3 dayBefore 446 NickName0149259 3 dayBefore
Screen recording problem Screenshot/Screen Recording Sj97 5 dayBefore 561 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Provide option for Multiple app icon movement at desktop Desktop rJdon 4 dayBefore 338 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Battery Drain fast even the phone is not in use on Oppo A92 Battery NickName0149259 3 dayBefore 129 RajeevKumar 3 dayBefore
Question FAQ OpskyRed 5 dayBefore 232 NickName0149235 4 dayBefore
Fingerprint cannot works properly in oppo f9 pro CPH1823EX_11_F.10 after colo... attach_img heatlevel  ...23456 F9 Series rajantiwarii 6 dayBefore 54126 Nibinns1997 4 dayBefore
SMS from VIP contact required on full screen with various response features attach_img Messages rJdon 5 dayBefore 450 Rex-ColorOS 4 dayBefore
Feature of disable trackers/loggers with different concept Software Laboratory rJdon 5 dayBefore 336 Rex-ColorOS 4 dayBefore
Need Image editor effect (Sky type change) attach_img Camera Effects rJdon 5 dayBefore 350 Rex-ColorOS 4 dayBefore
Fingerprint and face unlock stops working after 2 or 3 times.  ...2 Fingerprint/Face & Passcode rajantiwarii 6 dayBefore 1759 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
Notification required for use of camera/storage/location by any app attach_img Status Bar rJdon 7 dayBefore 536 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Need direct linking of Other security features on setting page attach_img Other rJdon 5 dayBefore 338 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Provide option to Minimize Picture-in-Picture Windows screen attach_img Other rJdon 5 dayBefore 334 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Quick Access to PIP videos from Smart Sidebar and game assistant Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 7 dayBefore 9124 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
Whatsapp calling in floating window needs a fix Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 7 dayBefore 562 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
Oppo Enco m31 doesnt support LDAC codec on latest version(6.0.1) of k1 phone attach_img K Series avid_qtaqtx 4 dayBefore 439 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Jio Call app not detecting JioFi device Reno 10x rahulkr 5 dayBefore 334 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
Automation required with smart assistant setting attach_img Smart Assistant rJdon 5 dayBefore 345 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
Color OS with oppo enco m31, not a great deal!! attach_img FAQ avid_qtaqtx 5 dayBefore 328 avid_qtaqtx 4 dayBefore
4g icon attach_img FAQ NickName0149225 4 dayBefore 232 NickName0149225 4 dayBefore
4G ICON 4G ICON 4G ICON 4G ICON 4G ICON FAQ NickName0149225 4 dayBefore 116 Vishal_Verma 4 dayBefore
Fingerprint issue FAQ Roman9198 5 dayBefore 323 Roman9198 4 dayBefore
Multiple touch in my screen F9 Series NickName0147407 7 dayBefore 650 Reni 5 dayBefore
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