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「ColorOS News」New batch of A5 & A9 2020 ColorOS 7+Android 10 Trial Version attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..43 Release note ColorOSAdmin 5 dayBefore 42321026 NickName0148076 20 minBefore
[ColorOS Notice] Third batch of F9/F9 Pro ColorOS 7+Android 10 Trial Version attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..28 Release note Ada-ColorOS 3 dayBefore 27723778 Faridali112 HalfhBefore
「ColorOS News」K3 ColorOS 7+Android 10 Official Version Notice attach_img Release note ColorOSAdmin Yesterday 15:48 4145 rajkalot HalfhBefore
Unable to record video recordings' sound properly Other ShanSDS6 7 dayBefore 723 ShanSDS6 Yesterday 23:33
Camera video record frame drops Other ShanSDS6 7 dayBefore 723 ShanSDS6 Yesterday 23:29
Battery Drain Very Fast After Update Color os 7 in oppo f11 pro attach_img Battery JAGDEESHSHARMa1 4 dayBefore 875 Reni Yesterday 23:17
Permissions notifications Badge attach_img Status Bar varunraghu Yesterday 21:56 317 RajeevKumar Yesterday 22:59
Smart option View card Settings varunraghu Yesterday 22:07 314 Reni Yesterday 22:56
「ColorOS News」Reno 2F ColorOS 7+Android 10 Official Version Notice attach_img Release note ColorOSAdmin Yesterday 15:47 4103 NickName0145652 Yesterday 22:54
Eye comfort section string issue F11 Series Shreyansvj 3 dayBefore 517 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 20:20
Game Icon wont update in Game Space attach_img Game Space MdRusaiq 3 dayBefore 522 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 20:20
Dont show the downloaded themes in List attach_img Theme Store MdRusaiq The day before yesterday 17:21 414 coolronak28 Yesterday 20:11
Toast content not shown fully in Browser app attach_img Browser MdRusaiq The day before yesterday 13:42 518 coolronak28 Yesterday 20:10
Trim Microphone/System Audio recording in Soloop attach_img Soloop Sreejith The day before yesterday 12:40 511 coolronak28 Yesterday 19:53
Hotspot & Tethering Settings simplification attach_img WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC rJdon The day before yesterday 18:14 38 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 19:44
Contact merge setting to include in main window of contact app attach_img Contacts rJdon The day before yesterday 17:09 310 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 19:42
Google contact deletion access Contacts rJdon The day before yesterday 14:02 37 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 19:30
[Result: ColorOStay Home] Create your special Wallpaper at Home on Covid-19 attach_img Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS Yesterday 11:20 2892 SAIPAVAN Yesterday 17:51
Dark mode compatibility in third party apps issue Reno2/2Z/2F SujithSudhakara Yesterday 16:59 24 SujithSudhakara Yesterday 17:15
[ColorOS Survey] Home Screen Customization Experience attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..9 Topic Abhi-ColorOS 5 dayBefore 8512103 NickName0146594 Yesterday 16:37
[ColorOS Event] Celebrate this Ramadan with us: Participate and Win Big Rewards! attach_img  ...2 Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS 4 dayBefore 113848 Gullu123Balti Yesterday 15:17
Battery slow charge and battery drain very fast Battery JAGDEESHSHARMa1 6 dayBefore 526 JAGDEESHSHARMa1 Yesterday 13:19
Custom Ringtone Improvement attach_img Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith The day before yesterday 18:45 39 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 07:18
Notification received then notification Animation show in always on display attachment Always On Display Sharadpandey The day before yesterday 22:09 314 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 07:16
Unable to capture screenshot in private safe while making a photo public Private Safe Hrithik00373529 The day before yesterday 21:28 310 Reni The day before yesterday 21:56
[ColorOS Event] Rayakan Ramadhan bersama kami! Ikuti dan Menangkan Hadiah nya attach_img heatlevel  ...234 Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS 7 dayBefore 3310581 wasinttt The day before yesterday 19:09
There is no smoothness during video recording Videos FABEEN 4 dayBefore 730 Reni The day before yesterday 17:37
Shortcut of predefined actions with custom image option attach_img Settings rJdon The day before yesterday 16:48 39 Reni The day before yesterday 16:57
Facebook in-broswer menu glitch in dark mode Reno2/2Z/2F iHeymanth 4 dayBefore 622 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 14:51
CAMARA Camera Bakul1208 The day before yesterday 14:01 38 Reni The day before yesterday 14:14
Not able to delete contacts Contacts rJdon 4 dayBefore 313 Reni The day before yesterday 14:09
Incomplete string in Kids Space dialog boxto Kids Space Hrithik00373529 The day before yesterday 11:57 312 Reni The day before yesterday 12:13
Fingerprint reader problem F7 Series NR5 5 dayBefore 631 NR5 The day before yesterday 08:40
Showing data for everyday Settings Adityanmt 6 dayBefore 421 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 00:10
OppoF1s FAQ NickName0148013 3 dayBefore 125 NickName0139097 3 dayBefore
Daily Data use not showing in status bar Status Bar Jaspreet 4 dayBefore 411 Jaspreet 3 dayBefore
Incomplete string in Wi-Fi Assistant dialog box attach_img WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC Hrithik00373529 4 dayBefore 620 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Failed to download the new system version CPH1803EX_11_A_27 FAQ NickName0147898 7 dayBefore 225 DanialAcai 3 dayBefore
F11 and F9 and F7 to update Android 10 attach_img Skills Professional 6 dayBefore 5219 ESelwynSamuel 3 dayBefore
WHEN WILL THE OPPO A5 2020 (CPH1933) trial version gonna start attach_img FAQ DariusNexus56 4 dayBefore 399 jocomnhddvk 3 dayBefore
[Contest T&Cs] Celebrate this Ramadan with us! Be creative and Win a Reward Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS 7 dayBefore 3147 NickName0145210 3 dayBefore
The custom ringtone/notification picker F11 Series Thatan0s 4 dayBefore 316 Reni 4 dayBefore
wantImprove version OPPO A3S Photo Club guteevk 6 dayBefore 147 padeyrock89 4 dayBefore
Please Change string charge to battery charged in lock screen Lock Screen Sharadpandey 5 dayBefore 311 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Screen taps should not be included in screen shot Screenshot/Screen Recording varunraghu 5 dayBefore 314 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Showing next alarm in pull down attach_img Notice Bar/Control Center varunraghu 5 dayBefore 419 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Showing meetings details in AOD Always On Display varunraghu 5 dayBefore 312 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Floating App Issue While Opening Calculator Find X AnujNaik 5 dayBefore 318 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Screenrecord Video Delay in Audio and Video Screenshot/Screen Recording MdRusaiq 4 dayBefore 315 ColorOS-Alex 4 dayBefore
Lock screen magazine section toggle switch issue F11 Series Shreyansvj 5 dayBefore 432 Shreyansvj 4 dayBefore
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