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B-Module Pin-Green [ColorOS Affection] LOVE from ColorOS attach_img  ...2 Skills GowthamMadeswar The day before yesterday 19:45 18445 OPPO01345412579 25 minBefore
[ColorOS News] R17/R17 Pro ColorOS 7+Android 10 Trial Version Notice attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..9 Release note ColorOS Yesterday 09:41 826287 1998hrc 1 hBefore
ColorOS weekly News Vol.4 attach_img  ...2 Skills Gyd 3 dayBefore 154486 mohdachi Yesterday 23:11
plz update oppo f11 pro beta version to coloros 7 FAQ Fajardo21 The day before yesterday 00:53 230 NickName3773941 Yesterday 22:23
[Valentine~with~COLOROS] attach_img Photo Club Rajpreet Yesterday 15:35 360 kushwah Yesterday 22:02
B-Module Pin-Green 「ColorOS Photo Story」January Photography collection attach_img  ...234 Photo Club Gyd 4 dayBefore 326919 OPPO00302516648 Yesterday 20:15
add an option to add apps in payment protection Reno2/2Z/2F Navakanth 3 dayBefore 624 Reni Yesterday 18:53
ColorOS 6.0 update for Oppo A3s. attach_img Life Style ShkZaibi123 6 dayBefore 7198 GaiHuyy Yesterday 18:42
Auto brightness is not working properly. Reno 10x Damu888 The day before yesterday 09:56 336 Reni Yesterday 18:16
Night mode Camera ShanSDS6 4 dayBefore 530 Reni Yesterday 18:08
Return / back button not available Settings rJdon Yesterday 14:23 311 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 17:23
Not able to ON developer options. Settings Unigalactix Yesterday 08:17 328 U211507564 Yesterday 17:21
Print option in every file viewer Photos varunraghu 3 dayBefore 416 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 16:42
Camera effect request Camera Effects CHIKKUZAAN Yesterday 13:39 410 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 16:40
Required photos recently deleted on/off option F11 Series Smart_boy 3 dayBefore 429 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 15:56
Bad Battery Backup. Battery Prince_j 6 dayBefore 856 Prince_j Yesterday 15:46
Pls change Call regarding file format F11 Series Smart_boy 3 dayBefore 535 Smart_boy Yesterday 15:32
Issue with meghdoot F11 Series kushwah 5 dayBefore 544 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 15:08
The timer sound is cracked Reno 10x Ms_gadget 5 dayBefore 433 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 14:39
[ColorOS Affection] Why I Choice Color OS attach_img Life Style PRABHAS-P 6 dayBefore 8195 PRABHAS-P Yesterday 13:21
OPPO Reno3 Pro | Double the fun. Double the excitement. Double the clarity heatlevel  ...23456 Topic AbhishekG 7 dayBefore 5012809 KMalhotra Yesterday 12:26
Game Space Issues F7 Series SAIPAVAN 3 dayBefore 956 SAIPAVAN The day before yesterday 22:47
Unboxing Amazing Valentine Day Gift from ColorOS attach_img Life Style PRABHAS-P The day before yesterday 18:52 861 PRABHAS-P The day before yesterday 22:24
app lock to work when device not lock unlock Other rJdon 3 dayBefore 311 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 21:59
Oppo Reno 10X Zoom, Version CPH1919EX_C.06. Hanging, Freezing and Reboot Arrow Crash/Restart Rajeevanbhai The day before yesterday 17:58 311 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 21:54
Phone Screen Does not Respond. Laggy Rajeevanbhai The day before yesterday 18:15 414 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 21:53
[Coloros Contest] Love to Coloros attach_img Life Style Shaurya16 4 dayBefore 597 GowthamMadeswar The day before yesterday 21:30
Screen off Gestures Draw a O to open camera on lock screen is not working. Reno 10x Damu888 The day before yesterday 10:22 416 Damu888 The day before yesterday 19:12
Icons in the notification bar rendering ! Status Bar varunraghu 5 dayBefore 428 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 19:00
Dark mode issue with PhonePe Other IAmUmang 5 dayBefore 322 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 18:59
Google Drive app is not supported Other varunraghu 5 dayBefore 414 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 18:57
Google keyboard issue attach_img Input Method Ranganathan 5 dayBefore 729 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 18:55
Camera issue in WhatsApp floating window attach_img Other Zilong 6 dayBefore 327 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 18:54
Share app icons in alphabetical order Settings varunraghu 5 dayBefore 823 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 18:35
Notification is hidden on back of other notification on expansion Reno 10x Ms_gadget 3 dayBefore 212 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 18:33
No update coloros 7 not showing attach_img OPPO Member Fajardo21 6 dayBefore 867 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 18:16
oppo ax7 attach_img Photo Club canfeda06 4 dayBefore 257 kushwah The day before yesterday 16:32
Log generator crashed & not working Animation iamkrisanu 3 dayBefore 321 iamkrisanu The day before yesterday 14:33
When will be the oppo a3s have colorOs 6%F0%9F%98%A9 FAQ Icia1929 5 dayBefore 384 Arthx_89 The day before yesterday 13:55
My Reno hang and restart issue Topic Sathyam797 6 dayBefore 559 Sathyam797 The day before yesterday 12:24
There is no bokeh option on portrait op6 Reno2/2Z/2F Navakanth 3 dayBefore 319 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 12:18
In OPPO browser account name's font and background are white in gmail Browser Inception 3 dayBefore 428 Inception The day before yesterday 12:09
Things I Love About ColorOS 6 attach_img Skills Bhavesh_Parmar The day before yesterday 10:56 470 GowthamMadeswar The day before yesterday 11:48
B-Module Pin-Green 「App Showcase」 Via - Simple & Powerful Browser attach_img Skills Bhavesh_Parmar 4 dayBefore 6333 NickName0144716 The day before yesterday 11:38
Phone storage sort function issue F11 Series Shreyansvj 3 dayBefore 326 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 09:29
Fingerprint Sensor failed to recognize Fingerprint/Face & Passcode Inception 4 dayBefore 432 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 09:01
No multi user option Reno2/2Z/2F Sahas67 4 dayBefore 428 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 08:53
[Love Towards] ColorOS attach_img Life Style Harshit2004 6 dayBefore 5103 Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 02:38
system dark mode doesn't apply to WhatsApp F11 Series Smart_boy 3 dayBefore 531 Reni The day before yesterday 00:01
Network issue due to the update not by the Operator Dual SIM & Cellular RajaRPS 3 dayBefore 27 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
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