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【ColorOS Activity】OPPO Reno Beta Version Appreciation Letter heatlevel  ...23456..19 Activity Plaza ColorOS 7 dayBefore 18521555 NickName3896977 4 minBefore
[Reno4 Highlight] How does ColorOS 7.2 get your life easier and faster Skills Ada-ColorOS Yesterday 20:18 5525 Shreyansvj 17 minBefore
Failed to show the app display in the recent apps attach_img Other Navakanth The day before yesterday 09:45 431 Rex-ColorOS HalfhBefore
When tapping in notification it's not redirecting to the app attach_img Other Navakanth The day before yesterday 09:39 429 Rex-ColorOS HalfhBefore
Keyboard screen is not appearing when tapping on text screen attach_img Other Navakanth The day before yesterday 09:27 637 Rex-ColorOS HalfhBefore
Updated name not reflecting after contact updating from WhatsApp attach_img Contacts Asucl 6 dayBefore 557 用户01403496062 HalfhBefore
HeyTap Tab not showing Name in Recent Tabs attach_img O-Cloud Sreejith 3 dayBefore 631 Rex-ColorOS 1 hBefore
Opera notification is negative in dark mode attach_img Other Zilong 5 dayBefore 845 Rex-ColorOS 1 hBefore
HD Video Player 2020 not playing videos attach_img Other Sreejith 6 dayBefore 653 Rex-ColorOS 1 hBefore
[Results] ColorOS Mid-Year FAN Events !!  ...23 Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS 4 dayBefore 258713 Pratushu 1 hBefore
Indian HD Video Player Crashing attach_img App Market Sreejith 6 dayBefore 645 Rex-ColorOS 1 hBefore
App Info Setting Page in Malayalam has Spelling Mistake Settings Sreejith 3 dayBefore 326 豪大大 1 hBefore
Thanks OPPO attach_img agree Photo Club Praveen297 3 dayBefore 2147 NickName0148920 2 hBefore
Dark Mode not highlight in settings enter from search result Settings AnujNaik The day before yesterday 18:04 451 Nibinns1997 2 hBefore
default print service not highlight in settings enter from search result Settings AnujNaik Yesterday 12:37 336 Nibinns1997 2 hBefore
Irrelevant result for searching black in search Settings. Settings Shreyansvj The day before yesterday 15:15 330 豪大大 2 hBefore
irrelevant results showing for Bluetooth search in setting Settings AnujNaik The day before yesterday 17:14 329 豪大大 2 hBefore
App management icon missing inside phone manager. attach_img Reno 10x bhavik4it The day before yesterday 20:00 311 bhavik4it 3 hBefore
Not working volte option attach_img FAQ NickName0150647 Yesterday 19:26 317 Shaurya16 10 hBefore
Exchange problem attach_img  ...2 Other Sujay_62 6 dayBefore 1141 Sujay_62 Yesterday 21:34
plus messenger app get crashed chat header and time are showing the same lines Crash/Restart Navakanth 4 dayBefore 455 Navakanth Yesterday 20:37
turning off Super power saving glitches the system Battery UmangM The day before yesterday 12:42 321 Reni Yesterday 20:04
Battery usage issue Reno 10x ShanSDS6 Yesterday 01:20 514 Reni Yesterday 19:59
Step Tracker data not changing when walking. Reno NithinNs The day before yesterday 14:56 327 Reni Yesterday 19:50
Dark mode unstable Other NickName0146038 3 dayBefore 331 Reni Yesterday 19:37
Zomato App White Status Bar Issue attach_img Status Bar Preethampms 6 dayBefore 641 Reni Yesterday 19:08
「ColorOS Fantasy」 My Experience With The Kid Space Feature attach_img Skills BhaveshP Yesterday 11:51 147 Prabhas- Yesterday 17:54
when enter to personal hotspot setting keyboard open by default Settings AnujNaik The day before yesterday 22:39 330 RajeevKumar Yesterday 17:52
Double tap to Screen lock on lockscreen not working Lock Screen iHeymanth 5 dayBefore 434 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 16:52
Fm radio channel list no elastic animation effect Other UmangM 4 dayBefore 436 李小梅测试专用 Yesterday 14:08
Wrong name written for riding mode in recent task Recent Tasks Sharadpandey 6 dayBefore 433 Sharadpandey Yesterday 13:59
Smart driving mention with name in recent task Recent Tasks Sharadpandey 6 dayBefore 647 Sharadpandey Yesterday 13:55
No space between text and storage data in Phone Manager attach_img Phone Manager Sreejith Yesterday 08:58 325 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 13:40
Smart assistant Settings search keyword consideration issue Smart Assistant Shreyansvj 7 dayBefore 357 Chester10 Yesterday 12:15
app management icon missing inside phone manager. Find Series bhavik4it The day before yesterday 18:06 427 bhavik4it Yesterday 10:52
Exchange problem Other Sujay_62 3 dayBefore 330 Sujay_62 Yesterday 08:38
Cast not working , It works with google home but not working with MI TV Reno 10x bhavik4it 4 dayBefore 518 bhavik4it The day before yesterday 17:54
Long screenshot image preview turn into black screen in telegram chat Other AnujNaik 5 dayBefore 433 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 17:41
Flipkart dark mode issue Other iHeymanth 6 dayBefore 546 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 17:33
Pick riding mode from recent task then press back button direct to home page Recent Tasks Sharadpandey 6 dayBefore 439 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 13:16
Design issue Status Bar ShanSDS6 5 dayBefore 628 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 13:01
Unable to do conference call after updating today FAQ NickName0150349 7 dayBefore 221 Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 13:00
system update FAQ NickName0150385 6 dayBefore 247 Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 12:55
UPDATE A3S FAQ jaydeep97 The day before yesterday 10:53 128 Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 12:48
Screen recording bubble record mic sound toggle switch issue Screenshot/Screen Recording Shreyansvj 4 dayBefore 333 测试测试一下 The day before yesterday 12:10
5Ghz Wi-Fi show no internet and internet is working fine WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 329 用户01403496062 The day before yesterday 11:58
Screen recording cannot record sound in App Zoom Recorder G999 The day before yesterday 09:45 324 G999 The day before yesterday 10:56
Custom Ringtone Bug in Alarm Clock Sreejith 5 dayBefore 443 Sreejith The day before yesterday 09:37
Give trail version for Oppo A12 FAQ NickName0149809 3 dayBefore 332 NickName0149809 The day before yesterday 09:08
Gboard option in settings exit transition animation issue Settings Shreyansvj 6 dayBefore 337 豪大大 The day before yesterday 08:48
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