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Official Version Plan for ColorOS 7 + Android 10 in June/Japan & HK attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..25 Release note Ada-ColorOS 3 dayBefore 24322728 NickName0148239 11 minBefore
[ColorOS Notice] Fourth batch of F9/F9 Pro ColorOS 7+Android 10 Trial Version attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..11 Release note Ada-ColorOS Yesterday 08:05 1068030 Mastercedi17 17 minBefore
App is Crashing Other Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 13:39 518 Reni HalfhBefore
String error in App permissions attach_img Settings Gagangags19 1 hBefore 37 Reni HalfhBefore
[Result: ColorOStay Home] Create your special Wallpaper at Home on Covid-19 attach_img  ...2 Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS 7 dayBefore 156557 NickName0148245 1 hBefore
[ColorOS Notice] Trial Version Plan for ColorOS 7 + Android 10 in June attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..8 Release note Ada-ColorOS 3 dayBefore 7510232 shayan_052 1 hBefore
missing bokeh button in portrait mode F9 Series VineetSaini13 4 dayBefore 521 Reni 1 hBefore
Gradient color mode attach_img Other PeRsEuS Yesterday 21:28 310 Reni 1 hBefore
Smart analysis attach_img Smart Assistant PeRsEuS Yesterday 21:16 312 Reni 1 hBefore
Provide feature to set different ringtone to different contact Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:34 37 Reni 2 hBefore
Please change the colour of emergency to red in restart and power off menu Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:11 312 RajeevKumar 2 hBefore
Suggestion for some customizations in status bar clock Status Bar heetjani Yesterday 22:31 311 Reni 2 hBefore
Instant analysis of objects in image - Google lens attach_img Photos PeRsEuS Yesterday 20:54 38 Reni 2 hBefore
Text absorb feature attach_img Photos PeRsEuS Yesterday 20:40 39 Reni 2 hBefore
Failed to Load in transition Photos varunraghu Yesterday 19:54 310 Reni 2 hBefore
Instagram app: delayed Notifications attach_img Other PeRsEuS The day before yesterday 17:39 411 Reni Yesterday 23:59
S-All Module Pin-Red 「Result: Photography Challenge 3」Show your skill in Texture Photography attach_img digest Photo Club Sandy543 4 dayBefore 87449 salman240 Yesterday 22:45
Split info in app management Settings varunraghu Yesterday 19:03 313 RajeevKumar Yesterday 20:28
Volume in side bar Smart Sidebar varunraghu Yesterday 12:19 315 Reni Yesterday 20:22
Volume slider isn't showing up Other Gagangags19 Yesterday 14:08 312 Reni Yesterday 16:32
Option to customize watermarks on photo Photos Unigalactix Yesterday 14:53 310 Reni Yesterday 16:27
Customisable Options in "Shortcut Service" Other Unigalactix Yesterday 14:08 311 RajeevKumar Yesterday 16:25
Unused App cleaner attach_img Phone Manager Unigalactix Yesterday 13:59 415 Reni Yesterday 15:18
Weather info in AOD Always On Display Gagangags19 Yesterday 13:34 35 Reni Yesterday 14:26
Bluetooth earphones WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC ashwin6 4 dayBefore 939 ashwin6 Yesterday 14:03
System update FAQ Anupama06083676 The day before yesterday 07:27 318 Shaurya16 Yesterday 12:39
Notification bug Notice Bar/Control Center NR5 Yesterday 07:21 311 RajeevKumar Yesterday 11:29
Colour os updates wont get downloaded in F7 Software Laboratory NR5 4 dayBefore 322 Reni Yesterday 11:25
「ColorOS Photo Club」The Wave Of Happiness attach_img agree Photo Club Ritumaheshwari 7 dayBefore 7194 Prayitale Yesterday 10:55
「ColorOS Photostory」RAMADAN 2020 attach_img agree Photo Club Rajpreet The day before yesterday 19:37 259 Pradeep123 Yesterday 10:38
front and back camera quality low F7 Series Mosinsaifi 5 dayBefore 322 Mosinsaifi Yesterday 04:02
test FAQ NickName0148211 Yesterday 03:19 66 javascripaaa Yesterday 03:46
The app market auto updates app when disabled App Market PeRsEuS The day before yesterday 16:44 413 Reni The day before yesterday 17:34
Issue in file manager. Reno2/2Z/2F NamanSinghal 4 dayBefore 319 Reni The day before yesterday 10:19
「ColorOS News」K3 ColorOS 7+Android 10 Official Version Notice attach_img Release note ColorOSAdmin 7 dayBefore 6376 NickName0148179 The day before yesterday 00:35
Music party divider below title UI issue Other IAmUmang 3 dayBefore 311 Reni 3 dayBefore
Please add night sight mode and slow motion video recording on camera app. Camera Effects StarKou_007 4 dayBefore 317 Reni 3 dayBefore
Weather Adaptive Charging integration on Smart Assistant Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith 4 dayBefore 446 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Not able yo download my app Other Hrithik00373529 5 dayBefore 318 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Wallpaper's New section shows Themes instead attach_img Theme Store IAmUmang 3 dayBefore 418 coolronak28 3 dayBefore
Icons are coming white in mx player in dark mode attach_img Other GauravDhiman 3 dayBefore 310 RajeevKumar 3 dayBefore
Language level coming white in speaky app in dark mode attach_img Other GauravDhiman 3 dayBefore 38 Reni 3 dayBefore
My mobile not update Software Updates 88mohsin 4 dayBefore 622 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
Stop Accidental Screenshots attach_img Screenshot/Screen Recording Adityanmt 4 dayBefore 322 Reni 3 dayBefore
WiFi speed isn't visible on status bar when charging. Status Bar ALLU_NAG 4 dayBefore 424 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Music stories for Instagram/Facebook feeds Music Sreejith 4 dayBefore 420 Nibinns1997 4 dayBefore
Hyperlapse in TimeLapse Camera Effects Adityanmt 4 dayBefore 312 Rex-ColorOS 4 dayBefore
Currently google meet app not support dark mode please provide dark mode for it Other GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 322 GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore
Degraded camera photo quality in COS7 Reno 10x Rafshad 7 dayBefore 528 Rafshad 4 dayBefore
Night tripod mode not working from 5x zoom to 10x zoom Reno 10x ShanSDS6 5 dayBefore 424 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
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