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[ColorOS Contest] Color of Summer 2020 attach_img  ...23 Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS 6 hBefore 241048 SBChaudhari HalfhBefore
「ColorOS Notice」Official Version Plan for ColorOS 7+Android 10 in July attach_img heatlevel  ...23456..18 Release note ColorOSAdmin The day before yesterday 18:12 17516287 NickName0149126 11 minBefore
Notification icon visibility issue. Other NithinNs 5 hBefore 213 NithinNs 2 hBefore
Contacts added in phone are not synchronising on Gmail Contacts Oppousersam 11 hBefore 320 Nibinns1997 5 hBefore
Need Followup/reminder feature for SMS attach_img Messages rJdon Yesterday 22:11 321 Rex-ColorOS 6 hBefore
More convenient options in DND Settings varunraghu The day before yesterday 15:42 534 ColorOS-Pulkit 10 hBefore
Provide a voice command feature in alarm Other GauravDhiman The day before yesterday 20:17 528 ColorOS-Pulkit 10 hBefore
Provide screen flash option in flash torch feature Flashlight GauravDhiman The day before yesterday 22:26 726 ColorOS-Pulkit 11 hBefore
Not making tones for click on clock Clock varunraghu The day before yesterday 22:34 626 ColorOS-Pulkit 11 hBefore
Recent App White Border Issue Reno 10x YashParmar Yesterday 20:19 321 ColorOS-Pulkit 11 hBefore
「ColorOS Photo Story」 Retrospect on Indian Coins attach_img Photo Club BhaveshP Yesterday 10:08 234 pralayjana Yesterday 23:41
Add fingerprint option display flash Fingerprint/Face & Passcode varunraghu The day before yesterday 22:38 311 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 22:11
Status bar color matching issue. Other NithinNs Yesterday 10:32 326 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 22:08
Bluetooth notification issue - oppo enco m31 Reno 10x AVID-CS 5 dayBefore 637 AVID-CS Yesterday 21:14
Dark mode problem in Facebook. Reno 10x Damu888 3 dayBefore 543 Damu888 Yesterday 19:50
Camera abnormal working attach_img FAQ Srinivasprasad5 Yesterday 18:24 110 lyn06572261 Yesterday 19:12
[ColorOS LifeStyle] Cookies: What is Cookie, It takes Unnecessary Space Life Style Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 22:47 132 Ms_117 Yesterday 18:19
Notification Panel Stuck Issue Reno 10x YashParmar The day before yesterday 22:24 222 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 17:29
Issue with browser point attach_img Browser kushwah The day before yesterday 21:14 510 coolronak28 Yesterday 17:14
Provide feature to edit posted before it got responded ColorOS Community GauravDhiman The day before yesterday 21:27 318 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 17:10
Provide full charged notification light attach_img Other GauravDhiman The day before yesterday 22:43 316 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 16:36
Missing Care Emoji on facebook because of OPPO Phone? attach_img Reno NickName0148940 6 dayBefore 328 RajeevKumar Yesterday 15:41
Eye comfort attach_img FAQ NickName0149044 3 dayBefore 231 NickName0149044 Yesterday 15:25
Contact List Disappears & Unable to Save a Contact attach_img Contacts HeyMicky 3 dayBefore 319 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 07:33
New Updates attach_img FAQ Darshitap The day before yesterday 20:54 317 NickName0149072 Yesterday 02:25
Software update FAQ Atif07431625 The day before yesterday 00:05 140 Shaurya16 The day before yesterday 22:54
Different ringtone notifications for notifications. Settings Adityanmt 6 dayBefore 527 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 20:22
Not filtering properly, to search for free themes only getting 6 of them Reno 10x AVID-CS 5 dayBefore 641 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 20:20
Need option of alarm when battery charging reached a set percentage attach_img Settings rJdon 3 dayBefore 744 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 20:16
Home screen settings not showing in recent task Reno 10x YashParmar 3 dayBefore 439 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 20:15
Whatsapp Camera Capture White Blank Preview Reno 10x YashParmar 3 dayBefore 518 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 20:13
Multiple options getting highlighted in darkmode settings Settings PeRsEuS 3 dayBefore 448 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 20:09
Need accessibility feature called Sound Recognition attach_img Other rJdon The day before yesterday 15:27 415 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 17:00
Bold fonts Settings varunraghu 3 dayBefore 428 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 16:13
Provide option to add caption on photos with native app attach_img Photos rJdon 3 dayBefore 526 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 15:30
「ColorOS Photo Story」Sunset from my house balcony view attach_img Photo Club tonychen 4 dayBefore 392 NickName0149042 3 dayBefore
Nav bar black on loading or positioning Weather PeRsEuS 3 dayBefore 439 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
System Call voicemail. Call Adityanmt 5 dayBefore 324 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Provide a WI-FI range counter in camera Camera Sharadpandey 6 dayBefore 326 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Provide option of Video recording in photo mode (QuickTake) attach_img Camera rJdon 3 dayBefore 321 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Whatsapp killed in background attach_img Battery Rafshad 3 dayBefore 519 Rafshad 3 dayBefore
No Color OS7 Update received for A9 2020 Software Updates NickName0148954 6 dayBefore 651 NickName0148954 3 dayBefore
Provide Default app opening option for photos attach_img Settings rJdon 3 dayBefore 329 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Scroll Bar Butten Aero Not Showing In Message App With Dark Mode Reno 10x YashParmar 4 dayBefore 238 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Haven't received an update for Coloros 7 on my device OPPO A9 2020 Software Updates Ksam74668 4 dayBefore 1054 RajeevKumar 3 dayBefore
「ColorOS Know-How」SERIES OF FONTS – INSTALLATION attach_img Skills HeenaV 6 dayBefore 273 HeenaV 4 dayBefore
Not Truncating Check in text App Market varunraghu 4 dayBefore 314 RajeevKumar 4 dayBefore
The space between numeric and alphabet is too in the clean storage details Reno 10x ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore 325 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
The language option in photo translate changes back once closed Reno 10x ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore 337 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
The dolby atmos setting for sound enhancement doesn't work Reno 10x ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore 225 ColorOS-Pulkit 4 dayBefore
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