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ColorOS Survey: Smart Media Experience attach_img heatlevel  ...2345 Topic Abhi-ColorOS 4 dayBefore 4812964 raghudk001 Yesterday 23:03
Making the background a solid color instead of transparent color Notice Bar/Control Center varunraghu 5 dayBefore 336 varunraghu Yesterday 22:20
Album covers are missing Music SJRJames 3 dayBefore 423 SJRJames Yesterday 22:00
Whatsapp business notification not able to remove Other rJdon Yesterday 11:54 424 rJdon Yesterday 21:29
Heytap manage issue attach_img O-Cloud ShanSDS6 Yesterday 12:26 518 ShanSDS6 Yesterday 20:20
Screen colour temperature not stable in dark mode Night Shield TinkuSathish 6 dayBefore 546 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 19:28
Screen Off Gesture in Super Power Saving Mode Battery Sreejith 3 dayBefore 426 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 19:27
Restart device in guest mode then after restart system open normal mode Other Sharadpandey 6 dayBefore 547 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 19:10
black screen appear when unlock phone for split screen Split-Screen AnujNaik 5 dayBefore 530 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 19:06
Whatsapp calls are not showing caller screen attach_img Other CHIKKUZAAN 5 dayBefore 960 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 18:42
Bullet notifications feature is missing in game space attach_img Game Space Sharadpandey 5 dayBefore 655 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 18:35
Navigation keys are becoming white in talk back setting Navigation Keys GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 467 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 18:34
Reno 3 pro ring volume issue attach_img  ...2 Other ShanSDS6 6 dayBefore 1360 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 18:27
Personal hotspot not stop for super power saving mode when enter Battery AnujNaik 4 dayBefore 551 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 18:22
Notification issue for app removed from super power saving mode. Battery Shreyansvj 4 dayBefore 337 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 18:15
Please provide feature to set alarm at particular date in Advance at particul... attach_img Clock GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 636 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 18:08
Emoji overlapping in Instagram direct message Other heetjani 7 dayBefore 755 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:31
Text Only Always On Display Improvement attach_img Always On Display Sreejith 4 dayBefore 418 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 17:31
Animation lag in Add more apps section attach_img Smart Assistant Gagangags19 4 dayBefore 429 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 16:51
Game space pannel issue attach_img Game Space ShanSDS6 3 dayBefore 940 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 16:50
First launch of SA is not smmoth attach_img Smart Assistant varunraghu 5 dayBefore 640 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 16:43
Oppo relax shows app info notification instead of play, pause and close Other Mhd_Shafi 3 dayBefore 323 ColorOS Yesterday 16:33
Keyboard Getting Stuck While Replying via Notification Notice Bar/Control Center Preethampms 3 dayBefore 427 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 14:10
System is laging during call Call GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 731 coolronak28 Yesterday 13:18
Instagram App is not popping up camera when instagram app is hidden. attach_img Camera Adityanmt 5 dayBefore 646 coolronak28 Yesterday 13:07
Edge detection issue Camera ShanSDS6 6 dayBefore 442 coolronak28 Yesterday 12:31
Reno 3 pro Over exposure issue Camera ShanSDS6 6 dayBefore 1036 coolronak28 Yesterday 12:29
Restart loop (Boot loop) A9 Series Karan_pratab 4 dayBefore 1057 Karan_pratab Yesterday 12:27
New Refreshing Photos view Photos varunraghu 7 dayBefore 436 coolronak28 Yesterday 12:21
TRAI My Speed App Having issue with split screen Split-Screen AnujNaik 7 dayBefore 433 ColorOS Yesterday 09:06
Photo viewing in Flipkart becamed very laggy after update attach_img Laggy GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 746 ColorOS Yesterday 09:03
I have a bug in photo gallery. Videos vinubhai0591575 4 dayBefore 331 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 07:38
Mobile is over heating and touch issue Other Sujay_62 3 dayBefore 643 Sujay_62 The day before yesterday 23:27
update for OPPO f1s attach_img FAQ sanjay05110292 6 dayBefore 4252 G08052297 The day before yesterday 22:32
Video using mobile data dialogue box issues attach_img Browser IAmUmang 5 dayBefore 548 IAmUmang The day before yesterday 22:11
Navigation bar text color not adaptable attach_img Status Bar varunraghu 5 dayBefore 548 Reni The day before yesterday 22:07
Whatsapp message reception getting delayed Notice Bar/Control Center Vishaldeepsingh The day before yesterday 19:03 415 RajeevKumar The day before yesterday 21:56
ColorOS Simple, Smooth, and Seamless Features attach_img Life Style Prabhas- 5 dayBefore 2124 NickName0150095 The day before yesterday 21:17
Screen colour temperature not stable Settings TinkuSathish 6 dayBefore 332 Reni The day before yesterday 21:06
PUBG Game Crashing attach_img Crash Preethampms 3 dayBefore 722 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 19:44
Rotation screen aspect ratio issue Other ShanSDS6 3 dayBefore 323 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 19:29
ColorOS Mail app links string error and not opening links of twitter attach_img Other Gagangags19 4 dayBefore 430 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 19:08
Copy paste issue Browser ShanSDS6 4 dayBefore 526 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 18:53
Opening animation in cloud service in more is too much light attach_img O-Cloud GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 322 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 18:32
Gujarati Calendar App Close or Crash and black screen appear Crash AnujNaik 5 dayBefore 434 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 18:09
Photo viewing in twitter lite is not smooth attach_img Laggy GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 328 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 18:06
INSTAGRAM CAMERA LAGGING (2) attach_img Other Unigalactix 5 dayBefore 633 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 18:03
Please update color OS 7 Reno2/2Z/2F Bejho 4 dayBefore 214 Bejho The day before yesterday 14:29
In dark mode olx ad notification coming in inverted colours attach_img Other GauravDhiman 5 dayBefore 754 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 10:09
App market qr scanner has black status bar attach_img App Market IAmUmang 5 dayBefore 352 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 10:08
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