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Smart driving mention with name in recent task Recent Tasks Sharadpandey Yesterday 21:55 19 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:53
String issue in trusted certificate card in setting Settings Sharadpandey Yesterday 21:54 14 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:23
Cancel button missing in name block in oppo I'd OPPO Member Sharadpandey Yesterday 21:54 14 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:15
Video symbol representation missing in delete folder in photos Photos Sharadpandey Yesterday 21:54 14 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:03
Camera problem Camera anubhavverma123 Yesterday 21:26 15 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 22:35
My oppo account change phone number access issue Settings Shreyansvj Yesterday 14:37 233 Shreyansvj Yesterday 22:18
Download dialog box has Unknown File path in Browser Browser UmangM Yesterday 14:15 218 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:25
download box keyboard doesn't activates in one tap Browser UmangM Yesterday 14:31 217 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:29
Issue with elements attach_img Other kushwah Yesterday 13:58 219 kushwah Yesterday 21:07
Heating Issue@2020-08-08_13-24-30-554 Battery Chaaosster121 Yesterday 13:56 111 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 15:30
Glitchy elastic animation effect in Photos app attach_img Photos IAmUmang Yesterday 10:15 420 coolronak28 Yesterday 15:57
App Encrypted attach_img Other Hashim04097423 Yesterday 10:27 524 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 13:33
need scroll bar in start of message navigation attach_img Messages rJdon Yesterday 10:06 313 coolronak28 Yesterday 15:56
Google voice typing option exit transition animation issue Settings Shreyansvj Yesterday 09:29 117 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 11:39
In smart assistant theme store text in other language Smart Assistant AnujNaik Yesterday 09:16 14 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 09:24
one plus 8 pro like screen issues on find x2 pro attach_img Other NickName0145262 3 dayBefore 437 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 09:10
WiFi calling network issue WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC Hashim04097423 The day before yesterday 10:34 440 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 09:08
Paytm app getting close attach_img Crash Hashim04097423 The day before yesterday 18:58 839 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 09:29
glitchy elastic animation in the Tops tab of Game center attach_img Game Center IAmUmang The day before yesterday 22:53 425 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 09:41
Game center settings has no elastic animation effect Game Center IAmUmang The day before yesterday 22:40 218 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 09:35
Goodies tab has no data in Game center app Game Center IAmUmang The day before yesterday 22:29 217 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 09:33
No arrow beside Gesture tutorial option Navigation Keys IAmUmang The day before yesterday 22:17 218 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 13:48
Amazon share for other apps names shows white attach_img Other Navakanth The day before yesterday 20:11 736 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 09:24
Add one tap call from the fav contacts Smart Assistant Navakanth The day before yesterday 22:09 114 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 22:58
App Market showing incorrect app update size App Market Sreejith The day before yesterday 19:24 219 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 09:17
Request to extend icon pull down gesture for folders Desktop Shreyansvj The day before yesterday 19:04 119 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 19:34
Toast message issue in pinned screen for smart sidebar Recent Tasks Shreyansvj The day before yesterday 18:34 218 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 15:30
please add volume slider for notification volume Find Series NickName0145262 The day before yesterday 12:01 115 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 14:01
Need bootloader unlock to explore possibilities. - Request for deep test apk Reno 10x bhavik41011 The day before yesterday 11:16 131 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 11:30
Whatsapp Conversation Shortcut Closing Bug in Split-screen Other Sreejith The day before yesterday 10:27 230 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 18:00
Provide a Smart notification hide feature in system Other Sharadpandey 3 dayBefore 324 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 15:58
Mobile is over heating and touch issue Other Sujay_62 7 dayBefore 970 Sujay_62 3 dayBefore
ManoramaMax App Screen Flashing in Landscape mode. Other Sreejith 3 dayBefore 227 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 17:41
Battery consumption high Battery ShanSDS6 3 dayBefore 432 Prabhas- 3 dayBefore
Kjj Software Updates sapik 3 dayBefore 118 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Scroll bar not visible in native message app upto a limit of scrolling attach_img Messages rJdon 5 dayBefore 347 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Notification bar quick icon turn into white while entering super power save mode Notice Bar/Control Center AnujNaik 4 dayBefore 231 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Restart loop (boot looping) attach_img A9 Series Karan_pratab 4 dayBefore 327 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
Auto rotate issue in super power saving mode. Battery Shreyansvj 4 dayBefore 535 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Other app like app market or games center suggestion for do task for earn points Browser Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 223 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Unable to view private message in community page in browser ColorOS Community Hashim04097423 4 dayBefore 126 Nibinns1997 3 dayBefore
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