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my coupons option is misaligned in game centre attach_img Game Center KP The day before yesterday 12:08 543 coolronak28 Yesterday 20:59
App does not stay live in background Recent Tasks NickName0149111 The day before yesterday 16:05 335 Reni Yesterday 16:28
Notification icon visibility issue. Other NithinNs The day before yesterday 18:17 459 NithinNs Yesterday 20:02
Malicious Apps in App Market App Market Sreejith Yesterday 16:04 233 coolronak28 Yesterday 20:59
Provide option for Unsend message ( attach_img Messages rJdon Yesterday 15:52 320 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 16:11
Quick Access to PIP videos from Smart Sidebar and game assistant Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith Yesterday 15:24 441 Nibinns1997 5 hBefore
microphone is not working while phone is on speaker Software Laboratory NickName0149139 Yesterday 12:49 119 Reni Yesterday 12:55
Notification required for use of camera/storage/location by any app attach_img Status Bar rJdon Yesterday 11:59 226 Reni Yesterday 12:12
GPU updater app for the Oppo phones using snapdragon 865 CPU Find Series SakuraFujima The day before yesterday 16:09 235 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 17:48
Oppo id Profile Picture Blinking issue Reno 10x YashParmar The day before yesterday 15:32 232 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 16:53
Fingerprint sensor is very very slow  ...2 F11 Series NickName0148866 24-6-2020 1182 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 11:28
Need Followup/reminder feature for SMS attach_img Messages rJdon 3 dayBefore 328 Rex-ColorOS The day before yesterday 17:17
Recent App White Border Issue Reno 10x YashParmar 3 dayBefore 326 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 11:33
OPPO F5 BETA ANDROID SECURITY PATCH Software Updates selrahcnauj 3 dayBefore 136 Reni 3 dayBefore
phone auto reboot when opening photos gallery F9 Series deruzym 3 dayBefore 122 Reni 3 dayBefore
I Want ColourOS 7 Update For Oppo k1 Software Updates NickName0149084 3 dayBefore 140 Reni 3 dayBefore
Change system language to Hindi then system log is not properly aligned Software Updates Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 219 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Save button is missing in personal dictionary setting Settings Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 223 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Provide a picture in picture mode in video call Call Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 225 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
after update,FAQS are not available in help and feedback in browser Browser Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 217 coolronak28 3 dayBefore
Provide a Multiple word select and delete option in personal dictionary Input Method Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 224 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
Provide a browser search all website result in single search in browser Browser Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 211 coolronak28 3 dayBefore
Provide a AR measurement option in camera Camera Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 225 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Provide a New released movie info based on IMDb in smart assistant Smart Assistant Sharadpandey 4 dayBefore 217 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Provide different styles for battery indicator Battery GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 213 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
Provide option of password while turning on oppo share or send any file throu... OPPO Share GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 222 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Issue with browser point attach_img Browser kushwah 4 dayBefore 512 coolronak28 3 dayBefore
Provide screen flash option in flash torch feature Flashlight GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 728 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 11:39
Smart Screen recording Screenshot/Screen Recording varunraghu 4 dayBefore 212 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
A9 2020 ColorOS 7 also not support Google arcore. Other ouadia 4 dayBefore 19 Reni 4 dayBefore
Bluetooth tethering Toggle switch issue WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC heetjani 4 dayBefore 212 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Add fingerprint option display flash Fingerprint/Face & Passcode varunraghu 4 dayBefore 312 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
Not making tones for click on clock Clock varunraghu 4 dayBefore 632 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 11:36
Notification Panel Stuck Issue Reno 10x YashParmar 4 dayBefore 222 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Auto categorisation of music Music PeRsEuS 4 dayBefore 225 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
Hey tap cloud add new feature O-Cloud kushwah 4 dayBefore 223 coolronak28 3 dayBefore
Provide feature of fake app crashing while opening any app Other GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 213 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
Provide feature of fake battery % Battery GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 217 ColorOS-Alex 3 dayBefore
Utilising multiple mics to improve call quality over headsets.... Call PeRsEuS 4 dayBefore 226 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
Provide feature to edit posted before it got responded ColorOS Community GauravDhiman 4 dayBefore 318 ColorOS-Pulkit 3 dayBefore
List of request for the Oppo Find X2/Pro Software Updates SakuraFujima 4 dayBefore 119 Reni 4 dayBefore
Images smudgy blinking on switch to edit Photos PeRsEuS 4 dayBefore 220 Rex-ColorOS 3 dayBefore
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