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Weather search result issue in Settings. Settings Shreyansvj 28 minBefore 00 Shreyansvj 28 minBefore
Video Cleaning Bug in Phone Manager Phone Manager Sreejith HalfhBefore 00 Sreejith HalfhBefore
Wide Angle in front camera Camera MickBlue HalfhBefore 00 MickBlue HalfhBefore
Status bar not visible in oppo service app OPPO Service Nibinns1997 1 hBefore 11 Nibinns1997 1 hBefore
Real Sound Technology in bluetooth devices Other Gewo 1 hBefore 18 Reni 7 minBefore
No space between text and storage data in Phone Manager attach_img Phone Manager Sreejith 1 hBefore 212 RajeevKumar 8 minBefore
Photo editor attach_img FAQ AHSAN0122554 2 hBefore 00 AHSAN0122554 2 hBefore
Missed call or message in normal mode but notification badge show in multi user Desktop Sharadpandey 3 hBefore 19 RajeevKumar 14 minBefore
Free fire lover kon hea ta comet se bolo attach_img Life Style NickName0150610 4 hBefore 112 AHSAN0122554 2 hBefore
Battery usage issue Reno 10x ShanSDS6 9 hBefore 39 ShanSDS6 HalfhBefore
19973700 Photo Club NickName0147950 9 hBefore 07 NickName0147950 9 hBefore
when enter to personal hotspot setting keyboard open by default Settings AnujNaik Yesterday 22:39 220 AnujNaik 1 hBefore
USB debugging notification then disable USB debugging from notification panel Notice Bar/Control Center Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:28 19 RajeevKumar 10 hBefore
Provide a backup sound for alarm Clock Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:27 110 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:36
app management icon missing inside phone manager. Find Series bhavik4it Yesterday 18:06 323 Nibinns1997 2 hBefore
Dark Mode not highlight in settings enter from search result Settings AnujNaik Yesterday 18:04 131 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 18:41
irrelevant results showing for Bluetooth search in setting Settings AnujNaik Yesterday 17:14 122 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 18:28
HD attach_img FAQ NickName0150443 Yesterday 16:08 013 NickName0150443 Yesterday 16:08
Zahoor Naseeb attach_img Life Style NickName0150584 Yesterday 15:59 015 NickName0150584 Yesterday 15:59
Zoom in portrait Reno3 Series MickBlue Yesterday 15:58 116 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 17:04
Zahoor Naseeb attach_img Photo Club NickName0150584 Yesterday 15:56 024 NickName0150584 Yesterday 15:56
Oppo a12 update Life Style taanz Yesterday 15:55 020 taanz Yesterday 15:55
Irrelevant result for searching black in search Settings. Settings Shreyansvj Yesterday 15:15 123 Reni Yesterday 16:18
Step Tracker data not changing when walking. Reno NithinNs Yesterday 14:56 221 NithinNs Yesterday 21:15
FM Radio Channel Frequency number not update instantly for slider movement Other AnujNaik Yesterday 14:46 116 Reni Yesterday 15:40
#Adenium attach_img Photo Club Be8813 Yesterday 14:39 050 Be8813 Yesterday 14:39
FM Radio Channel Sound not playing Other AnujNaik Yesterday 14:37 115 Reni Yesterday 16:17
A9 2020 take a video in Ultra Wide Photo Club NickName0150578 Yesterday 13:59 027 NickName0150578 Yesterday 13:59
Oppo A12 coloros 7 update in India? FAQ NickName0149809 Yesterday 13:56 124 Shaurya16 10 hBefore
turning off Super power saving glitches the system Battery UmangM Yesterday 12:42 115 Reni Yesterday 13:38
Oppo browser help & feedback page exit animation issue Browser Shreyansvj Yesterday 12:19 224 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:40
UPDATE A3S FAQ jaydeep97 Yesterday 10:53 121 Shaurya16 Yesterday 12:48
Failed to show the app display in the recent apps attach_img Laggy Navakanth Yesterday 09:45 225 Navakanth Yesterday 10:25
Screen recording cannot record sound in App Zoom Recorder G999 Yesterday 09:45 318 G999 Yesterday 10:56
When tapping in notification it's not redirecting to the app attach_img Laggy Navakanth Yesterday 09:39 223 Navakanth Yesterday 12:19
Netflix app flashing when open from recent task Other Nibinns1997 Yesterday 09:29 216 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:36
Keyboard screen is not appearing when tapping on text screen attach_img Laggy Navakanth Yesterday 09:27 223 Navakanth Yesterday 10:24
Which oppo mobile is going to get updates in August? FAQ NickName0149809 Yesterday 09:12 015 NickName0149809 Yesterday 09:12
updated not working attach_img FAQ PritamKarar Yesterday 08:33 129 Shaurya16 Yesterday 12:50
Bug FAQ PRAVEENkumar46 Yesterday 08:18 19 Shaurya16 Yesterday 12:50
I am facing difficulty during Sliding down the notification Bar F9 Series ShaikAJ786 Yesterday 07:15 114 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 08:07
Press clean details then tick mark in category appear and disappear Phone Manager Sharadpandey Yesterday 06:40 213 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 11:55
Hisiakakk attach_img Photo Club NickName0150556 Yesterday 05:07 031 NickName0150556 Yesterday 05:07
Color Os7 FAQ KillerDark Yesterday 03:34 112 Shaurya16 Yesterday 03:51
Keyboard not disappearing after completing a search in oppo service app OPPO Service Nibinns1997 Yesterday 00:29 224 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:34
Provide a smart AI based screen rotation feature Other Sharadpandey Yesterday 00:03 212 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 11:57
Clean Storage FAQ Hemanth03557048 The day before yesterday 23:52 211 Shaurya16 Yesterday 03:52
oppo promise me to add google arcore to A9 2020. Other ouadia The day before yesterday 23:11 122 Nibinns1997 The day before yesterday 23:35
Thanks OPPO attach_img agree Photo Club Praveen297 The day before yesterday 22:15 179 Praveen297 7 hBefore
Exchange problem Other Sujay_62 The day before yesterday 22:08 320 Sujay_62 1 hBefore
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