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Accident Fell From Motorcycle attach_img Photo Club Nikidroid 11 minBefore 00 Nikidroid 11 minBefore
Lock screen cover permission issue Settings Gagangags19 1 hBefore 13 Reni 1 hBefore
「ColorOS Photo Club」MY JOURNEY AT DEVKUND attach_img Photo Club Anish__46 1 hBefore 00 Anish__46 1 hBefore
String error in App permissions attach_img Settings Gagangags19 1 hBefore 37 Reni 28 minBefore
Please provide option to go back to call from dialer Call GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:54 12 Reni Yesterday 23:58
Provide features to see call duration in status bar while call is minimised Call GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:47 14 Reni Yesterday 23:57
Frame drops in slow motion video recording. Videos Robby Yesterday 23:36 12 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:56
Provide feature to set different ringtone to different contact Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:34 37 Reni 1 hBefore
Suggestion about having app search history in drawer mode Desktop heetjani Yesterday 23:30 18 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:49
Provide option to adjust graphics for some game in game space Game Space GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:29 13 Reni Yesterday 23:43
「ColorOS Photo Club」Magical Macro World attach_img Photo Club anvish15 Yesterday 23:27 00 anvish15 Yesterday 23:27
Auto brightness issue Other Robby Yesterday 23:25 16 Reni Yesterday 23:42
Low volume issue Other Robby Yesterday 23:19 18 Reni Yesterday 23:40
Standard recording option in recoder is too big please reduce it size Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:18 14 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:36
Dual Mobile Data Use Dual SIM & Cellular Unigalactix Yesterday 23:17 15 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:33
Hi FAQ NickName0148244 Yesterday 23:12 00 NickName0148244 Yesterday 23:12
Please change the colour of emergency to red in restart and power off menu Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:11 312 RajeevKumar 1 hBefore
Mobile working slow FAQ NickName0148244 Yesterday 23:09 00 NickName0148244 Yesterday 23:09
Please convert closed toggle colour to red in dark mode Settings GauravDhiman Yesterday 23:06 13 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:30
Add shortcut to see media of wechat in file manager like whatsapp and messager File Manager GauravDhiman Yesterday 22:57 16 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:29
Dark mode transition fails to maintain the current position Settings varunraghu Yesterday 22:55 111 Reni Yesterday 23:28
Provide the option of them in home screen menu Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 22:51 15 Reni Yesterday 23:20
Provide a calculate angle option in calculator Calculator Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:48 14 Reni Yesterday 23:17
Quick enter option in calculator when long press calculator icon Calculator Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:48 15 Reni Yesterday 23:16
Assistive ball show in lock screen Assistive Ball Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:48 14 Reni Yesterday 23:16
Feature when we will enter wrong code 3 time then phone will automatically cl... Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 22:46 15 Reni Yesterday 23:15
tolong segera update Android 10 Reno2/2Z/2F Bejho Yesterday 22:42 18 Reni Yesterday 23:13
Provide option right swipe to delete screen shot instantly Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 22:39 19 Reni Yesterday 23:11
Filter games based on age in game centre Game Center Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:35 13 Reni Yesterday 23:03
Provide a Voice command option for calculator Calculator Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:34 16 Reni Yesterday 22:58
Make black screen mode more dark Other GauravDhiman Yesterday 22:34 18 Reni Yesterday 22:57
Suggestion for some customizations in status bar clock Status Bar heetjani Yesterday 22:31 311 Reni 1 hBefore
Grammatical mistake in Heytap Account OPPO Member IAmUmang Yesterday 22:30 13 Reni Yesterday 22:43
「ColorOS Know-How」CAPTURE THE UNSTABLE POSES attach_img Photo Club Faisaleqbal18 Yesterday 23:18 00 Faisaleqbal18 Yesterday 23:18
Loader is missing Battery varunraghu Yesterday 21:54 17 Reni Yesterday 22:38
Transition of status bar is missing File Manager varunraghu Yesterday 21:33 16 Reni Yesterday 22:27
After Updating Trial Version of Coloros 7 CPH1823EX_11_F.07 WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC OPPO00294489 Yesterday 21:32 110 Reni Yesterday 22:21
Gradient color mode attach_img Other PeRsEuS Yesterday 21:28 310 Reni 1 hBefore
「 ColorOS Expert Advice 」EXPERT THE INSTAGRAM HANDLING attach_img Photo Club Faisaleqbal18 Yesterday 21:57 00 Faisaleqbal18 Yesterday 21:57
Bluetooth not working after trial update WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC OPPO00294489 Yesterday 21:27 13 Reni Yesterday 22:19
Fix Device image without data access Other PrinceArjun Yesterday 21:26 11 Reni Yesterday 22:14
Widget/control tile for OPPO Relax App Other Unigalactix Yesterday 21:23 12 Reni Yesterday 22:05
「ColorOS Know How」Uses of Expert mode in Smartphone attach_img Life Style lazybilla Yesterday 21:19 00 lazybilla Yesterday 21:19
Block two taps File Manager varunraghu Yesterday 21:18 15 Reni Yesterday 21:55
Smart analysis attach_img Smart Assistant PeRsEuS Yesterday 21:16 312 Reni 1 hBefore
Bluetooth earphones bugs. It doesnt syncronize to the video attach_img FAQ NickName0148242 Yesterday 21:12 00 NickName0148242 Yesterday 21:12
Images are in half sized sometimes in notifications Other varunraghu Yesterday 21:11 15 Reni Yesterday 21:47
Split info in app management Settings varunraghu Yesterday 21:08 13 RajeevKumar Yesterday 21:45
Barcode/QRcode analysis Photos PeRsEuS Yesterday 21:04 14 RajeevKumar Yesterday 21:44
Option to Use stickers while recording. Camera Unigalactix Yesterday 21:00 15 RajeevKumar Yesterday 21:43
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