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Dedicated Live Wallpapers in Kids Space Kids Space Sreejith HalfhBefore 16 Reni 21 minBefore
Flash off in zoom Camera MickBlue 1 hBefore 14 Reni 1 hBefore
pause option in oppo share OPPO Share MickBlue 1 hBefore 11 Reni 1 hBefore
Slow motion vedio in front camera Videos MickBlue 1 hBefore 13 Reni 1 hBefore
Current signed in device tile flashing for a micro second in My oppo at settings Settings Nibinns1997 1 hBefore 11 Nibinns1997 1 hBefore
Hang on Photos Photos NickName0149696 2 hBefore 13 Reni 2 hBefore
tap on more help then multiple card appear OPPO Member Sharadpandey 4 hBefore 113 RajeevKumar 10 minBefore
About reno 2 f life attach_img Life Style Abhy_10 5 hBefore 00 Abhy_10 5 hBefore
OPPO RENO 2 ANDROID 10. dark mode FAQ NickName0142607 6 hBefore 00 NickName0142607 6 hBefore
my click Photo Club OPPO272673364 6 hBefore 00 OPPO272673364 6 hBefore
Can't clean up storage afert new 7/13 update attach_img FAQ NickName0148137 8 hBefore 014 NickName0148137 8 hBefore
Simultoneus usage of Mobile data and wifi attach_img FAQ romulisk 8 hBefore 027 romulisk 8 hBefore
VLC player music play bug on clearing from recents. Other Shreyansvj 9 hBefore 221 RajeevKumar 6 minBefore
Update colors os 7.2 FAQ Sonamar007 9 hBefore 014 Sonamar007 9 hBefore
Music App Icon Bug in Status Bar Music Sreejith Yesterday 23:21 110 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:43
Accent Color change Life Style Aditya_Rai1998 Yesterday 23:04 05 Aditya_Rai1998 Yesterday 23:04
Updated of oppo A5 FAQ Kaanu003 Yesterday 23:01 122 Shaurya16 10 hBefore
No file show for a friction of seconds in download manager Settings Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:34 112 RajeevKumar Yesterday 23:48
Fail to load data of privacy or user agreement in game center Game Center Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:34 217 Rex-ColorOS HalfhBefore
Search oppo then irrelevant result in setting Settings Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:34 110 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:40
Received file in Oppo share then try to open it show notification Kids Space Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:34 110 Nibinns1997 10 hBefore
Notification setting of zomato in Hindi language even I m using English lang Settings Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:33 111 Nibinns1997 10 hBefore
Start button off colour issue in clone phone Backup & Restore/Clone Phone Sharadpandey Yesterday 22:33 112 Nibinns1997 10 hBefore
Texts Overlapping in Super Power Saving Mode Battery Sreejith Yesterday 21:55 117 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 23:46
Long screenshot captures black blur transparency screen at the end attach_img Screenshot/Screen Recording Navakanth Yesterday 21:54 217 Reni Yesterday 23:25
Game space- Manage my games page issue Game Space Shreyansvj Yesterday 20:25 125 Reni Yesterday 21:02
[Reno4 Highlight] How does ColorOS 7.2 get your life easier and faster Skills Ada-ColorOS Yesterday 20:18 5525 Shreyansvj 2 minBefore
New update FAQ Cherry2803 Yesterday 20:03 126 Shaurya16 10 hBefore
My photography with Real me 2 attach_img Photo Club NickName0150647 Yesterday 19:59 139 AHSAN0122554 Yesterday 21:24
In new update the storage cleaner option deleted.? why team realme?why? FAQ NickName0150647 Yesterday 19:56 117 Shaurya16 10 hBefore
Add an option to display the contact picture in the message conversation chat Messages Navakanth Yesterday 19:41 19 Reni Yesterday 19:44
Not working volte option attach_img FAQ NickName0150647 Yesterday 19:26 317 Shaurya16 10 hBefore
Add an option to display the contact picture in the message conversation chat Messages Navakanth Yesterday 19:22 110 Reni Yesterday 19:32
Language Gujarati- Bluetooth option heading in English language. Settings Shreyansvj Yesterday 19:17 18 Reni Yesterday 19:30
read app notification on off toggle switch issue Settings AnujNaik Yesterday 18:18 119 RajeevKumar Yesterday 19:46
I can't adjust the Internet speed when I turn on the WiFi Hotspot for each user WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC ShaikAJ786 Yesterday 17:43 18 RajeevKumar Yesterday 17:48
Pause button overlapping with time in Oppo Browser Other Sreejith Yesterday 17:43 227 Rex-ColorOS HalfhBefore
Not able to expand text selection in File Manager File Manager Sreejith Yesterday 15:31 121 RajeevKumar Yesterday 19:18
Locked file manager app exit screen glitch issue File Manager Shreyansvj Yesterday 15:12 115 RajeevKumar Yesterday 19:19
Hindi in Malayalam Language Bug in Theme Store Theme Store Sreejith Yesterday 13:46 226 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:40
Smart assistant setting search improvement suggestion Smart Assistant Shreyansvj Yesterday 13:05 118 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 15:25
default print service not highlight in settings enter from search result Settings AnujNaik Yesterday 12:37 336 Nibinns1997 2 hBefore
「ColorOS Fantasy」 My Experience With Payment Protection Feature attach_img Skills BhaveshP Yesterday 11:54 033 BhaveshP Yesterday 11:54
「ColorOS Fantasy」 My Experience With The Kid Space Feature attach_img Skills BhaveshP Yesterday 11:51 147 Prabhas- Yesterday 17:54
About software update attach_img Photo Club NickName0150623 Yesterday 11:46 181 NickName0150643 Yesterday 18:32
System Launcher settings need Improvement in regional languages Settings Sreejith Yesterday 11:37 135 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 19:05
Photos app touch sound issue Photos Shreyansvj Yesterday 11:12 227 coolronak28 Yesterday 19:26
Weather search result issue in Settings. Settings Shreyansvj Yesterday 10:08 227 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 13:37
Video Cleaning Bug in Phone Manager Phone Manager Sreejith Yesterday 09:56 225 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 11:47
Wide Angle in front camera Camera MickBlue Yesterday 09:40 112 Reni Yesterday 10:58
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