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Problem regarding read_logs and write_secure_permision Reno Prasad7387 HalfhBefore 00 Prasad7387 HalfhBefore
lock screen password not work FAQ arshad010 Yesterday 23:46 00 arshad010 Yesterday 23:46
Search Messages box disappears on scroll up Forcefully. Messages jaye007 Yesterday 23:26 16 RajeevKumar HalfhBefore
About Oppo Reno z update FAQ Bhrugu1120 Yesterday 22:03 00 Bhrugu1120 Yesterday 22:03
Camra results attach_img FAQ BaGHiii302 Yesterday 21:48 00 BaGHiii302 Yesterday 21:48
「ColorOS Fantasy」GOOGLE AR JURASSIC WORLD attach_img Photo Club HeenaV 25 minBefore 00 HeenaV 25 minBefore
Provide In Photos App To Rename Image and Video Photos AnujNaik Yesterday 21:42 12 RajeevKumar Yesterday 21:44
Provide a unused file folder option in phone manager Phone Manager Sharadpandey Yesterday 21:25 13 RajeevKumar Yesterday 21:30
Camera Photo Club ABHJITH05064298 Yesterday 20:23 00 ABHJITH05064298 Yesterday 20:23
Notification icon visibility issue. Other NithinNs Yesterday 18:17 213 NithinNs Yesterday 20:41
The software updates page text goes to the corners Reno 10x ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 17:03 22 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 17:06
GPU updater app for the Oppo phones using snapdragon 865 CPU Find X SakuraFujima Yesterday 16:09 212 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 17:48
App does not stay live in background Recent Tasks NickName0149111 Yesterday 16:05 15 Reni Yesterday 16:25
Oppo id Profile Picture Blinking issue Reno 10x YashParmar Yesterday 15:32 213 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 16:53
my coupons option is misaligned in game centre Game Center KP Yesterday 12:08 210 Reni Yesterday 12:53
Contacts added in phone are not synchronising on Gmail Contacts Oppousersam Yesterday 11:59 320 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 17:55
Some widgets are absent after phone reboot Widgets Strider944 Yesterday 11:37 12 Nibinns1997 Yesterday 11:39
Oppo company is don't support there customer Photo Club NickName0148756 Yesterday 11:30 00 NickName0148756 Yesterday 11:30
Security patch update Reno 10x Freaknguy Yesterday 11:19 212 Freaknguy Yesterday 12:15
Features in game space Reno 10x Freaknguy Yesterday 11:14 217 Freaknguy Yesterday 12:19
[ColorOS Contest] Color of Summer 2020 attach_img  ...23 Activity Plaza Abhi-ColorOS Yesterday 17:32 271254 9765976597 HalfhBefore
I need new version attach_img Photo Club Tazimkingkhan Yesterday 09:15 00 Tazimkingkhan Yesterday 09:15
Want to update android version of my OPPO A37 FAQ NickName0149104 Yesterday 08:18 00 NickName0149104 Yesterday 08:18
Sometime Smart Sidebar Not Work Properly Smart Sidebar Mosinsaifi Yesterday 08:11 230 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 17:47
hello! FAQ heythemmm Yesterday 07:21 00 heythemmm Yesterday 07:21
colour inversion issue In status bar in setting Status Bar Sharadpandey Yesterday 06:24 224 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 17:47
غاا Photo Club Oppoa1k Yesterday 03:16 03 Oppoa1k Yesterday 03:16
Suggestion FAQ Adilnavas Yesterday 02:20 04 Adilnavas Yesterday 02:20
Bug attach_img FAQ Adilnavas Yesterday 02:14 03 Adilnavas Yesterday 02:14
Photos app is opening very slowly after update Photos GauravDhiman Yesterday 01:04 220 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:22
oppo a83 colorOS update FAQ Devansh799 Yesterday 01:02 08 Devansh799 Yesterday 01:02
Data speed throttling option for wifi hotspot F11 Series Shreyansvj Yesterday 00:23 227 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 17:48
Cannot play game properly in game space Game Space vkraj21 Yesterday 00:05 17 RajeevKumar Yesterday 00:06
Update FAQ NickName0145082 The day before yesterday 23:55 07 NickName0145082 The day before yesterday 23:55
complain FAQ mukesh01027492 The day before yesterday 23:06 05 mukesh01027492 The day before yesterday 23:06
Provide a App issue history in phone manager Phone Manager Sharadpandey The day before yesterday 22:12 220 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 17:48
Provide a search bar in game space Game Space Sharadpandey The day before yesterday 22:11 216 ColorOS-Alex Yesterday 17:48
Need Followup/reminder feature for SMS attach_img Messages rJdon The day before yesterday 22:11 321 Rex-ColorOS Yesterday 17:17
Recent App White Border Issue Reno 10x YashParmar The day before yesterday 20:19 321 ColorOS-Pulkit Yesterday 11:33
OPPO F5 BETA ANDROID SECURITY PATCH Software Updates selrahcnauj The day before yesterday 20:02 124 Reni The day before yesterday 20:19
phone auto reboot when opening photos gallery F9 Series deruzym The day before yesterday 19:14 120 Reni The day before yesterday 19:17
Camera abnormal working attach_img FAQ Srinivasprasad5 The day before yesterday 18:24 110 lyn06572261 The day before yesterday 19:12
[ColorOS Skills] Papercut Silhouette Photography attach_img Skills Ankit_Sinha The day before yesterday 17:31 019 Ankit_Sinha The day before yesterday 17:31
Oppo F9 - Discharge FAQ NickName0149089 The day before yesterday 16:52 011 NickName0149089 The day before yesterday 16:52
Missing lockdown Mode? FAQ InfiniteAndroid The day before yesterday 16:33 04 InfiniteAndroid The day before yesterday 16:33
Oppo Reno 2 Z not able to see smart side bar after the upgrade FAQ NickName0149088 The day before yesterday 16:21 05 NickName0149088 The day before yesterday 16:21
I Want ColourOS 7 Update For Oppo k1 Software Updates NickName0149084 The day before yesterday 13:54 129 Reni The day before yesterday 14:03
[ColorOS Skills] How To Shoot Long Exposure Photos Using Smartphone attach_img Skills chaitanyaa14 The day before yesterday 15:36 134 Prabhas- Yesterday 11:38
Option to delete individual input record as in Chrome Reno2/2Z/2F Sreejith The day before yesterday 11:00 229 ColorOS-Pulkit The day before yesterday 12:45
Status bar color matching issue. Other NithinNs The day before yesterday 10:32 326 ColorOS-Alex The day before yesterday 22:08
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