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「ColorOS News」What To Expect from OPPO in MWC 2019

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Hello, ColorOS Friends,

Oppo always brings new things such as feature, designs, and technology advancement for the fans and never disappointed the fans

Lets me reveal an expectation of fans that gonna happen in MWC 2019 happening on February 23 at MWC 2018

There are so many gossips and rumors spreading about the showcasing technologies in MWC 2019, Are these true? and what are they!

Yes! the most spoken or gossiping one is the massive 10X Optimal Zoom Smartphone

Yes! Oppo has confirmed that it's bringing in new Smartphone with looseness 10X Hybrid Optical Zoom, but not revealed the device model and keeping it as a surprise for all the fans and media.  Media and top reviews hope that it would be the successor of Oppo Find X and as X2 and will be the first smartphone to carry 10x hybrid Optical Zoom

Is it one of its kind from Oppo, Obviously it's a big No! They actually did something similar two years ago in MWC 2017. At that time, the group showcased a 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology where it involved a periscope-style structure where it helps to divert light through a prism to a telephoto lens. But this time around, the periscope structure has been improved (at least that's what it looks like in the image) and it's able to achieve 10x lossless zoom.

Oppo states that this 10x hybrid optical zoom technology uses a triple camera setup which includes an ultrawide-angle camera, a primary camera, and lastly a third camera for the telephoto action with periscope style setup.

Oppo claims that the transition from 1x to 10x optical zoom will be seamless and design wise, it will not be thick and will fit on a smartphone.

Its surely gonna be a sweet treat for all fans and photography related people.

But that's not all      

A new wide zone optical fingerprint recognition technology

Oppo is also said to bring a new well developed In-Screen fingerprint technology which will have an expanded area on the screen that is capable of reading two fingerprints simultaneously.

Oppo claims that the size of this fingerprint sensor is 15 larger than the current one. Oppo confirmed that this new development will be available on the smartphones by the end of the year.

Last but not least, OPPO went as far as claiming the flagship is pretty tough, being able to withstand 28,000 times of drops in 2 rounds.

Also, Oppo has started the teasing and other activities for the in social handles with #GetCloser, Use the hashtag for more information.

Please follow me on @Influencer for such pieces of information.

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Never stop learning


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very good


pappukumarmahto: My life think about  Posted at 21-2-2019 20:58

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nice oppo


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Pie kb mile gaa f9 pro me


Reni: Hi, Please stay tuned here( ColorOS community ) for more information regarding the same.  Posted at 6-2-2019 16:25

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Posted at 4-2-2019 23:10:48 FromCPH1823Mobile phone | Display all floors
Feature wise oppo is good but when comes to timely updates oppo is not up to the mark. Asus zenfone max pro m2  started receiving pie which is a low cost mobile but still many of the mid range phones of oppo running on oreo.  If oppo started to give timely updates you guys will surely rock in the smartphone market


OPPO01326800666: Tats right  Posted at 5-2-2019 08:03
OPPO00311794691: They also need to innovative in software ...soft soft currently looks still like iOS software ...copy cop style doesn't make company different and high class... I guess oppo china needs t work on that  Posted at 5-2-2019 00:17

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Currently oppo is best in hardware and software (performance) and not best in software (usability)


Posted at 5-2-2019 00:50:36 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
Good service

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good service information


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Interesting information, but before any news OPPO needs to think about software updates on previous devices.


OPPO01326468420: Mise à jour logicielle  Posted at 16-3-2019 05:36
seyha6618: Download  Posted at 20-2-2019 16:22
balvin1978: oppo is involve only new model no attention on updates very sad far behind then other for software updates  Posted at 6-2-2019 22:31
RajeevKumar: We care about consumers !!! We are working on providing better experience to our all customers . Thanks  Posted at 6-2-2019 00:11


Posted at 5-2-2019 20:47:32 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
Android update should be given by Oppo


NickName3683379: ดี  Posted at 27-6-2019 21:53
AkoSiGait911: yeah ur engineer are freaking slow like snails  Posted at 21-5-2019 09:49
OPPO01350220416: When I am update my software Then start a signal problems in my phone  Posted at 27-3-2019 20:57
RajeevKumar: We Hear to our valuable consumers . This has already been forwarded to our engineers.  Posted at 6-2-2019 00:10

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