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「ColorOS News」OPPO F11 Pro Unboxing and Overview

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Hi ColorOS Super-Fans,

As you all know that OPPO F11 Pro is out in the market with groundbreaking specs. As many of you want to know what the internal looks like and what the box contents are, so let's get started!
The F11 Pro has just been on sale on 15th Mar and users are excited to see the pop-up camera mechanism and the panoramic display in their hands. I myself as a user saw many reviews and unboxing videos but I was not satisfied by the number of details provided. So, I decided to make my own article about the tech in action.


OPPO F11 Pro comes with a beautiful display panoramic 6.53” display that also without any notch potch. The device rocks a 16 MP front camera with a pop-up mechanism. The cam is the trendiest 48 MP one with a Quad-Bayer which help when the pixels of the device are binned together thus providing a crisp and clear image.


Let check the box packing and see what comes inside. The box is similar to the F series box which used to come with the previous series. Looking form the top reveals the image of the device with a gold colored label having 6GB / 64GB mentioned. The long side edge has Indian Cricket Team Sponsor mentioned on both the sides.  On the short side edge, it is the info for device and box contents.


The bottom side of the box has the info for the Color of the device with the IMEI number and the storage version mentioned. Other details are also mentioned as SAR value and Bands supported. There are some other details of the device such as Camera specs, Charging tech., Screen Resolution mentioned, with Hyperboost tech info.



These were the box looks, let see it from inside. Opening the box by removing the top cover reveals the compartment in which the docs are kept with a cover and a sim ejector pin. The back cover is a mix of soft and hard material, the sides are soft but the back is hard.




Below the compartment is the device (F11 Pro), wrapped in plastic film with device info on it.

Below the device is a cardboard partition, which separates the device with the charger and headphones. The charger bundled is proprietary VOOC 3.0 spec one with a proprietary cable.



We have talked enough about the device overall. Now, let's talk about the individual specs in depth:


Let's start with the full view panoramic display. The display is the part of a device which is viewed the most & hence, it needs to be as much beautiful to perceive by users eyes. OPPO F11 Pro is bundled with a 19.5:9 display with a size of 6.53 inches which makes it perfect for viewing contents on the display. Although the display being an LCD produces excellent colors which are pleasing to eyes and with a 1080p resolution is crisp and sharp to view.


Some people think if the display is bright enough o visible outdoors, so here we tested that also, and as a result, we came to a conclusion that the display is quite good under direct sunlight and does a good job despite being an LCD.

Battery & VOOC 3.0

The battery backup is a thing which is the most important thing for a user nowadays. The devices are most used are used for viewing media content and this activity drains the battery juice very quickly. The devices which are being launched these days come with a very small battery size as to make devices slimmer but F11 Pro is a lucky champ in this case. The OPPO F11 Pro packs a big enough 4000 mAh power backup which is enough for a 2 day backup for a normal user and full 1 day backup for a heavy user.
Despite having this big battery, the F11 Pro also supports all new VOOC 3.0 which is the next generation of the VOOC 2.0 present in OPPO F9 Pro. The charging time has been decreased from the previous version of VOOC, hence providing a better user experience. This tech is safe enough and has been tested multiple times in the lab for endurance.
Also, the phone charges in 1hr 13min from Dead state(0%) to 100%.


The second most exciting fact about OPPO F11 Pro is that it packs a 48MP rear camera with a 5MP depth sensor. The combo is quite compatible and gives an excellent shot in low light and as well as good lighting conditions. The 48MP sensor is 1/2.25” sitting behind a bright f/1.79 and 0.8-micron pixels, combined with a Quad Bayer filter gives an excellent pixel binned image. The camera interface is itself a simple one with only 3 modes, Video, Photo, Portrait. The individual modes as stacked in each section of the camera. There are stacked modes as Night, Pano, Expert, Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo, Google Lens. Speaking of the newly introduced Night mode, it was an amazing experience for me, the way it takes images and the quality of night shots were stunning. The Camera produces images in 48MP images as there is setting for it and the quality is so amazing that we can zoom in so much that fine details are crisp and clear. I was quite amazed by seeing the quality of 48MP pics, especially in the night.






Talking of the front camera, it is amazing in its own aspects. The first and foremost thing to notice the popup mechanism which is an interesting thing to watch and also the 16MP sensor sitting in it is great too. It produces good pictures with a true sensor size of 16MP, not as some of the other brands which interpolate images by stacking them together. The front cam is also capable of taking videos in 1080p resolution.
All in all, the camera is a good package and for the price is a good choice.

Software( ColorOS 6)

ColorOS_6 new logo.png

ColorOS_6-Designed (1920x1080).jpg

Now, talking of the most exciting feature that is the software itself which is the all-new ColorOS 6. It is packed with exciting features and the new gradient design with light colors gives an airy look to the users and makes the user feel like a very light system. The Interface is quite fast and the introduction of the app drawer makes it quite user-friendly. The introduction of new font also improves the view and refreshes the user interface.
The interface has an all-new machine learning which freezes the background apps which are not in use rather than closing them. The recent menu is also revamped. The system also learns from the habits of the user and hence, makes it fast and handy for the user with the passing time.
The notification panel is also revamped with an all-new look which makes searching the options easier. The launcher is changed too with all new options and customizations that would provide the user with its required setting and provide a user-friendly experience.
There is also a game boost 2.0 mode which newer upgrade over the old version of game boost and has improved a lot. It combines the newer hyper-boost with the game and produces an immersive gaming experience to the users also the options have been revised.
All over the new ColorOS 6 is a stacked burger of Skin of ColorOS and the stock android.
Fingerprint & Popup Face-unlock
The fingerprint sensor despite on the back of the device is always-On and very accurate. It unlocks 10/10 times when used for unlocking. OPPO not following the trend of In-display fingerprint does the best job as having being used the In-display scanner, I can say that it is quite slow that the Capacitive scanner on the back of F11 Pro.
The face unlock is very fast and relies on 120 facial points to maintain security. The face enrolment is very quick despite being using the 120 facial recognition. As the camera comes up, the screen unlocks instantly.

This was my unboxing and a short overview of the OPPO F11 Pro. Hope to see you next time in my article.

Until then I'm signing off, I will meet your next time. Follow me @anshu1996

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I love to test device and report bugs.


Posted at 24-3-2019 13:01:02 FromCPH1969Mobile phone | Display all floors
but after update Ultra HD mode is lost. n 2 k videos not supported from vidmte . need 4 k video recording n play


scrappycoco: that's what u get for buying oppo phones   Posted at 28-3-2019 22:23




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oppo f15pro MediaTek helio p90 processor support to the 5G  camera 58 megapixel triple rear cameras fingerprint scanner and face unlock 3D angle upcoming new phone Oppo


RajeevKumar: We don't have any official update around this please stay tuned to ColorOS  Posted at 1-4-2019 00:34




Posted at 25-3-2019 10:53:47 FromCPH1823Mobile phone | Display all floors
update my phone F9 Pro


anshu1996: Which update you are asking for ?  Posted at 25-3-2019 11:11


Posted at 25-3-2019 13:08:44 FromCPH1803Mobile phone | Display all floors
please update oppo a3s in color os 6


OPPO01350936677: link please  Posted at 31-3-2019 08:32
Nibinns1997: Hello, A3s has got 5.2.1 Official Update in India, if you are not in India please contact your local Customer service for update. Thanks  Posted at 30-3-2019 12:17

OS Engineer

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Thanks for sharing your experience, @anshu1996


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oppo f11 nice and beautiful


Elangovan96: Yeah they will but only for 4-5 months. Then to next phone.  Posted at 30-3-2019 18:09
Nibinns1997: We always thrive to provide our users with a Pleasant User Experience with ColorOS. Kindly Stay tuned to the ColorOS Community for more Updates on the same.  Posted at 30-3-2019 12:18

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