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「ColorOS News」Cool stuff of ColorOS 6.0

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ColorOS 6.0 comes with Borderless Aesthetics

Hello everyone,
Are you guys interested to know more about ColorOS 6.0?
I am here to share a few newly added features. Let's go ahead and have a look at them.

Android Pie


The main change corresponds to the upgrade of Android to the latest version 9.0(pie). ColorOS 6.0 is completely based on the Android pie. Now users can have fun using it with many features added.

App Drawer


After a huge number of requests from the users, ColorOS has finally introduced an app drawer in this version. This feature is included along with their built-in app home screen. We can enable or disable the feature from settings. So now, you can experience the drawer mode.

New Smart Assistant

This feature is also present in our ColorOS 5.0 but here we can see a redesigned smart assistant with has some new features included. A new calendar of the current month along with a section where we can see ongoing cricket matches is a new addition. The whole interface is now even smarter.

Navigation Gestures


As we all know that ColorOS 6.0 is based on the Android pie, so we can see the new type of gestures which are seen in the latest devices. We can now switch between recent apps easily by these gestures. If you like this feature, give me a like.

Game Space


Introduced is a highly improved game space with new customized features capable to have great gameplay. It also shows us battery stats and signals strength, optimization and protection of data. Also, the background theme is obviously fantastic with gradient colors in green.

Camera Features


The Camera now comes with lots of added features which are loved by everyone. Having a pop-up camera, the device has given beautiful results which I will showcase in my coming article. There is an included night mode(A sneak peek), Panorama, Expert mode, Time-Lapse, SLO-MO, Google Lens, Portrait mode, and especially the Dazzle Colour mode(I Loved it!!)

Phone Manager


Phone manager was also there in the previous version. But now there are lots of crazy animation and look of this app is quite user-friendly and one can easily make their phones rid of harmful viruses and junk files present.

Dual Channel Network Acceleration


One of the finest features which I personally loved is the dual channel network acceleration. How does it work? This feature uses Wi-Fi and Mobile data simultaneously for smoother internet experience. So when you feel the network is laggy, you can use both at a time and can experience a faster network. Currently, it is limited for only a few apps. Let us expect it to come for the whole device utilities.

Which feature would you like to know more? Comment on it and see the next article on it.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more such pieces.
Show your love towards me by posting comments.

Follow @SAIPAVAN for upcoming articles.

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akos15 + 3 I need update colour os 6 sir, please
Pk926 + 5 How to update for OppoA3s?
richmondcabca + 2 update oppo A3S PLEASE
Kaiiiiiiiiiiiii + 5 UPDATE OPPO A7 PLEASE :(
Kennedy01496343 + 5 oppo network is the best in all phones I
_azmiy + 5 nice
NickName0141953 + 1 8
Rakeshraj11 + 1 a7
NickName0141420 + 1 1
alonfo + 1 update my oppo f9 to colorOs 6
caspercruz + 5 Pla update f7 series Philippines
thomakars + 2 2
FaizRomzi + 2 I want update oppo F9
khucluk1932 + 5 saya suka
Gozfrita + 1 please update oppo f9
NickName0139103 + 1 old
lolliluvs666 + 5 great, informative post
NickName3665642 + 1 keren
Nisarudeen1 + 5 i need uptate

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HalloweenValentines Day

Posted at 27-3-2019 22:09:15 FromCPH1823Mobile phone | Display all floors


Koppula00310238: Update for oppoa5  Posted at 21-7-2019 18:21
Koppula00310238: What about oppo a5 color os 6..  Posted at 21-7-2019 18:20
RajeevKumar: Hello, Thank you for your interest in ColorOS, we are glad to inform you that ColorOS 6 with Android Pie is ready to be released. You may apply for this by visiting below link. Note this upgrade i   Posted at 24-6-2019 10:23
NickName3630087: tersedia juga enga buat Oppo A71  Posted at 23-5-2019 18:18
NickName3608763: It's available on f9pro??  Posted at 14-5-2019 03:19
SAIPAVAN: Stay tuned!  Posted at 3-4-2019 22:48

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Pre-Creators Team Member

Posted at 28-3-2019 09:57:55 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
When for OPPO f7?


NickName0145653: pls help too update colors 7 too my oppo f7  Posted at 5-3-2020 12:57
caspercruz: Pls update f7 series Philippines  Posted at 19-10-2019 18:39
9803_ismynme: Oppo f5 please i will give you 10 candies just give me the colorOS6  Posted at 20-8-2019 20:53
soleehean: F7pleass  Posted at 17-6-2019 15:23
THAHAN:  Posted at 13-6-2019 09:20
THAHAN: Hi  Posted at 13-6-2019 09:18
Oppo-F-7: ColorOS 6.0 is completely based on the Android pie. So wait until the Update of Android version 9.0 then they will release the ColorOS 6.0.  Posted at 15-5-2019 05:10
OPPO01356908847: ทำไมของ f7ไม่ค่อยอัพเลย สนใจแต่ที่ปล่อยของใหม่ๆ ไม่ดูแลลูกค้าเก่าเลย  Posted at 13-5-2019 10:38
soleehean: Pless link  Posted at 6-5-2019 11:24
NickName0135857: F7 how time colores6.0 update  Posted at 3-5-2019 13:17
OPPO246491912: Same too  Posted at 22-4-2019 00:34
dhik20: Sama saya juga lg nunggu smpe udah ready kuota 100GB aku  Posted at 14-4-2019 22:58
ArmChange: im waiting too  Posted at 1-4-2019 00:46

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soleehean + 3 F 7 pleassd

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Posted at 28-3-2019 11:24:30 FromCPH1881Mobile phone | Display all floors
this upadte in oppo f9??


keroo01182661: موعد اصدار اندرويد 9ل oppo f9  Posted at 5-6-2019 07:54
minh00800309: Đúng vay  Posted at 13-4-2019 09:03
OPPO01322027355: 9.0  Posted at 10-4-2019 23:38

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lenkz + 1

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Posted at 28-3-2019 12:09:37 FromCPH1853Mobile phone | Display all floors
colorOs 6 for Oppo A3s


NickName3779729: Merekodarakar  Posted at 15-7-2019 07:01
Reni: Hello, We don't have exact info about A3S. Please stay tuned in ColorOS Community & Official OPPO twitter handle.  Posted at 22-6-2019 23:12
acep: hahaha  Posted at 15-6-2019 00:48
OPPO00306458304: Link  Posted at 16-5-2019 22:46
Nibinns1997: There isn't any official news regarding the ColorOS and Android upgrade for OPPO A3s at present. We'll share once it is set to be released. Stay tuned!  Posted at 14-5-2019 17:34
OPPO01351760480: Oppo a3s  Posted at 12-5-2019 01:23
Mudassir0081105: When update come for oppo ax5  Posted at 7-5-2019 06:22
Mudassir0081105: When update come for oppo ax5  Posted at 7-5-2019 06:22
Shlupon: Yes. A3s got 5.2.1 bt when it will get 6 update??  Posted at 20-4-2019 11:06
Nibinns1997: Hello, A3s has got 5.2.1 Official Update in India, if you are not in India please contact your local Customer service for update. Thanks  Posted at 12-4-2019 20:59

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theranraj95 + 1

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Posted at 28-3-2019 20:05:32 FromCPH1881Mobile phone | Display all floors
sir please oppo f9 coloros 6.0 updated


Reni: Hello, The long-awaited F9 ColorOS 6 + Android P Trial Version Program kicks off. If you want to try the trial version, submit your application. A quota is set for the application. So hurry up & don'   Posted at 22-6-2019 23:15
Alfarisiah: I'm waiting.. upgrade Android for oppo f9  Posted at 15-5-2019 17:36
NickName0135805: 069281323  Posted at 12-5-2019 00:15
SolgeR: Please Oppo Developer. Update Oppo F9 to Android Pie. Thanks and more power .  Posted at 15-4-2019 18:42
Nibinns1997: There isn't any official news regarding the ColorOS and Android upgrade for OPPO F9 at present. We'll share once it is set to be released. Stay tuned!  Posted at 12-4-2019 20:58


Posted at 28-3-2019 20:16:56 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
Oppo loosing it's creditability day by day for slow or no updates,


Jack_woy: A3s  Posted at 2-8-2019 17:49
OPPO101194: Update oppo a3s coloros 6  Posted at 18-4-2019 04:51
Nibinns1997: Hello, Just stay tuned with us and we'll share whenever the next update is released for the device.  Posted at 12-4-2019 21:00


Posted at 28-3-2019 23:43:05 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
Loved it!!


9803_ismynme: Oppo f5 please want some ten candies??  Posted at 20-8-2019 20:54
NickName0136491: oppo a 37  Posted at 1-6-2019 05:45
OPPO01352597139: I have a3s phone How are we in Algeria?  Posted at 20-4-2019 20:08
SAIPAVAN: thanks for your support❤️  Posted at 3-4-2019 22:49


Posted at 28-3-2019 23:44:28 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
But when for other devices


Reni: Hello, Just stay tuned with us and we'll share whenever the update will release for your device.  Posted at 16-4-2019 00:54


Posted at 29-3-2019 03:21:31 FromCPH1893Mobile phone | Display all floors
oppo k1 update colors 6.0?


NickName0139915: Janeny  Posted at 17-9-2019 05:14
aaditya1234: Any update on this?  Posted at 31-7-2019 10:43
Arvind01646662: Oppo A7 ka colors 6.0 kab tak aaye ga  Posted at 30-6-2019 01:07
NickName0136726: Bhi kab Aaya ga os 6  Posted at 11-6-2019 10:54
NickName3662851:  Posted at 6-6-2019 04:56
Nazirazhar07: Oppo r9s no more funtion when already update? Why no have news colour os 6? Still os 3?  Posted at 22-5-2019 06:17
NickName0135999: I want lk l want uptade oppo f1 plus android virsion 5.1 lolip  Posted at 12-5-2019 21:17
OPPO01353805672: isko install kese kare  Posted at 13-4-2019 06:10
Nibinns1997: There isn't any official news regarding the ColorOS and Android upgrade for OPPO K1 at present. We'll share once it is set to be released. Stay tuned!  Posted at 12-4-2019 21:01

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