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「ColorOS Know-How」Pure Joy With Reno

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Dear ColorOS Fans,

OPPO's new series for the next decade is here. A newly upgraded series of Smartphone from OPPO

OPPO Reno the New Marvellous

  OPPO is back with a sliding camera on the new OPPO Reno but this phone offers a lot more bang and is priced much more modestly.
First, the overall appearance:

Specific to the phone. The Reno 10x zoom version has a 6.6-inch FHD+ full screen on the front, no bangs, no water droplets, and no holes; to make the upper and lower sides narrow further, reno puts the earpiece on the middle frame instead of the forehead, the black side is smaller, and the chin is also reduced. To 3.5mm, the official claim that the screen accounted for 93.1%. Compared with the full-screen mobile phone currently on sale, it is visually transparent and leads the way.

In order to realize the frontal non-aliased screen, OPPO made a small change to the upgrade design of Find X. The camera, sensor, front and rear flashlights were placed on the side-rotating structure at the top of the middle frame, and the shape became a fan shape. As the raised area is smaller, the suddenness is reduced. In addition, since only the front and rear flashes are integrated, the pop-up module has a significant sense of daily presence (usage).

The back of the Reno is covered by integrated 3D glass, and the three-camera module, including the periscope lens, is placed directly under the glass body without protruding. Visually three shots + Logo is placed in a horizontal line centred, clean and neat. In terms of colour, OPPO adopts the “matte condensing” grading process, which makes the black layer and looks quite advanced.

OPPO Reno has a variety of colour combinations
Oppo Reno will come in three colours - Mist Pink, Fog Sea Green and Nebula purple.
OPPO also designed a green anti-wear ceramic bead O-Dot for Reno, which holds the lens part when it is placed on the table to protect the surface glass from abrasion.

Fortunately, the grip of the fuselage is round enough. After plugging in the mechanical pop-up structure, the periscope three-shot and the 4065 mAh battery, this kind of treatment is rare. It is also coincidental that the relatively heavy texture, symmetrical glass body, gradient black back shell treatment, a touch of ceramic green dots so that the real machine faintly has the shadow of Japanese design.
From a personal point of view, Reno brings a fresh sense to the flagship design that is now merging on both sides; the idea is bolder than the usual colour variants available in market

Camera and Features

After half a year of warm-up, today's ten-fold hybrid light has almost become the threshold of the "new flagship." What kind of experience can be done with multiple light changes? The work of this educational user has become the historical task of this "zoom flagship". Therefore, this photo session is divided into two parts.
Outdoor HDR

Since you say a big aperture, you can't help but say HDR. And because we are not getting the final OTA version, the performance of this link is somewhat ups and downs. The first is steady state, Reno shows better for the weak light part of HDR. This is not a simple "increasing the brightness to keep the details", but the control of the noise control, the smear and the sharpness of the dark part of the picture. Most of the dark scenes, OPPO performance is better than the other flagships smartphones available currently which we will witness soon in our hands


Outdoor Night Shots

Reno's advantage in the dark light continues into the night scene. We are once again surprised that Reno is highly consistent in both colour and brightness, but optimized in detail. For example, the colour tone is slightly corrected for warmer tones, better to suppress highlights and better colour noise control. Even in the darkness of the picture and the amount of information, Reno also won slightly.

Portrait mode blurring has been smarter

Night Mode

Therefore, simply speaking of quality, Reno has reached the top level of today's domestic flagship. In this year's overall environment of "Android high-end smartphones available in the market.
Three, 10 times mixed zoom: six times is the most perfect effect
"Ten times light change, ten times mixed zoom", just like an appointment, this year's domestic flagship has used this function as the main selling point, and even the netizens ridiculed "I am afraid not to buy a telescope." This statement is vivid and vivid, but not necessarily accurate. After all, the main task of a good camera is not to "take far enough", otherwise the street 20 yuan to buy a cottage telescope can solve the problem, why bother with the mobile phone.

The advancement is at two points: where is the longest focal length, and how the late algorithm "implements". The former is attributed to the periscope-style horizontally arranged lens and directly pushes the longest focal length to the equivalent focal length of 125 mm. This is close to ten times the "super wide-angle lens", but it is just about five to six times the normal focal length of the normal 40 million main lenses.

Therefore, the recommended zoom position from the main lens on Reno is exactly 6 times - a slight algorithm synthesis on a physical zoom of about five times (the main lens equivalent focal length of 26 mm up and down, the periscope lens equivalent focal length of 125) Mm). Next, you need to cooperate with the algorithm: use multiple lenses to synthesize crops other than physical magnification, and combine hardware and algorithms to eliminate anti-shake.

Reno has a large battery hidden in the fuselage

In terms of battery and battery life, OPPO put a large battery of 4065 mAh in Reno's body. I didn't charge for a normal day's work. I got up at 7 in the morning and 30% of my home was left at 8:30 in the evening. I took photos, games, chat, reading, watching movies, and used the screen for 5 hours. Specifically: full-screen brightness 4G online running a 12-minute king glory power consumption 3%, half an hour of a local emergency power consumption 10%, daily use a steady day.

Reno also features VOOC 3.0 fast charging technology with longer peak power and higher trickle charging efficiency. It takes half an hour to charge from 0% to 50%, and one hour and ten minutes for full. Compared to the past, Reno charges faster when it is high, but the initial stage experience is weaker than SuperVOOC flash. As for the wireless charging function, it is still absent.

Equipped with VOOC 3.0 fast charging technology

More to say, there is no cost-effective factors and other factors, coupled with OPPO's high hopes for Reno, the product details are very sufficient: horizontal linear motor, NFC bus, and access control card, dual-frequency GPS, copper tube cooling. Although these do not see the difference in parameters, enough to influence the daily experience, it is also the gap between most of the Android flagship and the international flagship.

Image and Content Source: Credits

Evaluation summary: This is probably the historical mission of Reno outside the R series.

Please follow me on @Influencer for such pieces of information.

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