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「ColorOS Fantasy」Counting Cameras!!!

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Camera is the tool by which, we share what we see!!

Hello, My Dear ColorOS Fans,

How many of you are fond of having more number of Cameras in your device?

As the android era begins, we have seen phones with one camera, then two, three, four and it's going on its way, don't know where it stops…..
Let us jump into past and count cameras….

Solo Camera


This is the very first thing which is introduced to take a photo and was introduced a few decades ago. And then, the same has implemented for front view, given birth to the selfie camera. This is the tradition which we have seen for many years. Moreover, the pixels were increased for great photography.

Then arose a new trend.

Dual Cameras

Portraits are given a great priority, and then phones began to launch with two cameras. Some say for portraits, some for depth sensing, for group selfies and many more…..

Many smartphone vendors have implemented some cool functionalities using extra cameras. When we look at FindX, the secondary camera is known for TOF(Time Of Flight) and gives great photos along with more secured facial unlock by scanning face in 3D.

As we all know, we are never satisfied with what we have. Then came one more…..

Triple Camera

Yes, this made the people surprised. One is normal, second for depth and the third one for their own reason...
But whatever it may be, photography with Android has become an epic. We can have whatever mode we want. We can click a shot as near as the Professional DSLR.

Quad and Penta Camera


Not yet implemented in all. But many leading smartphone brands have started these projects. Let us wait for which OPPO device will first come with these many Cameras.

And let's see where it stops. What if the whole back part is filled with Cameras… I mean with 6+ Cameras…

Post your opinion in the Comment section and say me how many cameras you are using currently…

Before we end up, look at this beast.......

That's all guys.
May the future of Cameras excel, and we may leave DSLR's for photography.

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I'm using f7. Only one Camera.. So sad..

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