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Hello ColorOS Superfans,

The journey of you with us has been amazing. So, many ups and so many downs. This article explains one such journey for the users of OPPO F5. These were our first set of testers for the new ColorOS version 5 which was under development.

This was the first time that we tried public alpha testing in any other country rather than China. It was a successful one. A lot of users took part in the activity for testing and we are very happy to tell everyone that we value each of our user who has given his/her contribution in the journey to the development of the new OS.

F5 Beta Timeline-1.jpg

Since the launch of first Beta Version, we have been together for nearly a year and about 30,000 Beta Users have gathered here to grow together with ColorOS. During this period, the users actively experienced and patiently posted feedback about the issues, constantly contributed their knowledge, and actively put forward good product suggestions. It is because of your support and companionship, ColorOS is continuously improving. Thank you very much all of you.
There were many new features that were added to ColorOS 5 in the testing period. We consider them as small achievements in the way to huge success. Some of them are -
-Assistive Ball
-Function in calculator
-Smart assistant
-Smart Scene services
-Travel cards
-Clone Apps
-Payment Protection
-Quick functions in the smart assistant
-Weather function in the smart assistant

Feedback eg-1.png

These are the example of some of the feedback from our testers. These show their contribution to the construction of the ColorOS 5.

These were some of the changes made in the testing period but we have more to acknowledge. There were in a total 1914 posted feedbacks, which was quite a big number considering it was our first testing period. The total number accepted feedbacks crossed 751, which is a big number considering our testers were new at that time, this made the accepting percentage to 40%.

Top Testers.PNG

Some of our top contributors who worked their best that time - @RexStar , @varunraghu , @IAmUmang , @rahulAV , @MarthaSai .

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

So, as a gesture of thanks, we have provided with some of our top contributors who stayed with us from start till the end with an appreciation certificate.

Collage Testers image.jpg

Collage China Trip.jpg

Also, some of our top most fans got a chance to visit the Annual Global Fan Meet, if you want to learn more about the visit then you can visit the following link-

Thanks for accompanying and support, ColorOS Community will hold exciting activities and there will be plenty of prizes waiting for you. Come and Join Us!

For The Latest Activities And News Follow Our Social Media Handles:
Instagram: ColorOS_Global
Twitter: ColorOS_Global
Facebook: ColorOS

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I love to test device and report bugs.

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F1J1: I got fed up of waiting for more than one year for the update....I sold my Oppo F5 Youth and bought a Samsung Galaxy A30.....absolutely amazing...way way way better than Oppo by a mile.  Posted at 6-6-2019 13:15
F1J1: So we should expect the stable release of ColorOS 5.2.1 soon?  Posted at 20-5-2019 11:21


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great .... don't know what will happened in future...but really excited to getting the opportunity to visit the annual global fan meet. much love team


F1J1: Well I can tell you for sure that you have to wait another year until you get the stable release. Buy the Samsung Galaxy A30 or A50 or A70.  Posted at 13-6-2019 13:07

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cool... congratulations team member...nice article...
I hope next  I m also in a frame.


Sharadpandey: hi  Posted at 19-5-2019 16:40
NickName0136206: Hello  Posted at 19-5-2019 16:09

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Posted at 16-5-2019 12:12:26 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
How can update my phone f5 for new version


OPPO00321704046: When will the stable release appear on the Oppo website support, Software update page?  Posted at 20-5-2019 06:40
anshu1996: Hi, Thanks for showing Interest in the latest ColorOS Version, Please contact the nearest service center for Experiencing the changes, Thanks  Posted at 16-5-2019 13:39


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Posted at 16-5-2019 17:25:16 FromCPH1819Mobile phone | Display all floors
what kind of company is this to visit for updating phone?


F1J1: The kind that is clueless....buy a Samsung Galaxy A30 or A50 or A70 or the M series....you won't regret.  Posted at 13-6-2019 13:11


Posted at 16-5-2019 20:10:35 FromCPH1723Mobile phone | Display all floors
I have oppo f5 I got update on Feb till now no update when will oppo give updates


NickName0136206: Hello  Posted at 19-5-2019 10:53
anshu1996: Hi Thanks for showing interest in the ColorOS Please tell us which issues you are experiencing Thanks.  Posted at 17-5-2019 06:53
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