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「ColorOS Know How」Know more about Camera2Api

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Hello ColorOS Super Fans,

I would like to share some info on Camera2Api. I think many of you have questions in your minds like what is Camera2Api?, How does it work?. I'll try to clear some points. Cameras have undergone many changes on Android. Not only we have seen better hardware, but also better software e.g. GCam. I think you guys know how Gcam performs even though having minimal hardware.

A few years back, a premium camera was only a part of a premium flagship with high priced models. But now, even budget models are able to include a super featured camera, with high-quality image output and even integration of AI technology. So how did this change happen suddenly? How did these changes help the smartphone industry and also the camera excited customers to get a better camera within budget? All these changes happened due to the introduction of the latest Camera 2 API into the market. In this article, I will try to explain "What is Camera 2 API" in layman's term.

What is API?
Before going into the details of the Camera 2 API, let us first see, "What does an API mean?". API -Application Programming Interface is the mechanism through which various software components communicate. API defines what can be done by different software and extent to which any software has access to the system. Moving onto the camera part, a Camera API defines what all permissions that the camera application, like show preview, capture images, shoot video, using different sensors, shutter speed of the camera, etc.

What is Camera 2 API?

        Camera 2 API was introduced by Google with the Android Version 5. Before Camera 2 API, camera functions of any device was very limited. Camera app could just be used to preview and capture images and take a video. With Camera 2 API, Google gives camera developers options to do more with the camera. Control the shutter speed(ISO), Focus, RAW capture, etc. This helps third-party developers to include more features in their applications with the tools they are given through the API.
        Since the introduction of camera 2 API with the Lollipop version of Android, it is used a standard camera API in every device. But Google limits the level of implementation of API in different phones. Every device is not given full access to the features it can implement using the Camera 2 API. Because who will purchase their phones, if every phone has the same camera performance.

Different levels of Camera 2 API
        Implementation takes place in four different stages. Legacy, where features of Camera 1 API are only available; Limited, means some basic features of API 2 are made available; Full, where all the basic features of Camera 2 API are available to explore; Level 3, the premium version where some extra features like RAW capture etc. are included in the API. So, if you want to use advanced third-party apps for capturing and recording videos, you will have to at least have a device that has Full Camera 2 API support.
        Google, to its own device, the Pixel & Nexus, gives full support to Camera 2 API, which means, even an older version of Nexus phone received full support Camera 2 API through OS update. Some other Original Equipment manufacturers introduced Camera 2 API through their flagship smartphones released with Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow. Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, OnePlus have all came out with their fully supported Camera 2 API models. But some manufacturers, even with their flagship devices are yet to feature a Full supported Camera 2 API device.
         With the introduction of Camera 2 API, Camera geeks are now able to do a lot more, things similar to their professional camera in their mobile devices. In the future, we may see every device that gets introduced in the market has at least Full Camera 2 API support. But, as of now, Full support Camera 2 API remains somewhat a premium phone feature.

That's all for now. see you in my next article. thank's for sparing your valuable time with ColorOS.
For any suggestions or feedback comment below.
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