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Community Column Submission Rules

In order to let everyone learn more product knowledge and game skills in the ColorOS community, we set up a number of columns, you can not only get relevant information in these columns, but also actively contribute according to your own interests.

We sincerely welcome everyone to contribute and become a rare opinion leader in our community

After upgrading the ColorOS Community content, we want to dig more about the ColorOS expert's content, so we will classify the following categories that you will also be interested in : ColorOS Disclosure, ColorOS Know-How, ColorOS Fantasy, ColorOS Photo Club, ColorOS Party, ColorOS Experience, App Hub, Game Arena, Wallpapers and other high-quality columns.

Overall title rule: 「Column Name」#Topic# Custom Title
For Example: 「ColorOS Photo Club」#Pets# my beloved master.

「ColorOS Disclosure」Instructions to Authors
Hope that you are a machine-loving person, able to have a certain experience of the latest and most trendy ColorOS features, and    share your unique use experience with you.

「ColorOS Disclosure」Title Rules
「ColorOS Disclosure」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「ColorOS Disclosure」TOF Sensor Games: Make life more interesting

「ColorOS Know-How」Instructions to Authors
Friends with humble heart can help readers with not enough knowledge of product to learn and guide, so that they can also understand and master the skills of highlight functions of ColorOS.

「ColorOS Know-How」Title Rules
「ColorOS Know-How」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「ColorOS Know-How」Lesson No 1: Navigation Gestures

「ColorOS Photo Club」Instructions to Authors
We hope that you love photography, in your spare time you can use your mobile to discover the beauty around you, learn about the relevant photography skill, be good at using various mobile photography Apps and be proficient in using these Apps

「ColorOS Photo Club」Title Rules
「ColorOS Photo Club」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「ColorOS Photo Club」soulful hands can change picture into masterpiece.

「ColorOS Expert Advice」Instructions to Authors
You like to research mobile phones, have a certain understanding and awareness of various parameters and technologies of mobile phones, and want to share your opinions on mobile phones with a professional attitude. We hope that your articles will be understandable for normal phone users and expert users, so that more people understand and get familiar with OPPO mobile phones.

「ColorOS Expert Advice」Title Rules
「ColorOS Expert Advice」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「ColorOS Expert Advice」aperture changes with light, an experience of 3 camera flagship.

「ColorOS Fantasy」Instructions to Authors
You have more ideas and expectations for ColorOS products, you can have more ideas based on existing products, can encourage community members to discuss about ColorOS products and show that how ColorOS changed your life.

「ColorOS Fantasy」Title Rules
「ColorOS Fantasy」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「ColorOS Fantasy」Boundless Beauty ColorOS 6, we are waiting for your grand entrance.

「App Hub」Instructions to Authors
A real mobile phone lover, love to tryout all kinds of Apps and have certain understanding of related software, who can independently  write out related experience articles, the best result is that users see your article, take the initiative to go download and experience the software you introduce.

「App Hub」Title Rules
「App Hub」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「App Hub」SHAREit-share the world

「Game Arena」Instructions to Authors
Love to play games, king of chicken dinner, play lead role, leisure architecture involved in a wide range of, disobey solo, have a certain view of the games, can provide high-quality game recommendations, is also excellent.

「Game Arena」Title Rules
「Game Arena」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「Game Arena」Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner

「Wallpapers」Instructions to Authors
Like different visual experience, love different styles of wallpaper, and willing to share this visual enjoyment with our fans around? Then come to the“Recommended Wallpapers”for contribution.

「Wallpapers」Title Rules
「Wallpapers」+ Custom Title (not more than 80 characters)
For Example: 「Wallpapers」There is a kind of youth called ignorant

Of course, interesting souls are not bound to our above categories. We welcome you to share your other thoughts which hit you while using the device.

To give better reading experience to your article, we recommend that you follow the ColorOS Community Writing Composition Guide

For any other clairification you can connect to me @AbhishekG


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