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「 ColorOS Experience 」My travel log to Hills Queen: Yercaud

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Dear ColorOS Superfans,

A Trip to Yercaud
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This time we happened to make a trip to Yercaud, a lesser known hill station of South India. But being less known in no way demeans the beauty of this picturesque hill station. Yercaud is located in Salem district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. And it is part of the Shevaroy Hills in Eastern Ghats, which are widely known for their orange groves, coffee, fruits and spice plantations. Yercaud gets it name from Yercaud Lake and forests around this lake.

In Tamil, "Yeri”means lake and "Kaddu”means forest. Both of these words together make Yercaud which means Lake Forest. And im so proud to say that i live in so near that is just 1 hour drive to the place

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I must admit that this trip to Yercaud was not a very thoughtful planed trip for us because as its just a 1 hour drive, we use to plan very often and whenever we feel so.

Things to do in Yercaud

There are many places of attractions in Yercaud, ranging from lakes to view points to gardens to water falls. So, one can plan places to cover based on ones interest and schedule. These are the few places which we could visit in our limited timeframe. Moreover, these places are quite popular among tourists and are worth to giving their time.

Yercaud Lake

A trip to Yercaud is not complete without visiting Yercaud Lake. As mentioned, Yercaud gets it name from this lake. And, this lake is located in the centre of Yercaud town and is at a distance of 1.5KM from Yercaud bus station. Yercaud lake, also known as Emerald lake is spanned in a very large area. Moreover, this is a completely natural lake.  Also, this lake is surrounded by cloud laden hills, gardens and well groomed large trees. Whole area around the lake feels very vibrant and pleasant. So, I must say this is a visual treat to be there for anyone.As an activity you can go for boating in Yercaud, either by hiring a self-pedal boat or on a rowing boat. Through the boat ride you can get chance to explore whole lake.

Botanical Garden
Botanical garden is one of the top attractions of Yercaud. It is located at a distance of 2.5 KM from Yercaud bus station and around 3 KM from Yercaud lake. Yercaud botanical garden is house of various exotic species of flowers and plants.

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Further this garden is divided in multiple sections such as butterfly garden, herbal garden, rock garden, foliage garden, water garden, sensory garden topiary garden and bonsai garden. If one enjoys being amidst nature and loves to explore various types of plants and flowers, botanical garden is a must visit for him or her.

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Garden has amazing range of rare plants and flowers along with many preserved endanger species. Among all these one of the most attractive part is Orchidarium. The National Orchidarium is established in the year 1963 and it spread in an area of 18.4 hectares. It is the third largest Orchidarium in India and is run by the Botanical Survey of India. The Orchidarium houses many endangered species of orchids. And it has a large collection of native orchids. Similar to Orchidarium, the green house is another major attraction in the garden.

Lady's Seat
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Lady's Seat is a famous view point in Yercaud from where you can get panoramic view of Salem town, ghat road and valley. In real, it is cluster of naturally made rocks in shape of a seat. As per local belief, a white English lady used to spend the evenings watching the panoramic view from this rock. Hence it got its name, Lady's Seat. It is also a wonderful place to watch sunset. And, in dark you can get amazing view of glittering Salem town. Lady's seat is located on the South West of Shevaroy hills, at a distance of 2 KM for Yercaud Bus Stand.

Pagoda Point
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This an another famous view point in Yercaud located in eastern part of hills. It is at a distance of 4 KM from Yercaud Bus Stand. This point is away from hustle bustle of Yercaud main town. Pagoda point is also known as Pyramid point and it got its name from the for piles of four stones that have been arranged in the shape of Pyramid. Pagoda point is very famous for its wonderful surroundings and one can feel the aroma and chillness of nature at this point. Also, here one can observe amazing sunrise and sunset views. Near Pagoda point there is a temple of Sri Rama. And this makes it also and important pilgrimage site which also attracts many devotees.

Street Bazaar

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Main Bazaar is an important shopping locality in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India. It forms part of Ward number 30 of the Yercaud constituency. The bazaar features both government-run shops and privately owned shopping outlets. All the produce from in and around Yercaud are sold in this bazaar. The different produce sold are different varieties of Tea, groceries and cutlery items. The other items sold in the place include paintings by local painters and clothing reflecting the local culture

Travel TipsBest time to travel
Although you can plan for a trip to Yercaud through out the year. But you season of monsoon from October to February will be quite pleasant with a temperature normally varying from 12°C to 25°C. Summer (March-May) is also good season to visit with temperature normally varying from 16°C to 30°C+ . If you are too much in sight seeings then you can avoid monsoon which ranges from July to September.
Transportation Option
Road trip is the best way to reach Yercaud. Either you can use your personal vehicle or you can hire a cab from all nearby major cities. Also you can go to Salem by bus and from there you can hire taxi/cab to go to Yercaud. You can also reach till Salem by train and from there you can hire taxi or cab to go to Yercaud.

Clothing and Wearables
  • In Winter season keep proper warm clothes with you. But in other seasons also keep light warm cloth handy. Because you may start feeling chillness anytime depending on weather condition.
  • Keep proper walking shoes with you. It will be be very useful in exploring Yercaud town on your feet.
  • Keep umbrella handy to deal with any unpredictable monsoon.
  • Sunglasses will also come very handy as when you get to face Sun in Yercaud, most of the time it will be of high intensity.

  • Majorly spoken language is Tamil. However at most of the resorts, hotels and major restaurants people will be able to communicate in English also. But when you get to deal with some locals or small vendors then it may be difficult to communicate in Hindi or English. As most of them won’t be well versed in these languages. But still you can communicate with the help of cab driver or some other available person nearby who are able to communicate in Hindi or English

Hope this article is helpful for you all.

Please follow me on @Influencer for such pieces of information

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superrrr broo


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Nibinns1997: Hello, Thanks for showing interest in the ColorOS. Can you tell us that in which device you want to get the update?   Posted at 7-8-2019 09:46



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