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「ColorOS Fantasy」Wallpaper Of Your Choice!!

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Small mistake can make a big Change,
Similarly small idea can make a big Creation....

Hello ColorOS Superfans,
How are you all?
Get ready to make yourself creative!!


Before starting, go through my latter version of this article: Wallpaper Collection

Till now we have used many types of wallpapers and made our devices colorful. Now let's make our own wallpaper which fits our device. It is very simple if we are little bit creative. A good device with proper camera is highly enough to create great wallpapers. In this article, im gonna share small tips to change the complete scenario….

Let's get started…

What We Do?

In general, many of users might using there own captured images as wallpapers. But still, they can look more beautiful when we change them a little.
The major mistake what everyone may do is keeping the picture as it is...

Like this:-

WeChat Image_20190816235418.jpg    WeChat Image_20190816235430.jpg

These look good, But not up to the mark. They are not professional. Everyone can easily identify that these were clicked by ourselves. Even to us, they won't look nice when compared to that of wallpapers which we download in our themestore or other 3rd party apps...

What To Do?

Having seen the above images, you may think "they are looking good enough".
Now have a look on these:-



The same images now became like a professional designed wallpaper. What is the change?
The alignment, that is what matters. We all think that “how the wallpapers are designed, it is true or created with technology". But now make a note, one can do anything with his interest.
In the above images, I have just adjusted them accordingly, So that it fits the screen perfectly. But to others who look at my device, Those are wallpapers created by great designer. Am I truly a designer??
Post a comment with your wallpapers and get candies from me as a gift for your creativity

Have a look on few more pieces.


Tips for good shots:-

One of the major thing which is worthful while taking a picture is the View.
View by which we see is different to what we click. So while capturing a picture, Check for the perfect view.

We all see Expert mode in camera, and get worried about the null knowledge on it. But for a person who is creative himself, No external factor is required. Your view is what all matters. I have never captured a perfect one using the expert mode…

Here are few such shots:




The above pictures look very similar to great wallpapers and are very proffessional. They are taken randomly with my device, Now became wallpapers for my device. Try such things of your own and give them in the Comment section.

Check out few more wallpapers made by me...






Note: All the above mentioned images are clicked with OPPO F11Pro and are pure without any further edit. Modules used incluedes Standard, Potrait, Dazzle Colour..

I hope you guys loved them all...
Hoping to help you in more these creative ways, I'm closing this article..
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Follow me @SAIPAVAN , For more such creative stuff...

Thanks for your love and support towards ColorOS
Jai Hind...

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