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[ Influencer Camp ] Missing Features in Color OS ( My P.O. V )

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                I have been using Color OS for more than 2 years, and am a fan of it since then. I really like its built in features like the asthetics, Color Selection of the UI and the  Applock, Phone Manager which are not available in stock android (we can use third partyapps but they are not as secure as built in features). There are quite many features I like it about and some features I feel it's missing. Since there are so many posts/threads about the new features of the Color OS 6, I would like to just bring up a few features which i think it lacks.

Device                           :  OPPO F9,
COLOR OS VERSION     :  6.0.1
                   Screenshot_2019-08-25-12-58-43-59[1].png                    Screenshot_2019-08-25-12-58-53-36[1].png

1) Lockscreen
              This is the most important feature in any smart phone that need to be taken care off. No doubt its beautiful in Color OS, but its missing the following:
i)            We are not able to see notifications more than2 lines for some apps like meassages, whatsapp. I like the lockscreen notifications be like as in stock android or ios where there is a proper viewing of contentof the notifications.
ii)           When we apply a theme no matter what, the notifications view was changed on lockscreen and restricted to a fewer area on the screen . It makes me really difficult to view when there are multiple notifications fom multiple apps.
iii)          I like my notifications to be alive even after I had done a quick unlock and relock, they are present in the status bar but they get dismissed in lockscreen.
iv)          I dont know the point of a quick reply option in lockscreen when you have to unlock to give a reply. If privacy was the concern here atleast it should have an option in lockscreen setting to enable with my consent.                                                                                                                                                  


2) NotificationBar/ Quick Tiles
                 I see the team is continuously trying to give a good notification bar by tying different ui/ placements of it. In Color OS 3.0 multiple pages in dropdown shade. In 3.2 quick setting will be opened from the bottom and the notifications will be opened from the top. From 5.2 onwards I see they have merged the notification shade and quick tiles in same page, on the top we have quick tiles and I really like this approach. Everything looks fine but it need to be polished with the asthetics and color selection accroding to the theme.

             Screenshot_2019-08-25-12-50-11-23[1].png                         Screenshot_2019-08-25-13-09-41-77[1].png

3) Gestures
                 I really like the gesture controls, I have tried all the gesture controls and I like them all. A very very good use of the large screen. I have only a minor issue with the pill type gesture. When I opened multiple apps like say more than 10, I think the sliding of the pill need to be calibrated according to the number of apps. Its perfect to use when there are a fewer open apps, but when there are more than 10 apps I find it not so comfortable to switch apps by sliding the pill, it either moves the apps really fast or the  apps were not all moved even the pill was slided to the end.

             Screenshot_2019-08-25-13-12-46-68[1].png                      Screenshot_2019-08-25-13-11-35-24[1].png   

4) Themes
                 One thing everyone likes in android is its personalisation. One feature that really dont use incolor os 5.2 or 3.2 is the Themes app. Its getting better from color 6 , the themes collection is getting improved, I see a lot of new themes coming. but the themes are not to my taste, its upto our personal liking. I really think that it should have a custom theme/ My theme option where the user cancustomize or create new themes based on his liking. There should be options like icon pack selection ,wallpaper, lockscreen, ringtone, meassage tone ,notification shade color/quick tiles color based on the theme.
                    Recently I noticed the theme store is displaying ads in the latest version. I havent seen the ads no where as of now. But if the company was planning to bring ads into the OS, I think most of theusers will not like it. Personally I hate to see ads in my phone.

                   Screenshot_2019-08-22-01-53-16-16[1].png                   Screenshot_2019-08-22-01-53-02-75[1].png

5) App Drawer
                  Its good to see an app drawer. Good move by the team. I would suggest to add backgrounds for the drawer, currently we have transparent background only, it should have light and dark backgrounds as well as with opacity option. This is important because when I use a white theme and I open the drawer I see a black background and it doesnt go well with the theme .
       And the the alphabets on the side and the apps with particular letter should be highlited more when im sliding my finger over the alphabets as well as the icon should aslo be highlighted with a bigger animation or popup out of all.


6) Smart Assistant
                  It needs a huge improvement. The order tracking was not good, the steps counter counts even if I havent moved from bed room it shows a 1000 steps nearly. It should also include local language articles in news, sports card should have to be better by adding all the tournaments.
                     Screenshot_2019-08-22-16-25-33-11[1].png                 Screenshot_2019-08-25-12-50-02-98[1].png

7) Camera
I love the camera and the Simple UI of the camera app in Color OS. Nothing much to complain about it, except the beauty mode is a little bit agressive that makes the pictures softer. One minor isssue i faced is the emoji feature is buggy, i know it needs a lot of resources but still think it needed some retouch.                                                           


8) Updates
One major thing that misses is the time to time security updates. Thats what differetiate between stock android and Color OS. As you can see we're in the end of august and i only have a security patch from july 5th. It is really a deal breaker for some people who's priority is a secured os. I know its hard to expect ui changes very often, but i think Color OS should atleast give a monthly security patches as well as some major bug fixes. In that way a user can have some peaceful mind.


             Finally, I can say Color OS is moving in the right direction, Listening to the feedback from the users and making an effort to reach more audience. Thank you !!



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