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「ColorOS Know How」Transfer Data from the Old Phone to New phone

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Hello ColorOS Super Fans,

  Once again I am here with my new article 'Transfer Data from the old phone to OPPO Smartphone with clone phone'

Learn how to transfer data from your old phone using Clone Phone

Applicable for all OPPO smartphone.

You can transfer over all of your data - with no risk or loss of quality, using Clone Phone. With Clone Phone, you don't need to leave any of your data behind with your previous device. Take it all with you in three easy steps:

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From an iPhone to an OPPO Phone

1. On your OPPO Phone, go to [Tools] > [Clone Phone], then select "This is the new phone" and "Import From an iPhone". Connect your phone to the Internet when prompted.

2. After enabling two Factor Authentication, log in the iCloud account of your old iPhone, then enter the Apple ID verification code you received on your iPhone or in the SMS and start computing cloud data.

From an Android Phone to an OPPO Phone

1. On your OPPO phone, go to [Tools] > [Clone Phone], then select "This is the new phone" and "Import from an Android Phone".

2. On your old phone, tap [Clone Phone] from the Home screen, select "This is the old phone" and scan the QR Code generated by the new phone to start cloning.

You can also select the data (Personal Data, System Data, Applications, Storage Data) to be cloned by tapping "Manually Select the Data to be Cloned."

3. Enter the lock screen password to continue.

If the QR code cannot be scanned

While scanning, if QR code doesn’t work, manually connect to a hotspot and transfer the data. To do this, open [Clone Phone] app on both phones then tap “Connect”, you’ll notice that a pop-up will prompt “Personal Hotspot Activated”, tap on it and find the Hotspot name on the Wi-Fi setting and enter the password then you can start transferring files.

If your old phone doesn't have a Clone phone

1. Tap You can tap to install> and it will direct you to a web browser or open a browser from your phone and manually copy this link: https://i.clonephone.coloros.com/download
Note: This only works when you open it using your mobile phone. This will not open on your computer. Also, you need to manually type in the link on your phone's browser.

2. Once you have entered the link above, it will prompt you to download the Clone Phone downloader APK file under the Download folder. You may change the folder path if you wish just tap "Change the directory"  then tap "Save".

3. Once the download is done. On your home screen, go to the notification panel for the downloaded file or go to Files/File Manager and tap “APK” folder or whichever folder you choose to save the file.  Tap on “PhoneCloneDownloaded.apk” file then tap on “Install”.

4. After the installation has been completed, tap “Done”  and you can now start to transfer files.

Note: The duration of the Clone Phone process depends on how big the data you are going to transfer. Please patiently wait before it is completely transferred.

* Pictures, settings, and paths might differ from those of your phone, but do not affect the description in this article

Thanks for reading my article, Follow me on @kushwah to see all my articles.


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