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「ColorOS Photo Story」Macro Lens Photography.

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Hello ColorOS Peeps !


Today I am with a new photo story titled " Macro photography" .Macro photography is also known the close up photography. Macro photography is a unique form of photography that involves photographing small objects to make them look life-sized or larger in the photo. But it is also a challenging photography because it's done by bringing camera near to a single object and also difficult to focus on that. But camera of OPPO F11PRO is best for all types of photography, so today I want to share some pictures which I took with the help of F11PRO camera and by using Macro lens.


Tips for Macro Photography.

1.Choosing a single object.

For a attractive Macro Photography you can choose a suitable object which make your pictures amazing. You can take Common subjects like small insects, butterflies, rain drops, and small objects such as toys and some others household items. Inanimate objects are fairly easy to photograph as they don’t move, but  to clicks the insects and bugs can be a lot more challenging because they cannot stay in single frame. One key tip for photographing them is to shoot from a safe distance to avoid scaring them off.


2. Make Blurry background.

You can use the Portrait mode for the Macro Photography because in that mode is easy to focus on single object. Many photographers prefer to keep it simple by positioning their subject in front of a contrasting background that’s located farther away from the subject, so it comes off as a beautiful background blur.


3. Plan your point focus.

It is good if you put focus of your camera in single point, because in close up Photography camera lens became unstable and it's not easier to focus. One thing that can help you take better macro photos is to learn how to focus on different parts of the frame manually and to try to change your focus to provide different and interesting perspectives.


4. Be patient.

The first rule of Photography is the keep patient, without patient you can't click the good picture. And Macro Photography is the best test for checking patient because it always take time to focus on single object. While there are a lot of things to remember in order to achieve a good professional macro shot, practice helps make it a habit and when you became professional on it then you will click Macro Photos easily.


5. Create better lighting.

Lighting makes the biggest role in all type of Photography but In Macro Photography there is the biggest role of lighting, in low light you can't clicks such pictures, So for close Photography create the better lighting using of better light can artistically improve your shots, you can add light to support your exposure settings, such as when the subject is still too dark despite having a wide open aperture.



6. Location and weather.

Some of the most interesting subjects to photograph with a macro lens are small things and insects. Flowers and various plants are also fun, and can often make interesting abstract images. The locations that you have choose for macro photography is in my experience places with lots of flowers and plants. And weather should neither be much hotter or nor colder.


7. Learn to see.

This is what I’ve always imagined fairyland to be like. However, in actual fact it’s a macro shot of the tiniest moss, found at the bottom of an orchid pot. This is the beauty of macro photography.


8. Never give Up.

Rule of Life is Never Give up, try- try and try again till you get sucess. You have to also follow the same rule in Photography, because Photography is not easier that you think.This is probably the best of all the macro photography tips is that never ever give up! Keep patience and understand to your camera one day you will become the good photographer.



If you like these pictures, keep following me for more such types of Photostory, and comment on which topic you want Article. I will try to make article on that.
Thank You and stay tuned to our ColorOS Community.

If you want to read more such articles then follow me @ManisRana

Stay tuned to ColorOS Community for such interesting pieces of articles.


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