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「ColorOS Know How 」Know More About HeyTap

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All for one and one for all...

Hello ColorOS Fans and my dear friends,
How are you all?
1374318_1516024161978724_13836635683015953_n (1).png

Do you got any notification saying "OPPO Account Is Changing to HeyTap Account"?
What is it? Anyone Knows? Let us know few details about it...

What is HeyTap?


HeyTap is a comprehensive global Internet services platform with a range of products on the market, including an App Market, Game Center and Browser. Operated by Singapore-based company Bravo Unicorn Pte. Ltd, HeyTap provides services to over 310 million users across more than 40 countries and regions worldwide. Emerging as a solution for the era of IoT and intelligent connectivity, HeyTap is committed to becoming the user-preferred Internet services brand of the future.

In September 2019, the HeyTap Internet Service brand announced that it will be officially launched. As a comprehensive global Internet service brand, HeyTap is operated by Guangdong Huantai Technology Co., Ltd. and has launched a variety of Internet service products including software stores, game centers and browsers.

Things you need to know about HeyTap


Since June 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has officially issued 5G licenses and 5G mobile phones have been launched one after another. 5G has finally become a reality that ordinary users can reach at hand. Market research company Canalys recently released a global forecast report for 5G smartphones. From 2019 to 2023, the global shipment of 5G smartphones will reach 1.9 billion, with an average compound annual growth rate of 179.9%. Among them, by 2023, global 5G smartphone shipments will reach 800 million, accounting for 51.4% of the total smartphone market share, truly surpassing 4G mobile phones and become the main force of the entire market. It can be said that 5G mobile phones will inevitably become the center of people's smart connected life in the future. And 5G's evolving colleagues will inevitably lead to more and more innovative intelligent terminals, all of which will be interconnected through 5G, directly or indirectly serving the majority of users.

5G commercial is only the beginning. From a longer-term perspective, the 5G era is not only the era of the Internet of Everything, but also the era of the integration of all things. On the basis of the most basic end-to-end connection, the innovative experience realized by the combination of technology and technology is the key to the 5G+ era. For example, the convergence of "5G+ABC" - that is, the most advanced technology areas that are currently the most concerned - AI artificial intelligence, BigData big data and Cloud cloud computing, will also have the opportunity to realize for users based on the advantages of 5G. A more revolutionary smart experience.

Of course, for ordinary end users, the future intelligent Internet experience requires not only the 5G intelligent terminal and related technologies that continuously optimize iteration, but also the perfect integration of hardware, software and Internet services. In this context, HeyTap was born with the era of all things. In the future, HeyTap will provide Internet services for a number of smart terminal brands. In the 5G era, HeyTap will meet the needs of global consumers for Internet services, bringing easy and convenient experience and helping to realize the true value of 5G “all things in one".

Why HeyTap?


HeyTap includes many services which we are already using in our OPPO devices. It consists of App Market and Games, Products(Smart and content), Finance, User services. Let us discuss in detail of all these services.

App Market And Games

It includes App Market, Game Center, Theme Store. These may look similar to our current apps. Let us wait and see about further changes in them

App Market

Known for its secure and reliable downloads
The app market consists of secure and trusted apps and games, which are chosen from wide range of catogiries, so that users can easily search, know about it, download, install and uninstall. And for the Developers, it is easy to upload apps and they can reach huge number of peaple with in no time.

Theme Store


Mobile style made easy with inclusion of Theme Store. It basically consists of high-quality themes, wallpapers, fonts, ringtones and some other cool stuff which changes the device from ordinary to stylish. Some suggestions and tips are also given for user purpose. And HeyTap is claiming the Ringtones also will be included in Theme Store which is not visible in our current OPPO Theme Store. Let us together wait for it.

Game Center

HeyTap claims that having Game Center is simply having fun at your fingertips.
It consists of games from huge range of catogiries. Users can now install and uninstall games securely and easily. Apart from games, it also provides us the news of some various events going in those games. For example, on the start of Season 9 of PUBG, we have received a notification to buy UC, which is very cool to get notified.

Content Products

As the word says content, this part consist of Browser and also lockscreen magazine.


Everything you need is within a range. Browser contains various news articles for users to know what's going on around the world. Now user can browse, read news, watch videos and many more. With an Interest-Based recommendation, Browser creates a rich personalized content consumption experience for the users.

Lock Screen Magazine


It provides users with exquisite, stylish and personalized selection. We just need to swipe for different visual experience. Apart from having wallpapers, we even get few interesting details about them. So we can learn new things everytime we see lockscreen...

Smart Products

The Search option is considered as a smart product. With this users can search with one-tap both on-device information and also online content, enabling users to search quickly and comprehensively.


When comes to Finance, Secure Payment made easy and provide users and parteners with a variety of convinient, reliable, and worry-free payment services.You all might have exeperienced this already(A bar on notification panel ensuring secure environment).

User Services


HeyTap provides various services for their users in order to have a good relation with them. Let us discuss about them quickly and learn few things about them..

Account ID
Every device has an ID which helps us to recover and few cool things. It is a great way to start!
HeyTap account gives user an authoritative identification tag. By logging into account, user can enjoy diverse products and services provided by HeyTap platform..

Awesome perks just for us!!
Points are value-added user services integrated into App Market, Game center, Theme Store and other apps. Users now can participate in various activites to earn reward points and recieve generous benefits..

Cloud Services
HetTap provides users with a secure and reliable storage space. User's photos, videos, contacts, texts, notes, browser bookmarks, calenders and other personal information can be stored safely and securely in the cloud for convinient access and management.

This is what about the HeyTap account. Now let us know about internal account info...

Login Method



This looks very similar to our current where old user can login with their OPPO ID and new users need to signup. Once the setup is finished, have a look on it...



This is how the pc version of HeyTap Account looks like. We have various sections this time. And one of the notable thing is HeyTap account is that it is very secure. While in account opening process, it requires many otp's for ensuring security. And all the sections are useful for having better user experience when swiching the devices. Now let's see all the options that are available...

Account Password


It's basically used to set a new password. This can also be in general setting of our device. But after complete updation to HeyTap account, functions may vary. It is now more secure and convinient. Before we use to face a problem of delay in receiving otp. But now there is no such delay. So now you can have a better experience..

Mobile number and Email Binding


With the help of these, you can login to your account anywhere. You can reset your passwords, and also conduct other security verifications. All the services and apps provided by HeyTap require account setup. To signin to them, one must setup these and can be more secure. It takes just a couple of otps to bind them.

Recovery Contact


As the name says, it basically helps in recovering the password when we forget the old one. You can bind 3 such contacts(Mobile Number or Email). It ensures the user more safe login. If someone want to login to your account, its difficult for them to do that because of our security ensurance.

User Information
This part is to display some basic information of user like Profile Photo, Display Name, First and Last Name, Gender, Birthday. You can modify them accordingly. It displays our profile when we open our account in any device. And now you can manage your account information here.

Authorization Management
This section is basically to view and manage third-party apps that are authorized to use HeyTap account for signin. But, as it is under development stage, such apps are be displayed by the company. Let us together wait for this...

That's all with the HeyTap. More interesting things about HeyTap are to be revealed. Stay tuned with me.
To login to HeyTap, Click Here

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Is there any change in system apps?

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Nice info shared

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Beta 5.0

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Nice ,  I am waiting for Hey Tap on my Oppo 7


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I am waiting Hey Tap on my oppo reno 10x


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oppo k1


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well nice things. got notification in oppo k3


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