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OPPO Reno Android 10 for ColorOS 6 Trial Version (For India)

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Dear ColorOS Superfans,  Android 10 is here.

OPPO Reno (CPH1917)
Android 10 for ColorOS 6 Trial Version is now open for testing.
Those who are interested in experiencing Trial Version, Please apply now.

Android 10 For ColorOS 6 Registration Notice:

1. This Trial Version aims at functional testing and may be unstable, but user requirements can be basically met. You may encounter some bugs and are expected to report these bugs to us to help us solve these problems.

2. Please update all apps on your phone to the latest version in the OPPO App Market before upgrading. Since some third-party applications are not suitable for Android 10, some third-party applications may not work properly after upgrading to this version (such as Hang, Crash, etc.), and you are advised to wait patiently for subsequent updates. Click here to view the App List.

3. Switch the theme and font to the default theme before the upgrade. Some themes and fonts are still being adapted, which may affect the use. The subsequent versions will continue to optimize the adaptation.

4. The dark mode of some applications is still being adapted and may affect the dark mode experience and subsequent versions will continue to optimize it.

5. Make sure you have backed up all your phone's important data before upgrading.

Application/Update Method:

Android 10 for ColorOS 6 Trial Version is now open for testing.
Those who are interested in experiencing Android 10 for ColorOS Trial Version, Please apply now.

Step 1. Please update your phone to the latest official Version (CPH1917EX_11.A.12_0120_201909252249) first. If your version is higher than this version, maybe you could not detect the Trial version.
Notice: The Upgrade Plan supports OPPO Reno in India only.

Step 2. Go to "Settings - Software Updates", tap the settings icon in the upper right corner, tap "Trial Version", fill in the information, select the must-know checkbox, and tap "Apply Now"

Reno Beta 1.png

Reno Beta 2.png

If the application quota is full, please wait for the next round.

Group Joining Link:

If you have any difficulty to upgrade, here is the beta group joining link .
Link - Beta Group Joining Link

Recommended Updates:

Adds Dark Mode, a set of dark color schemes, delivers an all-new visual experience for you.
Upgrades Smart Sidebar: Improved visual design and simplified operations.
Updates the Android Security Patch version to September 5th, 2019 to enhance system security.


「Display & Brightness」
• Adds Dark Mode, a set of dark color schemes, delivers an all-new visual experience for you.
• Adds Screen-Off Clock options for personalizing your lock screen.

• Multi-Screen Interaction has been renamed Screen Cast and user instructions have been added.
• Swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen to switch between recently used apps.
• Adds Brand new system animations, animations are more rich and exquisite.
• Adds Brand new charging animation to create a visually smoother experience.
• Tap a blank area on the Recent Tasks screen to go back to the Home screen.
• Optimized sounds to pair more naturally with the UI design.

• Adds Multi-screen interactive upgrades to screencast, new instructions for use, easy to master function points.

「Game Space」
• Restyled the launch screen with vibrant animations and dazzling visuals.

• Adds SOS Helper: Emergency contacts will receive a call once you are in danger.
• Adds an Emergency Call button on the power off-screen.
• Adds Passwords function: Encrypt all app accounts and passwords you save to Passwords. Passwords will autofill this information when you sign in to your apps.

「Notification Bar」
• Adds Hide Status Bar icons for silent notifications.
• Optimized the Quick Settings interface for easier one-handed operation.

• Adds Screenrecord shortcut setting button, for fast and intuitive operation.
• Adds the Pause option in screenrecord.

• Adds Support to original keep/delete the original image after editing the screenshot.
• Adds Screenshot sound On/Off option.
• New screenshot interaction: After taking a screenshot, swipe up and release to share it, or swipe down and release to take a long screenshot.

• Adds Calculator floating window mode, floating window transparency can be adjusted, calculator interface is free to switch, the calculation is faster and more convenient.

「File Manager」
• Adds a recent files list for you to easily browse newly added files.

• Adds new animations and restyled the layout in Weather.

• Adds Trim function in Recorder.

「Home Screen」
• Adds Simple Mode for the Home screen. App icons are displayed larger and the screen layout is simplified.
• Adds a series of new live wallpapers.
• Adds Desktop swipe down now can custom Settings for Notification Center or Global Search.

「HeyTap Cloud」
• Adds cloud services. Files and important data can be saved to the cloud for access on all devices.
• Cloud Service has been renamed HeyTap Service.

• Adds options to select where you want to display Dual Clock.

• A random MAC is provided for your phone when connected to Wi-Fi to block targeted ads and improve privacy protection.
• Adds a drawer in "Messages" that merges different functions and settings.
• Adds Contact support last name avatar display
• Optimized SIM card and data management.
• Optimized the Contacts interface for more conciseness and efficiency.

• Optimized the UI for you to easily set and use frequently used functions.

Feedback For Trial Version

In Community website go to [Feedback] - [New Feedback] - [Submit], our team will follow your feedback.
Click to feedback: https://community.coloros.com/forum.php?mod=buglist
Feedback page.png

Note: Community App is yet to be integrated into this Trial Version, till then you can use a PC or WAP version to send feedback.

Guidelines to Downgrade

1. Downgrade from Android 10 Trial Version to Official Version, the downgrade process will clear all your phone data, so please back-up all your data on an external storage device before downgrading.
2. To Downgrade from Android 10 Trial Version to Official Version you can visit OPPO Service Center or do it manually check manual downgrade tutorial.

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ColorOS, Color your mind~


Posted at 3-10-2019 17:36:14 FromCPH1945Mobile phone | Display all floors
Here show this


Posted at 3-10-2019 17:49:12 FromCPH1969Mobile phone | Display all floors
will this update make it to F11 pro?


Posted at 3-10-2019 19:45:52 FromCPH1803Mobile phone | Display all floors
Plz update OPPO a3s in color os 6 plz


Posted at 3-10-2019 19:50:27 FromA1601Mobile phone | Display all floors
any upgrade s for a Oppo A1601


Posted at 3-10-2019 20:17:38 FromCPH1877Mobile phone | Display all floors
hey!!!! update my OPPO R17 PRO to pie version you always release new oppo phones, your so slow for new update.


NickName4050254: Yeah you are almost right I also want a update for my Oppo f1 plus.  Posted at 15-10-2019 23:05
skg88: Welcome to OPPO. Don't expect updates from Oppo. Best option is switch brands and DON'T Ever Recommend Oppo to others  Posted at 5-10-2019 19:51
arjayvilly14: you are lier i really hate you... trial version is not available.. I'll check every day..!!! oppo is not fair...! oppo is selfish!!   Posted at 4-10-2019 20:18
Reni: Hi, Android pie is already released for R17. Find the article link here: https://community.coloros.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=17283&highlight=R17&mobile=2  Posted at 3-10-2019 22:59


Posted at 3-10-2019 20:29:46 FromCPH1917Mobile phone | Display all floors
i stuck the update a10 please give to indonesian version


Posted at 3-10-2019 20:30:45 FromCPH1877Mobile phone | Display all floors
i really hate you oppo slow...


VishalVerma: We are so sorry that you are facing this issue. Please provide us with your model name.  Posted at 22-2-2020 09:05


Posted at 3-10-2019 21:30:08 FromCPH1919Mobile phone | Display all floors
CPH1919EX-11A-13 Oppo10xZOOM


NickName0136125: ok  Posted at 7-10-2019 06:56


Posted at 3-10-2019 21:34:13 FromCPH1803Mobile phone | Display all floors
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