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「ColorOS Photo Story」Here is the quick experience of Mumbai's Fan Meet.

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Hello ColorOS Super Fans,

   So, how's Diwali preparation is going on? You can say that in the comments. We all were aware of the Fan Meets in Delhi and Mumbai. Here is the quick experience of Mumbai's Fan Meet.

IMG20191020193003.jpg    IMG20191020161522.jpg

  So, when i heard about this I registered and shared this link to my friends. Including me we were 4 who were coming for this Fan Meet. As it was on Sunday we basically experience delay in trains because of that we left earlier and caught thr train on time. Along with the ride of metro amd 6 min walks we reached our destination [url=Tap Resto Bar Ground floor, Times Square B-1 Tech Park, Andheri - Kurla Rd, Gamdevi, Marol, Saki Naka, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069 091676 66721 https://maps.app.goo.gl/6WpoJiZUdUBZ7RyW8]TAP RESTRO BAR[/url] which is one of the best and luxurious place in Mumbai.

IMG20191020192431.jpg    IMG20191020160943.jpg

  There I meet Piyush the admin of our community groups. He recognize me with my name and then he introduce himself and lead us for further event. Then he gave us the Batch of PROUD TO BE OPPO FAN.

IMG20191020165818.jpg    IMG20191020170138.jpg

Starting with some soft drinks and snacks me and my friend got ready for the event. Including others we were around 25 to 30 member in the house. All new faces, even I met our former admin Prithvi Raj who was present there for the event.


  Starting with the introduction of our OPPO Team they started the event with :

1. Prashant Jain
2. Ashutosh
3. Piyush Rana


  They started it with quick introduction about OPPO and then started with quiz as well with surprise gifts. I was unlucky to get one but i won PVR cinema card. The with all due respect Mr. Rana started with the introduction of ColorOS. All about the history, vision amd mission.

IMG20191020175245.jpg    IMG20191020180549.jpg

   Then we had two activities. First was a lucky draw for 4 members. As said the 1st will get OPPO ENCO Q1. Then there was the second event of CRAZY SELFIE which we bave to click with our team and post it to Instagram.

IMG20191020190824.jpg    IMG20191020191910.jpg

  Just before ending the event we had a quick feedback about the event and future events. Then we started the best part for me was food. As I'm a very foody person of my Mumbai, every hour I eat something. It might be funny but it is true.

    While everyone having there meal, Mr. Jain was taking everyone's feedback personally and appreciating them for their presence and time.


We all got gift hampers and chocolates as a Diwali gift. This is how I experienced this day with all enjoyment and excitement. I want to thanks OPPO and ColorOS for such kind of events and opportunities. We really thanks you for treating us like a famliy.

  Hope to see all of you in the next FAN MEET. A very Happy Diwali !

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Great information

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ColorOS Activity: FAN Meet Experience in Mumbai

How do you spend your weekend? Sitting at home chilling or the one who likes to explore the outside world. Speaking about myself I am more of a wanderer my weekend goes into bike rides and trekkings. But this weekend was a different one for me the OPPO Fan meet. I have never been to any fan meet before so these were something new for me to experience. Heres a sneak peek about the experience I had of the OPPO fan meet.

I got to know about the OPPO Fan meet through one of my friends who is also an active member of the ColorOs community. As I had no plans for the weekend I registered for the event that was being conducted at one of the best restaurants of Mumbai Tap resto and bar. I got a call from them the other day regarding my confirmation of the event.

The day when the OPPO Fan meet was conducted me and one my friend from the community left from our house. To reach the destination we took the local train the JAAN of Mumbai and then changed to the metro. It was a 5-7 minute walk from the metro station. As we reached the destination we were greeted by Piyush Rana who happened to be the admin of the community groups my friend was a part of. He gave us a Tshirt with the brand name printed OPPO to wear and also a wrist band followed by a batch written “Proud to be OPPO Fan”.

There was still some time for the event to start as some fans were yet to come, till then they made us comfortable and offered us welcome drinks. We took some awesome phots of the drinks in the meantime with the newly launched OOPO Reno 2. Also, we were given some of the OPPO phones to experience by the team. Here are some of the photos we clicked.



The event started with a short introduction about OPPO that was given by the product manager of OOPO Prashant Jain. How it was started and to date how many OOPO fans we have. The one thing I liked the most was the GLOCAL concept  Prashant explained to us.


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Next was the quiz round being conducted and there were OPPO goodies for the winners. Also, there was a lucky draw where four winners were chosen and the first one to be lucky was gifted with the newly launched OPPO Enco Q1 Headset.
Piyush Rana gave us an introduction about the ColorOS and also about the further improvisation they were doing to launch the new version of ColorOS. Also, there was a group contest held were 4-5 groups each with about 6 Oppo fans had to post a selfie on the social media platform(Instagram or facebook)  the luck group to win was awarded PVR movie vouchers.

Ending with taking the feedback of the OPPO fans present at the event about the further events, mobile launches what would we like to have in their future updates. Also, there was a  quick snack to be enjoyed at the end of the event. The team members of OPPO met everyone and thanked them for their presence in the event.

We were also given some OPPO goodies and chocolates as a Diwali gift. These were one of my best weekends that was spent with the OPPO team and the other fans.Thanking OPPO for conducting such a great event and looking forward to attend more events like these.

These was my experience of the OPPO fan meet hope to see You also for the next fan meet. Till then HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL.


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