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「ColorOS Notice」ColorOS Community Author Promotion Mechanism

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ColorOS Community Author Promotion Mechanism

Welcome to ColorOS Community..!
Thank you for your continued support and trust. In order to provide you with colorful and high-quality content for our users, we hope to have more forms of content to help you better understand the dynamics and direction of ColorOS, so that you can get interesting new features and new developments from time to time which will help your device become better & better day by day.
As a part of it, you can also share relevant content about the ColorOS functional experience in the ColorOS Community, participate in it and become the content writer. If you love ColorOS products and have a lot of experience with the products/functions, we welcome you to join and become a "ColorOS STAR" in the ColorOS community.

User ID

We have made two new user groups for such purpose and let us introduce them to you.

Creators Team

Provide ColorOS Community users with the latest developments in ColorOS, ColorOS product experience, and ColorOS game technology related content, have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the product, providing users with the latest product information. At the same time, it provides interesting and trendy software, wallpaper, games and other related products for ColorOS Community users to help them quickly obtain high-quality content on the basis of information flooding and enrich their spare time.

Photography Team

Provide high-quality photography content for ColorOS Community users, and provide simple and practical photography skills for everyone, so that they can become master in Photography.

These 2 Teams are divided into 4 different user ids.

Normal User

  • Comments, like, make favorite, and share articles
  • Follow columns & favorite topics
  • Follow users and send a private message to them
  • Enjoy the right to freely post in the Playground Section.

Pre-Creators/Pre-Photography Team

  • Freedom to write in the ColorOS Community, quick access to article modification
  • Opportunity to have face to face interaction about product experience with Creators Team member.
  • Opportunity to give Article priority is recommended by the official
  • A chance to get promoted to Creators Team Member/Photography Team Member

Creators Team/Photography Team

  • Write articles in the playground section of ColorOS Community
  • Can contribute to different sections within the ColorOS Community
  • The article was selected to enter "featured" can be seen in the ColorOS Community selected places
  • Can be shown in the "Hot" section of the ColorOS community
  • Opportunity to participate in award-winning felicitation activities within authors of the ColorOS community
  • Qualification to trial OPPO newly launched devices
  • Qualification to trial latest ColorOS system experience
  • Get promoted to Editor of ColorOS Creators Team/Photography Team
  • Opportunity to participate in ColorOS Offline & travel activities

Creators Team Editor/Photo Club Editor

  • Priority is given to articles displayed in selected locations
  • Qualification to trial OPPO newly launched devices
  • Qualification to trial latest ColorOS system experience
  • Become person in charge & manage and operate one section with a super edition
  • Opportunity to participate in ColorOS offline activities
  • Invited to participate in excellent members seminar
  • Opportunity to travel and click pictures

How to get promoted?

Normal User to Pre-Creators Team/Pre-Photography Team

Every day you see ColorOS Banners of selected articles on the homepage that are all shared by the members of ColorOS Creators/Photography Team. If you want to be one of them, please follow the ColorOS Community Recruitment Post and tell us why you want to join, such as areas of interest, past articles, personal blogs etc., and what you plan to write in the ColorOS community. If your reasons are enough to attract us then you are likely to become a member of the Pre-Creators / Pre-Photography Team.

Pre-Creators/Pre-Photography Team to Creators/Photography Team

Wants to be extraordinary, willing to add more value to the ColorOS Community, and become a highly praised writer and resourceful photographer.
When you share some good articles in the ColorOS community and meet the following criteria, you can apply to be a member of Creators Team or Photography Team:
After 3 months, monthly evaluation score should not be less than 100 points
ColorOS will comprehensively evaluate your article and writing skills, and then decide if you can become a member of Creators/Photography Team & will revert within 7 working days.

Creators/Photography Member to Creators Team Editor/Photo Club Editor

The selection of Editor-In-Chief will be based on multiple assessments done by the official staff.
To become Editor you must have:

  • Receive highest ranking reviews on articles
  • The published article should not be less than 4 per month
  • Timely review the content published by the author of the Creators Team/Photography Team and guide the author of the Creators Team/Photography Team
  • Monthly guarantee that the group will create more than 20 high-quality articles (this version above the top)

Corresponding Benefits:
  • From time to time, there will be rewards or special drafts and bonus points other than basic points will be awarded
  • Every quarter, we hold the "ColorOS Community Excellent Author Award" according to the author's comprehensive performance in that quarter; we select the content king, talent award and progress award of that quarter and send out some surprise gifts.
  • At the end of each year, we also select the Author of the Year, in addition to the annual author benefits, the author will be displayed on the page of ColorOS Community Activity. For e.g. ColorOS Author of the Year 2018
  • At the end of the quarter if your performance is not up to the mark then your user status will be reduced back to “Creative Team/Photography Team”

Follow @SAIPAVAN for more ColorOS topics..!
Thanks for your continuous Love and Support towards ColorOS...

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Nice Initiative


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I have oppo K3 and I still not get the update for coloros 7


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awesome app 👌
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