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「ColorOS PhotoStory」OPPO Global Annual Meet Vlog Part-1

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Hi ColorOS Superfans,
My Experience On ColorOS Creators Planet Cermony-2020
We got an opportunity to visit china for ColorOS Creators Planet Event. It was so awesome even i explored a lot things for you guys. It is in my YouTube channel and I was excited to attend the event, come lets explore together me with my eyes and you with my camera....
Now lets start pack somethings which is necessary to a International Trip


Throughout our lives, people have thought that because we keep traveling and searching for new things to do, we are not focused. They have often thought we are flaky or unfocused. But travel helped us find our purpose and put focus into our lives. The more we got lost in our travels, the richer our lives became.
                WeChat Image_20200113124303.jpg
                                                               I believe "Packing for a trip can be exciting, but unpacking is always depressing. Do you guys think thats true or not? even we guys travelled together for many events like ColorOS 7 Launch Event, F9 Pro Launch Event, etc. I think you guys too has the same emotions.....
WeChat Image_20200113172907.jpg

Check what i packed... not only this i have packed so many things too. But i cant show everthing in this article, i am sure you can explore a lot in our YouTube video. For sure you can see more vlogs on China Trip soon and we are working on it, as a pre-register you can Subscribe it and also watch previous vlogs like ColorOS 7 Launch event and many more tutorials, etc... Now coming to the packing it has many things like shoes, clothes, wallet, selfie stick, neck band, Identity proof, Smartphone, power banks, charger, smartwatch and the tickets. It was really excited to pack them all.....

WeChat Image_20200113173419.jpg

I also took some china money which helps me a lot for shopping or in some emergency situations, etc. I just extanged it with Indian Rupees (INR) with INR of 11,000 Rupees and theey gave me an China RMB of 1,000 RMB.

Reaching The Airport:

Reaching the Airport from my home, i have reached the airport very earlier because of my excitment level became more than 100%, so i went to Airport before 2 hours where usually i reach the Airport before one hour only. While reaching Airport i got many calls and messages from the admins and they asked whether i have reached airport or not and whether i took all necessary things or not, etc. which made me to feel care full and they took many of the responsibility. My friends came to drop me in the airport and we travelled by the local train which takes less than 30 min and we think it is the better transport to travel than a cab or auto because we have to think of the traffic and time durations, etc.
WeChat Image_20200113172851.jpg                                         WeChat Image_20200113172912.jpg

often i lived in a dream like where the excitements literally took me to the dream world like whether how it will be, how my friends reactions will be, how the admins take care of us, how will be the surprises be like, etc. I know thats the dream but to know the truth we have to explore it....
WeChat Image_20200113172855.jpg

Chennai International Airport:

Oh God we have reached one hour before the check in time as i said we have started too early from my home. It was literally a great experience, however it was my third international trip i was so excited as i spoke before. So on the Airport no one will be waiting this time because as i were the only person going from Chennai, so i wanna go alone from chennai to delhi. After reaching Delhi i think there will be no problem because many of my friends will be waiting for me.

WeChat Image_20200113173416.jpg    

Chennai to China how it looks or pronounce like? haha just telling for the word, if you want then pronounce it. But we are not going directly it China will be our destination but whereas we are going to reach Chennai to Delhi then with our friends and with some of our admins like @PiyushRana , @AbhishekG and @RexStar then we will be going to travel to china by China Southern Airways to China thats what chennai to china.

WeChat Image_20200115194332.jpg

Hey guys i feel very comfort after getting my boarding passes, i know it wont be missed cause i have reached earlier. At the counter i just requested them for the window seats usually they will prefer or recommend for aisle seat whereas we got an window seat i think we are lucky to enjoy the view enough. Guys here i cant give you any view because giving pictures here wont be great deal as there are more beautiful shots for that as i told i have created a full vlog where yoou can check the full think also i will provide the channel link here subscribe and stay tuned you will get a notification ASAP.... [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyGEpVH7OIGd0vGCgphAn5g]

WeChat Image_20200113173424.jpg

Only one shot i can provide here in article for more please visit my youtube channel and this picture shows a lot oof beautiful simple details such as a beautiful sun set with a elegant moon in it and the elegant flights wing and the colour transformation from orange to black.

WeChat Image_20200113173442.jpg

I have been feeded with yummy sandwich and a tasty masala chai in Indigo, i prefer indigo airways always because of the food taste as well the give some choices where we can pick anything out of the menu they provide (Terms and Conditions applied). Then as there is a best service as well we wont get any discomfortable issues i also prefer Indigo Airways and ColorOS Team always look after our comfortablity so they will offer some new airways only.

WeChat Image_20200113173450.jpg

Woow great view i think we have almost reached the Delhi city and its time to land i think because i can see more beautiful buildings and as well the cold. Omg for the flight itself i can see the flog outside, lets see after getting outside. All fine till this lets hope good.

WeChat Image_20200113173454.jpg

We have landed in delhi and it was a safe landing, we took our baggage and after getting our baggage i got an call from RexStar and he told me come to the International Departure and we reached the respective terminal and we were at a que and thats ok as i were so excited to see my friends and our admins. The cold really kills me, i cant even describe the cold outside it was really like "NOTHING BURNS LIKE THE COLD". Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure the words by Emily Wing Smith so let me join my friends to enjoy the adventure.

WeChat Image_20200113173439.jpg

Oh yes, finally i have completed the checkup and joined our team, i were so excited to see them. Hope the trip to china will be awesome and i think we will enjoy the trip scene by scene and take a shot on everything mainly everything i will be capturing for my vlog whereas i want to show you guys thee originality whereas the picture cant do that once again i remember you to check the video where i will upload the video as soon as possible and i thank everyone for showing the excitment as well the love and care. The excitement will be continued in Part-2, as this is going too big you guys will fell bory to read them all.
Excitements realoaded in part-2   (part-2 soon)

Feeling Proud to share some Information with you guys!! This is @rahulAV signing Out.......
Follow me @rahulAV

❁❁Suggestions and Feeds are always Welcome ❁❁
Share some candies if you like the article......

i love to work with coloros


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I have seen your Samsung Level U in pic , the silicone earbuds is rounded as compared to conventional Apple ear pod style bud. Have you replaced with rounded bud. Help me get this type of bud instead of original level u bud.


YongNam_2458: PLEASE tell me  Posted at 21-2-2020 16:32
rahulAV: haha,.....  Posted at 30-1-2020 20:40

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My Experience On ColorOS Creators Planet Cermony-2020


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