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[ColorOS Photography] Let's Try to Capture Some Flatlays!

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Hello Guys,
Hope all of you are doing very well.
Owing to the promise of providing you all with great! Quality contents regularly, I have to do a lot of experiments to improve myself day by day and make myself better than yesterday. Today I am going to showcase one of the experiments I did recently. After joining ColorOS it's been a great journey for me. I already won 3 contests in ColorOS community. From where I got three gifts which are very precious and memorable for me not for their values but for my achievements. I won a Oppo Enqo Q1, a Gamepad and finally the biggest Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. So, I tried some Product Photography in the form of Flatlays.

What is Flatlay?
From the name it's understandable that something which is flatly laid. It's a type of Photography where there are some gadgets or things which are flatly laid on a decorative plane. Basically it's a piece of Art where your aesthetic sense is being judged from your presentation of the flatlay.

Btw if you still haven't checked my latest photography post then I recommend you to throw some glances at it to understand the true potential of the Camera of the Oppo phone. Click here to View the article.

So I'm done with the initial formalities! Let's showcase my work before you....

In this article I will show you the Enqo Q1 and the Reno 10x zoom through my photos. I am not doing any type of unboxing or anything because you have seen it already.

I want to thank the whole ColorOS team for supporting me. I would try my best to make ColorOS Community more better with my work.
Proud to be a part of ColorOS!

I won the Enqo Q1 for the first time after joining ColorOS community. That was a photography contest in the occasion of Diwali and I was very fortunate to grab a brand new Enqo. Which is also the first wireless earphone I have ever used. I became very delighted after winning such a wonderful gift. And also it was a turning moment of my life. For the first time I could understood that my photos also can win a contest! Before that I just used to click random imgages from my smartphone and store them in my gallery. After joining ColorOS I found me as a mobile photographer. From then I started giving a lot of effort to improve my skills on Photography. So without anymore stories let's see some pictures showcasing the Sleek and Vibrant ENQO Q1.

This is a college of two long exposure photos captured with f5 youth. It's not a flatlay but still I wanted to show you these stunning results. Do you know how to take such photos? If not then comment below if you want to see a tutorial from me.

So this is the first time I tried Flatlays. If there is any mistake please make me correct without any fail.

Now it's time for the biggest!!!


Recently I won a Reno 2 in the #RecapMy2019 contest. But fortunately I got a 10x due to some stock issue. However what I got, I started Photography with that. This was the second time I tried Flatlays. So naturally it would be better than the previous ones. Here the value of the experience! Try the same things again and again until you master on that. It will get better unknowingly as you keep clicking the same thing repeatedly. And this is the only secret of Photography!!

Let's go through some shots to realize the change in my art.....

Tried to Create a different perspective with the B/W filter.  

This is the last one. Hope you enjoyed this article. Do what the flatlay is telling

This is for today guys. As I started to click Flatlays, in future I will definitely come up with more artistic Flatlays. Show some love if you really liked this thread, also tell me which one among these is your favourite. Shower your suggestions in the Comments section without any hesitation. If there is any query feel free to DM me. If there is any topic you want me to write on, do let me know.

Follow me @pralayjana for more such pieces of Photography articles. Also check my previous posts if you liked this. I assure you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for your Continuous Support
Towards ColorOS!

Signing off
(ColorOS Photo Club)


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Nice pictures!


pralayjana: thanks bhaiya  Posted at 12-2-2020 13:57

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This is a great brand. I have been using it since 2019. I'm doing my writing service on it.


pralayjana: great!  Posted at 4-3-2020 17:50


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Find X


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Camera update
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