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「ColorOS News」Best Features Of ColorOS 7 That Worth To Be Discussed!

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Hello ColorOS FAN's,
I hope you all known that the latest OPPO Smartphone Reno3 Pro is equipped with ColorOS 7. Their are many features which are unknown to users and which are very useful. I have wondered by seeing those features which are completely absent in latter versions. So, don't skip any topic and read the whole thread. Without wasting any more time, let's get in to details of today's topic.


It might be many days since the launch of ColorOS 7. But still, many users won't know the full features in it. There are many features added in the ColorOS 7 which are been requested by users while testing ColorOS 5. In fact, many more features which are added without any requests. To speak about all such features, it takes much time and you also may get bored. So, I have come up with 10 Best Features of ColorOS 7, which are worth to be discussed. So, let's begin the countdown...

10. Animations


As almost every devices are powered by VOOC Flash Charge, the charging animations look pretty cool. It appears as it was really pumping the charge in that animation pattern. When a stranger looks at your phone while charging, he definitely will be amazed by the animation. By the way, how many of you have observed the sparkle around the punch-hole camera? Whenever, we use the front camera for the first time, a cool animation with light will appear to grab your attention towards the punch-hole setup. After the charging, next comes the app opening and closing animation, which infact will be pretty attractive. I'm sure that you'll fell in love with animations if you see it...

9. Focus Mode


Focus plays a major role in ones life. We need focus in every aspect to get succeed in that. Their will be many distractions to break our focus while doing some work. They maybe notifations also. So, this Focus Mode will enable you to be focus at your required time. It plays some affective music based on your desire and stops notifications and calls for a while. When you turn this on, you can setup your focus time and enable to enjoy it. Also, at any point if you feel to get rid off, you can simply exit from the focus mode. This mode will help students in focusing on studies a lot by the pleasant music. Give it a try...

8. Screenshots and Screen Recording


In OPPO, the 3-Finger swiping down Gesture screenshot is quite common. But in ColorOS 7, it has taken to advancement. We have different gestures to take long screenshot, to share and edit. Apart from it, the selected area screenshot using press and hold 3-fingers will be very much useful while making documents. Also, the screen recording feature is added with a feature. While making some videos, we need to cut them, paste them etc. But, now we can directly pause and resume the screen recording so that much work will be finished while recording itself...

7. Camera Features


Not just Reno3 Pro, many other devices with ColorOS 7 will also have these features. It has included with many features like Expert mode, Sticker, Google Lens, Pano, Time-Lapse, Slo-Mo and many other modes. Also, specially when comes to Reno3 Pro, we have a feature in expert mode namely XHD which has an ability to capture 108MP images. The ultra-wide angle mode, Ultra-Dark Mode, Potrait shots, Macro, Dazzle Color Mode and what not? All the required features are included in Camera, if still you think some are to be added, please do mention it under comments section.

6. Game Space


Game Space with HyperBoost 2.0, Touch Boost and lot more, will enhance the game experience a lot. Also, the major role while playing games will be decided by FPS, and now we can see the FPS while playing games. Also, there is dual channel network acceleration to use Mobile Data and Wi-Fi simultaneously to boost the network. We can record the game play or take screenshots, which can be seen later by holding the game icon and clicking og Screen Captures. So all gaming lovers, enjoy the lag free experience with ColorOS 7...

5. Floating Window


These Floating windows of apps will surely help us in many ways. We use calculator, we open file manager quite often. Now, when we click on the these apps from Smart Side Bar, we will see such pop-up windows on any screen. Also, we have the bubble feature so that we can use the app at any moment in any app. This feature is supported by many apps which are used very often in our daily lives. So, this feature would be included in our list...

4. Split Screen


We all wanted to use two apps simultaneouly. For example chatting with freinds in WeChat by watching YouTube videos. The same way, we may do many other works using split screen. By a 3-Finger Gesture swiping up the screen, we can enable it. But, there is something else. The Smart Sidebar has now become more smarter. We can simply press and hold any app from Smart Sidebar and pull it towards screen, and Boom! The app will be opened in split mode. This will be one of the smartest feature we have ever seen.

3. Dark Mode


The reason behind many users who are asking for Android Q update would be to experience the Dark Mode. And that dark mode in ColorOS 7 is similar to that of other handsets. This is pretty optimized with various toggles and will certainly give the best visual experience than other. Also, the scheduled dark mode, system wide dark mode will be the sneak peak of this mode. When Reno3 Pro comes to the talk, the Super AMOLED screen will look more super in this dark mode. Isn't it?

2. Multi-User


When comes to privacy, ColorOS will be definitely will be on top. But in previous versions, we don't have a multi account setup. Many users have posted feedbacks regarding the feature. Finally, ColorOS 7 have brought it in to action. Now, we can have multi-user setup in the device. So, when you give your device to your friend or any stranger and if you are worried of privacy, you can simply login with guest account or other account. This helps the device to be more secured. I hope many of you are satisfied by this feature. Now, what comes in 1st position, Any guess?

1. VoWiFi Calling


The most wanted and recently introduced feature VoWiFi calling is now available in Reno3 Pro with ColorOS 7. This feature helps us to call over WiFi network. When we struck in an area where there won't be proper cellular network connectivity, we can this feature and call to the required person by connecting to the WiFi. This feature might be introduced soon to other devices equipped with ColorOS 7 trial version. Now I think you all are eagerly waiting for this feature...

These are the 10 best features which are included in Reno3 Pro packed with ColorOS 7. But not just these, there are many features like new navigation gestures, easy swiching between apps, Black Screen mode, Live Wallpapers based on day-night and lot more which are interesting. Till then stay tuned to our community to get more details about ColorOS...

Note: All the features mentioned are taken from ColorOS 7 which is equipped by Reno3 Pro. They may vary from device to device based on their versions.

This device(Reno3 Pro) is given to us by ColorOS Team to trial it since we are under ColorOS Creators Team. If you guys are also willing to trial such latest released devices, kindly join our ColorOS Community...

Follow me @SAIPAVAN , for more such pieces of ColorOS and OPPO.
Your Love and Support is always great towards ColorOS.




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sayyed05971882: I want this  Posted at 13-5-2020 21:33
NickName0146038: เยี่ยม  Posted at 14-3-2020 22:30
SAIPAVAN: ♥️  Posted at 6-3-2020 01:37
Piyush Rana



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Posted at 5-3-2020 11:50:29 FromMobile phone | Display all floors
Good thread bro


SAIPAVAN: Thankyou :)  Posted at 6-3-2020 01:37



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Posted at 5-3-2020 11:54:47 FromCPH1881Mobile phone | Display all floors
Nice thread..!🔥🔥


SAIPAVAN: :)  Posted at 6-3-2020 01:37


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I'm amazed with all of this


SAIPAVAN: Of course you will..  Posted at 6-3-2020 01:37


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When RAW capture will be availabe on oppo devices?


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I want this



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Posted at 5-3-2020 13:38:09 FromSAMSUNGSM-J500FMobile phone | Display all floors
When oppo Reno 2z get color os 7 update?


NickName0145374: 7000924722  Posted at 11-3-2020 10:12
SAIPAVAN: Hello, the update for Reno2 Z is scheduled this month. Kindly stay tuned...  Posted at 5-3-2020 16:53
Harshit2004: Thanks for showing love ♥️ Towards ColorOS 7.Update has been scheduled in 2020 Q1.Stay Tuned.  Posted at 5-3-2020 14:19


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oppo reno 2z update


RDX2345: Oppo Reno 2z color os 7 trial version 16th march ko ayega.  Posted at 6-3-2020 12:44
VishalVerma: Hello, the update for Reno2 Z is scheduled this month. Kindly stay tuned  Posted at 5-3-2020 17:13
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