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[ColorOS Notice] Rules and Regulations about Posting a Thread

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Hello ColorOS Fans,

Please read carefully for "Rules & Regulations".

1. Search Before Posting

We urge you to take a little of your time and search the Community before opening a new thread. Sometimes your threads are likely to have already been posted by someone else on Community. So, it is not necessary to post again until and unless admin have asked you to do so. For replying on any thread use “Reply” tab it will quote the thread you are replying upon.

Posting duplicate content may lead to deletion of the post, followed by warning and banning of the user.

Make sure that you access the dashboard on homepage for some specific and pinned thread, as they're likely to contain important information.

2. Use English as a Common Language

With due respect to all other languages that are being spoken and written, we suggest you use English as a common language to communicate. Should you feel the need to express a few lines in your regional language, please make sure to translate them as well.

3. No Spamming

Please avoid posting multiple replies at once when answering to a thread. Make sure to ask all questions or post all replies at once as to keep the community thread neat and easier to read. Multiple replies in one thread by the same user will be deleted and only the first one will remain.

Be aware that posts containing only emojis and those whose topic does not match the one of the thread will be considered as spam and deleted without further notice.

4. No Profanity -No Nudity - No Racism - No Swearing

Members who fail to respect the aforementioned will be sanctioned, banned, and their posted content will be removed.

5. Post Clear, Pertinent & Auto-sufficient Content

In order to allow for faster, better understanding make sure your thread and your behaviour within the thread respect the following conditions:

  • Title is informative and self-explanatory
  • Shared reviews include a detail guide
  • Do not ask to rate or support your post (neither via PM nor within the post)
  • Do not engage in off-topic discussions
  • Do not post malware/ phishing websites, or any content that may be harmful
  • Do not post any intellectual property of a third party for which the member does not have express written permission to use, including, but not limited to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and personality right

6. No Sales & Advertisement

Any form of advertising or sales is strictly prohibited among members of the ColorOS Community. This includes posting links of third-party vendors reselling ColorOS devices etc.

7. No Leaks

Threads, comments, or PMs containing external links to official files (such as full ROMs or OTA zip files) will be considered as leaks and dealt with in a strict manner.

8. One Account per User

Aiming to make all ColorOS Fans equal for a fair discussion, we allow ONE (1) account per user only. Should a user be found to be using multiple accounts, all of his accounts maybe banned and/or removed - including accounts to circumvent bans.

Measurements for Rules Violation:

First Step: Warning (3 times max)

Second Step: 7-dayban (extendable up to 3 months depending on case)

Third Step Permanent ban


As a ColorOS Community user, it is your responsibility to thoroughly read, learn, and respect the community’s policy and regulations.

Piyush Rana



Internship Moderator


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I follow it & suggest everyone to follow it.
Harshit Guru
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